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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

GiT er DoNe..:) OuT wiTh the oLd In WitH the NeW...

Hello my good people in blogland!!! how are you this fine tuesday? I hope those of you that are getting serious weather are all snug as bugs in a rug and are nice and toasty and home so far is turning out rather nice considering they are telling us bad weather is coming our way..maybe its the calm before the storm..we had a "footprint" of snow yesterday..didn't last long..but it was pretty to look at.;) I decided to finally hang some curtains that I purchased from Factory here are the BEFORE photos above and below..I started to take down the curtains and ran and got the camera thats why it looks weird on that one end.;)
before (above)
now here is the after..;) I have them gathered up and I sewed on velcro to them as there is a wooden box up there..

Today I added the hardware on the sides so I could open them this looks a bit better in my opinion..more shabby chic..:) or more country romance..will be putting my shabby chic bedspread back up this spring..
This is the guest bedroom and here is the BEFORE picture with the white curtains..not bad in here..but since I got the "free" curtains from Factory directs mistake.. I wanted to hang these instead..
what do you think? at first I was not digging it..but now I am okay with do you like that lamp at the top of the picture..this is hubbys "I love me room" with Navy and motorcycle stuff in it..
a Token kitty photo..thats our pretty little poe-poe..;) I have Sillie Millie sitting on my lap as we speak..kneadling my arms with her head buried between my boobs..;)she has assumed the position as we call it.;)she is my typing buddy on some days.:) other days it Sunny bunny;)
Here is what I am working on..I just painted this and waiting for it to dry so I can stain and add the finishing touches..This will go on my etsy site..wouldn't it look great in a wooden trencher..
Speaking of which..I am trying to swap with a gal on facebook for this..and that swan/goose above will fit puurrffeecctly in it..hoping she will do the swap for a couple of my things..then I will have to make me another goose to put in here..well that is it for me..I am starting a penny rug for Linda as we are doing a swap..and I am making her one of those prim blessings rolling pin covers as she really liked it..I have other pin covers that I want to make up and some Valentine towels and dolls to make..I am also doing a Valentine swap and need to get that going.;) I hope you all have a wonderful day..Thanks as always for stopping by and saying hi...:) you always make my day leaving comments.;)
p.s. this is my 791st when I reach 800..I will be posting a stay tuned.;)


  1. Poe poe so adorable big kitty cat!
    Liking the curtains!Added that prim touch!

    enjoy the day

  2. Hi Gina, you've started your year off decorating your home, working on your Prims and gifts...all beautiful creations! Your buttons are on the way...mailed them Priority today...hope there will be lots that you can find a use for...check my blog for a tiny little surprise I found amongst the buttons.

  3. I am inspired by your photos to do something other than clean out closets and drawers.

    For one thing, I need to post:)

  4. Hi Gina,
    Love the new curtains (both rooms)!!
    I cant believe you are diggin' them in the bedroom. (Did I read that correctly?)
    I loved the contrast between the patterned panel and the checks in the bedroom. Looks great to me.

    Wonderful creation.

    And yes, that trencher is awesome.


  5. Opps! Meant to say...
    I cant believe you are not diggin' them!!

  6. I really like both of new curtains. Now I want to get new curtains. lol Your little Poe-Poe is beautiful. You are always busy. I bet the swan/goose is going to be very pretty when you have it all done.

  7. Wow, almost 800 posts, congrats!! I love the curtains, and your new Valentine's *look* is beautiful!!! We have a foot of snow on the ground and another 5-8" coming tonight into tomorrow:( I am SO ready for spring!!!!

  8. Love the style of your "mistake" curtains.That's the one thing I need to work on in my house some prim curtains.Kitty is adorable love those furbabies! Warm Blessings!~Amy

  9. Is the goose made of fabric? Either way he would look cute in the Facebook swap thing. Sounds like you are keeping busy.

  10. The curtains look great!
    And you cant beat the price lol.Your swan is gonna be so cute!How sweet of you to do that for Linda.She a sweetie.have a great week.blessings michelle

  11. The new curtains look great! I think that trencher is awesome and the goose would look good in there. :) Almost 800 posts - holy crow! Way to go!!

  12. Gina, Love the plaid curtains!!!
    Have a great night! OLM

  13. Gina, You are a doll, making things for me when you are so darned busy! :)
    I love the new curtains--sexy in the master. Prefer the plaid to the white--good choice.
    800, huh? You are always posting. I love the kitty stories, yard work and home stories. The kitties are so sweet.
    BTW~ You know you can spray paint that blue lamp. You can even spray the shade. You ought to think about that.
    I can't wait to see what you post for this giveaway. I'm trying to find boxes for my giveaway things. Need one more kind of big one.....
    just my luck.
    Stay warm, Sweetie!

  14. Gina,
    I love your new curtains!! I love to mix prim with cottage style.
    Poe poe is sooo....adorable!! Reminds me alot of a kitty that I used to have many years ago named Sugar.
    Love the trencher that you would like to swap for...hope you can get it.
    And I'm lovin' the goose!! It would look great in that trencher!! Not sure if you know how much I love geese...there are
    4 in my living room and I just purchased a pattern to make another one.
    Wow...almost 800 posts!! I'm about to reach 300. Can't wait to see what you do for your giveaway.

  15. Hi again Gina...I forgot to tell you earlier that your Valentine layout is very beautiful!

  16. Beautiful Home!!!!!!

    God Bless~
    Debbie Jean

  17. Hey Gina,

    I love the new curtains in Mikes room!!! Your room looks great also!!! I love the quilt that is on the bed. Take care

  18. Winter, perfect for tending to our homes and keeping our hands busy.

  19. Winter, perfect for tending to our homes and keeping our hands busy.

  20. Love your new window treatments. It's hard to get used to something new but it's good for us, right? Your kitty is sooo cute. Don't know what I'd do without kitties to "knead" me.

  21. Love the curtains! Beautiful job! I want to learn to do a penny rug! You've inspired me!

  22. Sounds like you have lots of projects going on girl. I love the curtains in both of the rooms.

    My hubby needs an "I love me" room so his stuff won't be scattered all over the house, lol.