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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

AnNiVerSarY, ShoPPinG, & PeNNy RuG FiNiSheD..:)

Good Tuesday Morning everyone!!! Looks like we will get some decent weather today..the Sun is trying to peek its way out.;) Today is our "church" 25th anniversary...we got married at the JP's on new years eve to collect the money and decided to have a church ceremony because everyone wanted us was at my church and my bishop married us..very small and just family was invited..we had a cake and then went to an all you can eat buffet place and the next day headed off on our honeymoon..we traveled through Idaho, California to the redwoods, nevada, carson city to be exact and to reno..we also did the oregon was gorgeous..just a fun road trip to anywhere we wanted to go..and then back to fun stop as we were in nevada was the "mustang ranch"..I had never seen a brothel we drove in and around the building and was a gal in the window waving us in..are you kidding me..:) I was young and naive and wanted to see it.;) hey it was on our Hubby left for boot camp that February..and I saw him in May right before my birthday..
Okay before I bore you any further...we went walking yesterday and I told you I would take photos..well guess who forgot her is close enough will have to go again..oh twist my arm..this place is like right out of new england..quaint and they have some pretty neat shoppes..spendy but fun..and all of them were closed..except my quilt I purchased the chicken pattern above...
and purchased more wool for the backings of these projects..I also have some that I ordered on Etsy on Sunday..they should be here at the end of the week...I can't wait to do some more projects..I really enjoy relaxing on the couch at night and stitching away..:)
they give you a card at the quilt shoppe and once you fill it up you get a $25.00 gift I got these fabric markers for free...I had picked them up too..and decided to wait till the next time..but I had enough on my card so I picked them up.;)
I finished my cute easter/spring penny rug last night..I love how it turned out..this is going up on my etsy or ebay site (which do you think I should do?)as soon as I am done here..
well that is it for me today..I am going to do some sewing and for tonights dinner we are having Prime rib Martha Stewart style..some mashed tators and some brussels with tomato and onion.;)need to figure out a good dessert.;) any suggestions.;)
Take care and I hope your day is off to a great start.;)

p.s. I am a member of the Primitive & folk artist etsy team..we have a blog hit the button on my side bar and it will take you there..also please add our button to your sidebar..we need all the exposure we can get.;) thanks for doing this..;)


  1. Hi,
    The Penny is so cute!
    Sounds like you had a very nice walk!

    I was enjoying your love story! it was not boring!
    Happy church anniversary!

    enjoy you yummy supper

  2. Happy Anniversary! Can't wait to see the chicken penny rug finished! I have 3 cross stitch chickens that I did that I need to get framed for kitchen...or maybe I'll make them into wall hangings. By the way..I love reading all your memories on your blog...never boring.

  3. Gina, Love your story!! Love that you made that small detour!!LOL!!
    Get penny rugs!!! Send some left overs this way, don't feel like cooking! OLM

  4. Your penny rug is so cute Gina!!! I enjoyed reading your story and Happy Anniversary!

    I just joined PAFA on Etsy too!!!

  5. Happy church anniversary. I love the chicken pattern. I cant wait to see yours completed. If I didn't live so far away I would just stop in for prime rib tonight. Sounds mouth watering. Enjoy & Blessings!

  6. Just found your blog....OH MY where to start...your house pics are amazing! I love those penny rugs...I am gonna have to try them sometime...if they are in my range of next to no!!! Happy Anniversary! Hope you have had a wonderful day!!!

  7. Happy "church" Anniversary! What a cute story. Your handwork is so beautiful. I don't know if I'd be able to part with it if I did all that work. Hug your kitties for me.

  8. Small world......Mike and I were married on Jan. 8 ( my birthday and Elvis's ) at the JP. Then in the Catholic Church on May 17. We didn't take our honeymoon until after the May wedding. We went to the Bahamas and took Sara with us. Talk about romantic. She even shared our room. She was just a kid at the time. So, for me, the story was not boring.
    I really love all your penny rugs. They are all so beautiful. I agree with Kady. I would find it hard to part with any of them.
    You actually cook prime rib? I never have but I like mine very rare and Mike likes his medium well.

  9. Congratulations Gina and hubby on your 25th church anniversary! Don and I were married toward the end of November, we eloped, had the marriage blessed at our church the beginning of December, went on our honeymoon to the Bahamas around New Years! Great Memories! The new Penny Rug is beautiful...looking forward to the chicken one! Dinner sounds delicious!

  10. Happy Anniversary! loved your story, and what a fun honeymoon, too bad he left so soon afterwards. 25 years, that is something to be proud of. hope dinner was yummmmmmmmy

  11. Hi Gina, late Happy Anniversary!! I loved reading your story!!
    Love the Easter penny!!

  12. Love the wedding story (and the description of the craft-supply outing). Martha Stewart's prime rib sounds yummy ... I would definitely finish with a chocolate pie and whipped cream right now.

  13. Happy Anniversary! Your posts are never boring. I enjoyed reading this very much.

  14. Happy "Church" Anniversary, Gina! I enjoy hearing your story!

    I really love your penny rugs too! The valentine one is really cute. I don't really decorate for Valentines or that one would be mine! I'll have to keep a watch on all the ones you're creating because I love those!

    Have a great evening,

  15. Happy church anniversary! 25 years! We are going on 23 in September! I agree, relaxing and stitching are so much fun! Especially with several cats to join you!

  16. Happy Anniversary!
    Love your pennies, beautiful work.