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Thursday, January 13, 2011

PrOjeCts DoNe..PePpeR JeLLY, CrOsS StiTch PaTTerNs FoR SaLe..

Good Afternoon Everyone!!!! well our snow is gone and it is pretty decent outside today..still really wet..but its not raining.;) I added this cute punch needle rug ( that I won from Jenny of Wonders of Whimsy a couple of months ago) I added some homespun ties to the back and hung it on our spare chair in our dining room.:) it fits purrfectly there..
Well I have been threatening hubby that I would make pepper jelly for him for almost a year..and I finally did is the easiest recipe ever. I use habenero peppers cause we like the kick..and I will tell you this is sooooo tasty on pork betcha can't guess what we are having for dinner tonight? and I don't use food coloring in the recipe..I love the natural color as is..;)
now for what it does to your stove does not please me..It barely boiled over and I have scrubbed this spot I think 15 times..I get a bit more and a bit more..
any suggestions as to how to get this off..or do I need to call in my Hubbys guns and let him go to town..I hope this hasn't ruined my stove..I hate when this happens..right now I have it soaking with the cleanser and a wet sponge on top..hoping it will break it down.;)
Yesterday I went through my cross stitch patterns and I am getting rid of alot..I would rather do my stitchery/penny rugs then cross just messes with my I am selling these patterns if anyone is interested let me know..I started the one above and the rest below are brand new..;)I also have alot of other patterns that I have that are e-patterns that I want to get rid of...(I will toss them in if you purchase any of these..They are all very prim designs from popular artists)..

Sold..;) thanks Shirley.;)

I finished up my goose..and am putting her up on my ebay site today..I love how she turned are getting the goose and all that you see, (minus the penny rug)...Those are dried flowers from my garden.;) she looks so good on the kitchen table with the penny rug.;)
I am having a Thrive Food Storage party the 22nd of if anyone is interested in purchasing..please let me know as I will get credit for it, even though you live out of state.;)in times like these gals, we need to get our food storage in order...with the way this economy is going and the possibility of hyper inflation..I want to be able to take care of myself..and with jobs etc..we are doing everything we can to get better prepared..getting a good supply of stoves with butane, ammo so if we need to go out and kill our food we can..some of you might think we are crazy..but I would rather be safe then sorry....if you are interested let me know and I will give your name to my consultant so she can put you on the list.;) they have great hostess I will be getting more to add to my food storage.;)

Random Thoughts..
I had 2 followers just drop off the face of the earth yesterday..not sure why..and don't know who they are..out of the 330 I have about only 20 leave comments...I find this strange to have followers..when the majority of them don't leave comments..

Okay I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your day..thanks as always for stopping by and saying hey and to my faithful truly are the best.;)


  1. Hi Gina,

    I hate it when I get those hot spots on my stove top! I use Bar Keepers Friend (Walmart), make a paste with it and water and let it soak. Scrub with a scrubby sponge! It still takes elbow grease! I have a friend who uses razor blades on her stove top but that makes me nervous! I've always heard that sugar makes the worst hot spots on a stove top!

    You talked about loosing two "Followers"! I think that people are trying to make changes in their lives (especially at the beginning of the year) and getting rid of their Blogs seems to be one of their new changes! I've been reading on more Blogs lately where women aren't spending as much time posting! After all, it takes a lot of time to take pictures, get them posted and then write about them! I just consider my deleted "Followers" as one of those who has given it up and in some ways I don't blame them!

    I hope you get your stove top cleaned! Maybe some other ladies will have some other great tips!

    Blessings! Kim

  2. I get those spots on my stove too and I never know if I'm just supposed to scrub the heck out of them or not. I do use that glass stovetop cleaner, but it doesn't seem to get much off.

    Strange about the followers thing. I had two people leave in one day a few weeks ago and I would love to know why, but who knows. I did get an email from Google but I couldn't tell from that who they were - it just had their email address. Sometimes I get some of the "you follow me and I'll follow you" people, so I was thinking it was some of them. I could do a whole rant on the whole "followers" concept.

  3. How are ya, Gina? I haven't been by in ages and thought I'd drop in! Your stitching patterns are so cute, especially the ghost kitty, but I can't cross stitch either... I guess my eyes aren't cut out for it! Our snow is sticking around (wasn't that a little dump for us?!?) but it's slushing from the heavens and is really messy right now! Have a great afternoon... I'm planning to stitch by the fire! Hugs, K

  4. ...and sorry, but I don't 'follow' any blogs, even though I try to read faithfully... if you follow me! it wasn't me :)

  5. I love how your goose turned out and I hear ya on the followers, I have about 16 that comment out of them all, strange, you would think if folks *want* comments, they could *leave* comments. The jelly looks so good and sorry your snow is all gone, LOL...want some of mine???

  6. Hi Gina,
    I would love to have your pepper jam recipe. I have made some, but it's never hot enough. I put it on cream cheese, and serve w/crackers.
    I've had followers leave too.
    I think they are just in for the free stuff.

  7. No help from me today...when I moved in Virginia to a home that had a glass top electric stove...I gave it to the lady who helped me take care of Don. I'm a natural/propane gas girl! I wish I could do counted cross stitch, it's a great thing to do while watching a DVD...however to this day I've never managed to count correctly and always end up having to remove stitches and start fun!
    Like your little rug on the back of chair and happy you're not having snow...I had a follower disappear the other day, had 23, and I'm thinking wow just 2 more to go and I'll have 25 and then I had 22...I think I know who it was but can't remember the name of her blog...(((hugs))) Theanne

  8. That is a problem on the glass tops but I am never giving up mine. I use baking soda and peroxide toothpaste on rust stains and it works great. I did use the same product as you show but now I use Soft Scrub on my stove top. I even use the same kind of sponge as you do! I finish up with Glass Plus or 409. No razor blades!!!!!
    Yeah, my followers will go up and then back down. I don't know who or why. Don't you see this follower thing as being a fad? Someday, it will be gone, don't you think?
    My thing says 214 but the most comments I ever get is 15 unless I'm having a giveaway. And I'm giving away some pretty cool things and I only have 47 actual commenters. Another peeve I have is the map that shows where your visitors come from. How can it be that I have visitors from all over the world and none of them comment? Are they just looking to steal my identity?
    Oh well, I enjoy reading my friends stuff and I enjoy chatting with people on Facebook. I love getting ideas and inspiration.

  9. Sorry about your stove top Gina. I hope you can find something to take the stain off. I wish I had a solution for you but I have never had a glass top stove and have no idea how to clean them.

    I love the goose!

    Sorry about you losing the followers...their loss! Hugs

  10. Your punch needle rug looks very cute hanging on the chair, good idea to add homespun ties to the back!

    I have the ceramic cooktop cleaner but I only use it for light cleaning. I don't think it's good for stubborn spots. I use Soft scrub for heavier stains because it has no abrasives in it and it works well for me. I have also used a razor blade before (extremely careful!) when I had a really bad spot (let it soak in water and cleaner for a bit) and when I got wax on it from grubbing candles. It worked well and didn't scratch it all. I hope're able to get it.

  11. Hi, I am one of those who uses the razor blade, we scrub with the cooktop cleaner and gently scrape with the razor blade, doesn't scratch at all. I had a pot boil over the first I used my stove and thought I ruined it, but with the razor blade I fixed it. Good luck.

  12. Gina,
    I follow your blog and read almost every post. I do not always comment but realize I should. I have only 24 followers and always look forward to their comments. Love your blog...Sorry about your stove top. I threw mine out years ago and went back to regular stove top.
    Prim Blessings, Connie

  13. Hey Gina! I hear ya on all the followers who don't leave comments. I'm lucky to usually get only 5 or 6 comments on any given post. Like another commenter said, I think a lot of people sign on to follow only for the giveaways and then ya never hear from them again! Oh well, I've decided to just blog from my hear this year and not worry about if anyone wants to read it or comment on it. It's theraputic (I know I spelled that wrong) for me and that's what it's all about in my humble opinion!

    I've never had pepper jelly but I'm not big on spicy foods so I probably wouldn't care for it. Love the goose ~ she turned out great! If you get to missing the snow, just let me know. We've got about a foot of the awful stuff here in Virginia and I'd be more than happy to share some with ya!

  14. Knock on wood...but I haven't gotten any hot spots on my stove top yet, so I'm not much help.

    Not sure what to tell you about losing followers...Wordpress doesn't do the Friends Connect, so I have no idea how many follow me. I've seen where others talk about losing followers...I wonder if it is because their style of decorating or crafting changes.

    Your rug hooked kitty looks great on the back on your chair!!

  15. I forgot to tell you that I love the goose...he turned out awesome!!

  16. Sorry Gina...Didn't you know I'm just a big 'ol "lurker"?
    I am so bad about leaving comments....
    I love your goose !!
    I clicked on the link and I'm gonna tell hubby about the Thrive site....

  17. Good evening sweetie.Well the only thing I can say about the stove is try some baking soda.Thats what I use on everything including boogies that the gremlins swear they didnt put on the wall lol.your goose looks great!Im working on getting the hubby too put some more money in my account so I can get me on of your rollin pin covers,maybe youll have some of them cute witch patterns left.The pepper jelly sounds good.we grew habeneros last year.The hubby loves them!have a great night.blessings michelle

  18. Hey Gina,

    On our old stove in JP we used baking soda and warm water. It worked for us. The warm weather today was great!! Now it's rain in the forcast. I love your goose!!! Anyways have a good night!

  19. Mornin' Gina!
    Sorry dear I can't help with the stove issue, I have a gas stove...We're a little antiquated around here...
    We do however Love Hot Pepper Jelly and I make both red and green every year!
    As for losing followers I believe it's people closing their blogs. I do however have to say there are times that I sit and just read and don't leave comments. It really depends on the amount of time I have a the moment. I also don't sign up for giveaways unless it's something that I will really use. I really like doing the giveaways but not to get new followers. My next one will be for existng followers only.
    No way today could I just read and scoot on without puttin' my two cents worth in! and two more for Skippy! We love the new header pic!
    Hugs Tisha.....and Skippy!

  20. Goodmorning Gina!
    Love the goose!
    Sorry to hear about your followers, yep, maybe just people getting too busy in their normal lives to keep up with it!
    I do realize it is hard to comment on every post, but I often sometimes wonder if all the followers look at the blogs, think they look like once a week?
    I enjoy your blog! I love comments so I know what ya mean, I have 151 followers, I am guessing over 1/2 have never left a comment, wonder why?
    Do you have some that have never left one!Ya, know like you see you have a new one and but no hello no comment( so why?) I try to see if they have a blog or e-mail & send them a welcome!But still nothing, why I ask ???
    enjoy your day & keep blogging you'll hear from me!

  21. It's crazy isn't it that you can't get that off a glass top stove! I wish I had a suggestion but I'm at a loss. Would love to make Pepper Jelly but now I'm a bit gun-shy.

    Regarding the followers....I've seen my numbers go up and down as well. And like you I wonder what's up. Purrhaps it is nothing more than people deleting their blogs. And of course there are also people who follow others with the hope that you'll follow them - all to increase their numbers. But the bottom line is better to have a few good friends than a whole bunch of "someones" - does that make sense?

    So here you go a real live "normal" comment from me. Ew.....this is getting scary. Gotta run, Romeo say's move over and let me drive for a while ;)

    Have a great weekend!

    "Her" and Romeo

  22. Hey Gina, jelly sounds good!! I love hot stuff and spicy too!!
    As for the stove, I have a glass cooktop, brand new to my new house. Something really sugary boiled over during holidays when DIL and I were cooking. It damaged the top, kind of like little pits. I do use a razor blade very carefully sometimes, just keep it FLAT, not tilted.
    As for followers, I think it is the same for every blog. Some just don't comment. I don't comment on every blog I look at, just not enough time. I'm sure that is the case for a lot of people. I love comments and try to comment as much as I can.
    Have a great evening!!

  23. I never thought to try pepper jelly on pork..sounds yummy!! I spread it on lite cream cheese and we dip veggies in it and spread it on crackers.

    I have hard time with cross stitch now too. Wish I could help with the stove..but I don't have that kind of cooktop.

    I have over 800 followers and only get 20-30 comments but I get it because I don't have time to comment as much as I would like on all the blogs I read. Since we started blogging it has just grown so much there is no way to keep
    up with all the great blogs. as long as folks enjoy reading my blog, that is all that matters.

    Have a great weekend!

  24. I love your goose Gina, what an awesome job!!! I think everyone is just so busy. I don't get to get on my blog and update or follow other blogs like I would like, with 2 jobs and helping with the grandbabies. But it is always so nice to see what new creation you are coming up with next. I enjoy your blog so much!!!

  25. Hi Gina,
    I still have my old fashion stove with the "eyes" but one thing I use on it is the Mr. Clean eraser or the store brand ones. It really cleans some tough spots.
    Love the goose! You make some beautiful crafts.
    Enjoyed visiting with you today.
    Have a great weekend.

  26. Hi Gina, I love your ol' gray goose, what a beauty. You are so talented! I know what ya mean, I don't get many comments at all but, I have spread myself too thin and don't post enough. I love your blog though and get back here whenever I can. Good luck with that stubborn cook top, hopefully it'll just wear off one of these days. Toodles, Cathy

  27. Gina, your pepper jelly looks yummy - I love it with cream cheese and crackers. Sorry about your stove - when something boils over on my stove and is hard to get off I have to call in the big guns - DH. I don't even want to know how he gets it off - I'm just glad he does. Have a great week.


  28. Sorry I do not know what to tell you about your stove top.
    I use to cross stitch and loved it but now I think it would be to hard on my hands.
    Sometimes I think it is our blogger that makes people disappear on here but who knows.
    I always try to leave a comment when I visit someone but there are probably more of us out here that don't.
    Which is okay too some are just too shy or busy
    Love ya
    speaking of comments did you enter my giveway ....hahaha

  29. I've been a follower of yours for quite a while now {6 months maybe?}, and always enjoy reading, errr, lurking, I guess I should say! Sorry, about being so bad about never commenting!

    Your little black kitty rug hanging on the back of your chair is great! I love it!

    Don't be scared to try the razor blade on your stove, I've been using it on mine, since the very first spill~I thought I'd ruined it, but it really does a great clean-up job, just go easy!

  30. I have a spot like that on my stove and not sure what did it.....grr!
    I have a gas stove at the new house we just bought ...that should be interesting as I have never used gas!!! I used to do alot of cross stitch but the ole eyes aren't what they used to be!!!!!
    I know I haven't been posting and commenting as much as I have in the past on my blog and others....But I do try to go thru and keep up on whats going on with everyone!....I have just been so busy with the holidays and searching for and buying a new house at the Cape...I probably comment more on FB as its quicker than blogging........I think? Also many of my followers are on FB too.......

  31. Gina I am still a follower. Sometimes I read more than one post at a time to catch up. I maynot always comment but be asured I am still reading. Oh my your cook top looks like mine at times. This makes me so mad. It just takes so much time cleaning it. Well thats why I call it the Cindrealla stove & why I miss so many balls as I say. LOL! Blessings!

  32. Well do you have any of those wonderful cross stitch patterns left???? My inquiring mind wants to know.. :) Would love to hear from you...

  33. OH and I would love that pepper jelly recipe too if you are sharing.... one of my favorite things!! Never tried making it yet but heck I should try.. :)