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Saturday, February 5, 2011

ShoPPinG wiTh SaRaH, & BinG;;>)

Good Saturday morning everyone!! Sarah and I went shopping again yesterday and this time we stopped by the goodwill store..I found more wool sweaters to shrink up for my penny rug making..I love this orange one..
The one on the left is a olive color and the red one is I got lots of wool to work question to any one out there is how do I make the fibers more close together without totally shrinking them..I don't want them to fray but the fabric seems so thick once I shrink them up..any suggestions..I love the wool I have been getting and cause its still kind of think and smooth this because it hasn't been felted yet? any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.:)

I also picked up these stampin up stamps..the top one is used but the 2 smaller ones are retired sets and brand new..they are on ebay as we if you want these please stop by my ebay site
I also won this on Ebay..I can't wait to use these the lettering in making vinyl wall cut outs and for penny rugs etc..I also won another one that is all mixed up (thats what it is called) its got some fun lettering..again can't wait to use it for penny rugs, pillows etc..
I picked up this chip board yesterday at Michaels..i was able to use my 40% off coupons and she let me use them both..I will use these as templates for penny rugs etc..can't wait..the top one is the alphabet and the lower one is shapes..see below photo for the designs..

and I picked up another one of these to use in my penny rugs..I was trying to get the oblong one and within 2 days they were sold will try again on pay day for that one..I had my friend Sarah purchase this one for me using another 40% gotta love coupons.;)I saved $13.50 at Michaels by using my coupons...:)

and last but not least..I got my new spring Primitive place magazine on Thursday..I can't wait to sit and read it..I love this one and Mercantile Gatherings..they are my favs..well I have my grocery shopping done and ready for Super bowl tomorrow over at Sarahs..we have a huge spread we are doing..will share that tomorrow morning and I am hoping to get my hair cut is driving me bonkers..ready to take the clippers to it..and I am hitting the hardware store for metal dust pans so I can finish my dust pan cover to share..hopefully tomorrow..have a wonderful weekend everyone.. (oh and the item below is going to be a Wooly sheep) still have to paint and then needle felt the wool on and make a penny rug blanket for it.;)
Here are your 2 bingo words for today..:)
New Life
Tax Time


  1. More good will goodies!You find so much good stuff!
    Oh, you got the magazine! I am waiting on mine! So waiting!LOL
    enjoy the weekend

  2. You really loaded up on the goodies Gina. I am so anxious to get the magazine. I won't be home till Monday so maybe it will be waiting for me.
    Have a great super bowl party!!

  3. You got some neat stuff there, be sure to show us your new haircut as well;) Hope you are enjoying the weekend, I am sick...again..or still, not sure:( I just want spring!!!!

  4. Gina,

    Wow! When you go shopping, you go shopping! LOL! No words for me today!


  5. Hi Gina...I left a comment for you over at Theanne and Baron's...WOW I love all your stuff...from Goodwill and Michaels! I just might be interested in one of the stamp sets, I'll check it out at eBay...have a great time watching the game :)

  6. Man, you know how to find the good stuff! I think you could give lessons maybe :) Thanks for sharing it all. Have a great Super Bowl Party!

  7. Great finds! I have not received my Primitive Place magazine yet, Excited! Keep those words coming......yay! Blessings!

  8. Good Evening Gina! I hope you are cozy and now enjoying your magazine. I plan to subscribe too this week. Love all your goodies. The colors are great! Have a great night!

  9. Hi Gina, I loved the orange and blue sweaters! They look like something that I could wear to a Boise State game! Have a great weekend! Kim

  10. wow Gina...awesome finds. especially the sweaters. I'm sorry I can't help but I'm new at the wool thing too. I too have some that are thicker..Hopefully we'll find some wool experts around here.
    not doin to good on the bingo :(
    patti :)