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Sunday, January 9, 2011

WhaT do You See?

Hello there!!! just a quick hi and hello and a photo to ponder...What do you see? have a wonderful sunday everyone..gotta go and get ready for church.;)
have a great day everyone..;>)


  1. the figure to the left has reddish scars on his right hand and appears to be wearing clothing suitable to the desert...I believe this is Jesus. However, I haven't figured out what he is holding or what the man in the suit (who is sitting) is doing to his hand or what he's me out Gina!

  2. BTW I love your Valentine layout!

  3. Hi, I love the comment about the earings from high school. Way to go.

  4. I recognized the Sacrament immediately and the young Priests and Jesus serving it. I ain't stupid, ya know. I knew immediately.
    Connie ;-)

  5. It looks as if it is a church taking the "Lords Supper". In this pic, I see the nail scarred hand and Jesus serving what is supposed to be representing his sacrifice to us. We do this to remember him and his sacrifice, yet, most of the church seems to be taking it as just another day....Oblivious!!! With the exception of the Little chidren and the Mother who seems shocked.
    A good reminder.....Blessings!!

  6. The nail scarred hand of Christ giving communion. The man in shock while feeling for the hole in Christs hand. The woman in awe at the sight of Christ. The little fellow reminds me of Jesus saying let the children come unto me. The rest of the church seems to not be taking breaking bread & drinking from Christ's body to serious. Just my pondering thought. Blessings!

  7. Kind of thought provoking really. Do we realize what we do each Sunday when we take the Sacrement, and how important it really is? And who it's in rememberance of? Whose body...whose blood.... How would it be different each week if the Savior was there instead of our deacons and piests? Wow!
    I love the little boy who is soooo in tune he knows the Savior, but the poor old guy is pretty out of tune huh. Never have seen this picture before. Pretty cool.

  8. Christ serving the sacrament...if we only thought about the sacrific every day!
    Wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Great picture! For me, too, it asks: Do we truly believe in His presence in the Sacrament? Good reminder that something so sacred is so much more than just an action/habit. Thanks for sharing! ~*~ Lisa