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Saturday, January 8, 2011

What I'Ve BeEn Up To...

Hey there, do you ever feel like you have one of those days where you just keep peddling but you are going no where..well that would be today.;) about the only thing I got done today was this rolling pin cover..I will be listing this rolling pin and cover on my etsy tomorrow hopefully unless anyone sees it and wants it..;) just let me know if you are interested..
my good pal Cindy digitized this for me and I put it on stained muslin and did the blanket stitch around it....I love how it turned out.;) thank you Cindy for a wonderful prim design.;)
I made this for the baptism I went to last night..and they loved it..will probably have more work in store for me in this department..Cindy digitized the date for me..
I made this pair of woolie mittens from an old sweater that I purchased..I felted it...
and embroidered the little "skull cherries" on them..These too will be going up on my etsy site..I
I made this little treat for Theanne of Theanne and Baron...she has the cutest little long haired dachshund named Baron and I just had to make her this pillow.;)

and I sent her a bed for little Baron to rest his little furry head at is made of canvas and it has a velcro you can take out the cedar bedding that is enclosed in muslin, so she can wash his little bed up..
too sweet..I hope he likes it..I can't wait for Theanne to take photos of him in his bed.;)
and I made her this sweet little dollie made using a TFC folkart pattern..and her little dog has a little bandanna around his neck ...that is supposed to be Theanne and her little dog Baron.;)
I am also apart of a wonderful group on etsy as well called the primitive & folkartists or PAFA if you type it in the search part you will see what we gals make..and it looks like we will not be getting our sweet kitty after all as this gal is being really picky about who she adopts too..she said this 9 week old kitten is afraid of dogs..(our dog was in the area with her and none of them seemed fazed at all by our dog and she said she would maybe let her go to a single cat home or maybe with another cat as she doesn't do adult cats well..this is a 9 week old kitten..if anyone is going to have the will be the adult cats..and our dog loves our cats..I emailed her back and told her she was making a mistake that we are great parents..but apparently she hasn't been kind enough to return our emails..I told her I wouldn't adopt to any one that worked all day and wouldn't be home but a few hours a night..that is a sad life for any pet in my I am sad as she would be a purrffeecctt addition to our family..I mean who does she think she's talking to I did ask her how long she has been doing this to make that kind of judgement call..we shall see..I emailed her 3 times..I am about ready to give her references if it will help...:) my hubby has said he wants to come back as one of my that is it for me. I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your weekend...:) thanks as always for stopping by and thanks for the opinions on the shades it is.,;)


  1. Well that lady obviously does NOT know who she is dealing with or you would have the kitten! When i used to work at the veterinary hospital the Drs. used to tell me when they die they want to come back as one of my house rabbits, LOL! I LOVE the mittens and everything else is just wonderful too!!!

  2. Oh my goodness, you are like the energizer bunny!!! I love it all!!

  3. Awhhhhh! I so was hoping you would get to keep the little dog. All your new designs are great. I especially like the personalized towel for the baptism. What a wonderful keepsake! Blessings!

  4. You are like the energizer bunny! So sorry about the kitty. Crazy!
    I LOVE the mittens! Everything else is beautiful too!
    Enjoy the rest of your week end

  5. You still got a lot done for "not getting a lot done!" haha love the towel and how special it will be for him to always remind him of this special day! take care!

  6. Oh Gina...I loved the photos of the wonderful things you sent me...I've got to look for the little dog though, I opened the box real fast when I had to go home and get my pills before kid sitting with the g'kids (starting Friday afternoon til tomorrow night) and I don't remember seeing the little doggie. I'm sure he's there...I'll let you know! I knew the dollie was a cute! You're so kind and I thank you so much...hugs, Theanne and Baron

  7. Gina,
    So glad that the designs turned out great for what you were making. Love the rolling pin sleeve!! I've only sold one of mine. I gave my MIL one for Christmas and she loved it. The towel turned out great too!!

    I got the tin piece and will be posting about it tomorrow.

  8. Love all your creations Gina. You are so talented!!!!

  9. Hey Gina so glad to see you joined the group too. I am still recooping from being sick so have not been online as much as normal.
    Too bad on the little kitty, so sad because I know it would have a wonderful home with you. Love the latest creations

  10. You have some goodies pictured!
    But I am kinda stuck on the kitty(go figure, me stuck on an animal!LOL)
    Seriously, 9 weeks old that is young, they are still attached to Mom, not afraid of much!So by taking them from Mom so young they really adapt easy to any enviroment and any company! Over the years I have had kittens sleep & play with dogs! Oh, my 9 weeks old all they think about is milk, sleep, and a little play time!I could go on & on! Urr, you are a perfect person to adopt!
    If I could ship you a kitten I would>> my 4 month old kitties, would love a kind loving home!( just not Pumpkin Pie!)They are getting close to going to the vet to get all fixed up!
    Well I hope you get a kitty!
    enjoy your Sunday
    Brr it is cold here 7 degrees!

  11. You have been busy! Everything looks great!

  12. That lady is nuts. I agree, the cat is way too young to know it wants to live without dogs. She sounds a little wacky. But those mittens are very, very cute!

  13. OMG You are truly an artist! What beautiful work. I wish I had your talent. I'm sorry about that misguided woman about the kitten. As an owner of five cats plus two strays, I think us cat people can better judge how a cat fits into our families than some woman behind a desk. If you thought your dog would be wrong for the kitten, you wouldn't be looking to get a nine week old kitten. Doesn't she realize that. Dogs love kittens! I hope she has the decency to email or call you back.

  14. You have been busy!! Love the variety of things you do. That prim rolling pin with cover is to die for, but no place to put it. (Rats!)

  15. Gina----I would love to have one of those rolling pin sleeves. I've thought about paper but I don't want to glue onto a vintage rolling pin.
    Your mittens are gorgeous! I'm thinking you could make darling little stockings out of wool, as well. Sweaters, huh? Going to be looking for them now! I see now that you do amazing things with your machine. Can I buy one of these sleeves?
    Thanks for coming over.

  16. You are just so talented! I am always in awe of your creations! Love that pin cover!

    Carmen and the Primcats