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Monday, January 17, 2011

2 PeNnY RuGs FiNiSheD..WeLL aLmoSt..;)

Good Monday Morning everyone!! we had a nice quiet weekend..the weather was pretty decent.we actually had some sunshine..I know hard to believe...sunday was 55 and we put the girls out in their kennel to soak up some of the sun..they didn't get their usual show birds or squirrels..maybe once they smell it they will come back..anyway on saturday I made this penny is going to be listed on my etsy site after I am done posting on my blog..Theanne I used your vintage buttons for this one..I love how it turned out..I machine embroidered the design in the center onto a cream/peach colored piece of unfelted wool..nice and soft..and the hearts are recycled wool that I got from Laurie of Cats Craven.;)

This is the one I have almost finished..I have to attach the penny tabs and add vintage buttons to them and do the blanket stitch all the way around..I love how this one came out too..The design in the center comes from Robin of Bird in the hand primitives..I love her designs..I have a couple more I am going to make of her designs..cause I love them so much..
the pennies are easter has a G for Gatherings...

and one has a P for primitive..I did the designs on the eggs free hand...and the eggs too..this will also go up on my etsy..or may try ebay to shake it up..if anyone is interested in either...just let me know..Today I am hoping to get hubby out for a walk in a quaint little neighborhood..will take photos to show you and then I am stopping at a quilt shoppe that carries more of this wool that I want to make these penny rugs..I tell you I am hooked..I love sitting on the couch at night with something to do..these are so much fun..well that is it for me..I hope you all have a great week ahead..I am making my doctors appt to get my kidney stones blasted hopefully soon..before they start causing me problems..and thank you all for the comments on my last post..and I did bring in the big guns to clean my stove..he used a butter knife and use it "flat" like and got it all up good as now I know his ancient chinese secret..;) it was nice to hear from gals that I haven't heard from in a long time thanks for commenting.;) take care and enjoy your day..;)


  1. Love the penny rugs and it does look like fun even though I'm not much of a sewer I will enjoy them through you:)I am getting a bit better with the machine sewing and would like to try some valances sometime, but the hand sewing is still not good, LOL! Enjoy the walk and have a great day!!!

  2. Hi, Gina
    Love the pennies!
    Take pics of the walk!
    Good luck with the stone!let us know when you will be doing it!
    enjoy the day

  3. Love the heart one.The easter one looks very cottage style great for easter.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  4. OUCH! I do hope you get ahead of the pain from the stone. Not fun!:(
    The penny rugs are really cute. I can see how you are getting addicted. I am giving up before I get started. *sigh* I found no sweaters in 5 different shops Saturday. I am thinking it's a sign. I am going to pick up my needle, though. I have some stitchings I want to get done and some ditty bags I want to make. Anything to keep the hands busy. I feel stagnant! I am going to look at Joann's for a yo-yo maker. Maybe that will satisfy my creative urges. I WANT TO PAINT!
    Love what you do with your machine. That is so awesome. You are a creative gal!
    No way are we walking anywhere today. We have snow mixed with freezing rain. I hope things clear up. We have a 6 hour drive mid-week to get my brother from the hospital. Ugh! Had driving in bad weather......

  5. The penny rugs are both but the heart one is so the buttons :) They'd still be sitting in a jar if I hadn't sent them to happy they're going to be used for creating things! Sorry to hear about kidney stones...that's no fun...of course these days getting rid of them isn't as big a deal as it was back when I worked as an Operating Room Technician. You have a good day too Gina, Theanne

  6. Hi Gina
    Your penny rugs are just fab and love the button is pure therapy handstitchin'..X

  7. Those penny rugs are awesome! I haven't tried much with wool yet, but you are inspiring me. :)

  8. Love the penny rugs and yes, they do get to be an addiction. You start out making a couple, & pretty soon you need to do them while watching t.v. cuz otherwise you don't know what to do with your hands LOL.

    Enjoy your day~Becky

  9. your penny rugs are too cute, gina! good work!

  10. Just love the Valentine penny with the heart. Hope you enjoyed your walk.

  11. I love the Heart Penny rug! Your so talented. :)

  12. Gina, the penny rugs are awesome! I love them both! Love your blog background too. Sure hope you are able to get those stones taken care of before they give you problems.


  13. All your pennies are great. Be sure & get those kidney stones taken care of. I had surgery last Sept. Many complications after. To top it off my kidney is not working up to top speed. My Pap died of kidney failure. I was advised to drink only water & lemonaide. I have not had Ollie fixed. So far she has only had kittens the few years I have left her out. It is hard to keep cats for a long time in farm country. Her off spring has been good mousers & keep snakes away. I have had Ollie for 8 years now. She is a big ole baby. Thanks for offering to send garden photos. I have admired all of your garden photos you have shared. You have put alot of TLC into your garden. I bet you are planning your little greenhoue seedlings already. Blessings!

  14. Love the penny rugs!! They look great!!

    We got home from the hospital around 7:30 pm. My dad is home and doing well. It was too bad to cleaned the area out, so will be waiting to see if he needs a shoulder replacement.

    Got your email...everything came through fine. Will email you back soon.

  15. Your penny rugs are too cute !! I have to admit I love the look of the bunny sampler digitally embroidered....I'll get in touch with Stephanie about doing up some more.....

  16. I love your penny rug creations!!! Awesome, I would love to learn to do the blanket stitch. I wish I lived close to you, so you could show me. You make such awesome creations!!!