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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

OuR SnoW DaY in WaShinGtoN StaTe..

Well we finally got the snow they were threatening us with..we have been getting little bits of snow the last couple of days and last night around started midnite I went out with camera in hand and started taking photos..there is such a magic associated with snow..of course it is a love/hate thing with me..I love..but hate driving in here is the front gate from the front porch..
I love how the snow sits on each and every was so much prettier in person..Love it..

the snow was falling off the rhodie here(front yard) was actually pretty warm out last would think it would be freezing..cause well it snowed.;)
just had to get a photo of my snowman out in the snow..I just love virgin snow..don't you?
front landscaping..
I grabbed Tucker for his last pee of the night and we snapped up these photos.;)
I love my garden gate to the front yard..

you can see snowy in the background..

it was so peaceful out..if I could see better at night..this would have been the puurrfect walk..;)
this was taken this morning..and we still have snow on the ground..and a fire has been going all day.;) although it has been pretty mild today..once that sun goes gets cold..;)
Here is Margarita in my "rag" bag for stuffing dolls with..
she was doing her darndest go get comfy..she finally left..
I tried out a wonderful hot cocoa recipe that some one blogged about..if this is yours..thank you for the wonderful recipe..
Mexican hot chocolate
3 tablespoons instant hot chocolate mix
1 tablespoon chocolate syrup
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 pinch chili powder
1/4 cup milk
3/4 cup boiling water
In a large mug, mix the hot chocolate mix, chocolate syrup, cinnamon, and chili powder. Pour in Milk..add the boiling water and stir..
the chili powder really gives it its kick.;) this was really tasty..;)
so if you like a little kick give it a try..:)
Well that is it for me..Take care and I hope your wednesday was a good one..;)


  1. Your snow at midnight is beautiful:)The cocoa sounds good too, will have to give it a try!!!

  2. Very pretty snow. I enjoyed seeing all the pictures. Snow is beautiful on trees and before anyone walks on and it begins to melt. I am with you about driving in it and I don't drive or go out in it unless it is an emergency. Thanks, for sharing your snow. Hugs

  3. Your beautiful photos of the snow look magical. I had to drive in it today. I was not happy about it. But could not be helped. I like to look at it from the windows before all the creatures & us humans track it all up. Blessings!

  4. Beautiful! The hot chocolate drink sounds yummy.


  5. Your pictures of the snow at night are very pretty!!
    I don't like to drive in it either, but sometimes I've had fun!!
    We have about 5 inches, but it looks like alot more with the winds being 30mph...lots of blowing and drifting.

  6. Hi Gina...your snow pics are wonderful...I love the flash off of the big fluffy flakes. Your yard is a fantasy land! I'm gonna make the Mexican hot Mexico they cook with chocolate a lot...not just candy and cakes...but with meat and vegetable. I love the hot with the sweet...can't wait...did you get to see the little thimble that's coming with your buttons. If you didn't I'll put it up on one of my TAB pages again...let me know. Baron's not feeling so good. I babysat with g'kids this past weekend and he ate human food off the floor and the nipple off a pacifier...funny until you have to pay the big bucks to get him xrayed!

  7. Your pics are so pretty of the snow Gina.......we got 18+ inches of the WHITE STUFF today.......a BLIZZARD for sure!

  8. Mexican hot chance of finding that here in England. Could I toss some chilli powder into regular H.C. and fake it? ;)

    Love the snow photos.

  9. Hi Gina, how beautiful!! I love the look of snow, just don't like the cold that comes with it.8-) Beautiful pics though!!

  10. I love fresh fallen snow too. I also love little birdie footprints or wildlife footprints when our night visitors. Your Margarita looks just like our Robin! Robin is a male, and I have his Mom too (Mommy Cat). They look like your little girl! Always looking for a comfy spot too!

  11. Beautiful New White snow all over the limbs,so very pretty!
    The big snowflakes fallin!
    You captured some pretty shots!
    And your cat so cute!
    thanks for sharing the beauty

  12. Everything is so beautiful. The snowflakes look as if they are twinkle lights. So magical..... I try to avoid going out a lot. I am already getting antsy to be out in the garage to work on my new collection of wood pieces. It's going to be a long winter. *sigh*
    On a positive note, I got everything boxed up for my giveaway. It didn't fit like I had hoped but I got everything in somewhere. LOL I had to use 2 boxes for your faux firkins. That's ok. I'll probably wait until I take the giveaway packages to the post office--do it all in one trip.
    Your kitty is so sweet but has that look of mischief that they all have. When we had cats, we'd put paper bags on the floor and they'd play in them. So cute......
    Thanks for the funnies!

  13. Beautiful snow pictures! I love the arbor, it is so pretty with the lights. We have lights on our gazebo year round and I love it. Your garden gate is adorable!

  14. Ahhhhh... I love snow!! Your pics are wonderful!!! ♥