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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

PlaYinG CaTcH Up!!!:>)

Hello my fellow bloggers!!! happy new your new year starting off right?..I have had hubby doing some of my honey do things for me and one is repositioning the light that was never centered in the dining room when the house was built..not sure how you can screw that up...but our builders did an outstanding job of it..the above is the old light set..I have had it up for about 10 years and I am just tired of it..and it just doesn't fit my prim down it went..
the view here of how centered it wasn't..;) if someone walks over there they go to stand up and bam right into the light..
here is the old light set we had up before we put up the black one..its been up in the garage and so we stuck it back up..and hubby repositioned it.and it was only off about 6 inches...
To shade or not to shade..these are the questions I ask of you fellow bloggers...we also have this on a dimmer switch..cause its bright I need your you like it better with or without shades?
we had a wonderful new years..we spent it with Sarah and Travis and kids..on saturday we hung out at home and then I got to fiddling in the I raked a bit and picked up some tree debris that was scattered around the yard..and I noticed one of my primroses is now blooming..we have had some really chilly days..continual frost on the ground for about 4 days it was so neat to see something blooming..yesterday we went and did some running around and had to stop by petsmart to get some things and we always stop by the pet adoption center to look at the babies..and we spotted some impaticular that caught our eye..Her name is Katey and she has 6 fingers on each front she has the thumb and a little claw inbetween..she is just a little stinker..she is white and has the calico markings...she has not been fixed yet as her doctor is on we have to be approved and if we are we get to pick her up next wednesday the we are keeping our fingers crossed that they will accept us..we also took our sillie Millie into the vets as she has severe allergies and we are wondering now if the food we had been giving her for the past 5 years is not that good for her any longer and causing her we have switched her diet and everyone in the household is being switched to it as well..we have to figure out what is causing this and get her some far some like the dry and some like the wet...there is no happy medium here I tell you..they much prefer their junk food..but no that is my news..the towels above I am going to embroider one for my friends whose son is getting baptized this friday and I am putting on his Name and the he has it as a keepsake..the other will be for my nephew when he gets baptized something this november or december..;)
I have some patterns I am if anyone is interested in them..they are 6.50 each plus shipping.. All of the patterns are completely intact as I run another copy and paste it to posterboard..(I have since thrown all the copys away so these are the originals..if anyone is interested please let me know.;)
new never used.
used, but intact..
both new never used..
left one used, intact..right one never used..
both used..but intact.
this is the yummy breakfast that I made for new years is from scratch sausage bisquits and gravy with an egg added on top...I got this recipe from my girlfriend Lauren..her mother-in-law made it for her hubby growing up..I have shared this recipe a couple of times..but it is great comfort food especially this time of year. Well I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week..Thanks for stopping by and saying hi..and thanks to all of you that left us anniversary wishes..I should have them so many of you commented..honestly I think it was the most comments I have ever had for one entry..:)

Mark Vanhorns Bisquit & Gravy

Put water in pot with salt bring to a boil add chicken with more salt to taste, boil chicken for 30-40 minutes.

Medium batch: 6 TBLS flour 6TBLS butter 1-12 cups chicken broth (or broth from boiling chicken) 1-1/2 cups milk

Large batch: 8 TBLS flour, 8TBLS butter, 2 cups broth and 2 cups milk

You you don’t have broth use all milk, save broth from boiling chicken to use in gravy.. Save the rest and freeze in jars or containers

Make bisquits and serve with chicken gravy..

Soda bisquits (this comes from an amish recipe)

2 cups flour

1 scant tsp baking soda

1 scant tsp cream of tartar

pinch of salt

3 TBS shortening (I use butter flavor crisco)

1 cup buttermilk

Rub dry ingredients and shortening together to make fine crumbs.. Add milk, stirring with fork until a soft dough forms.

Roll ½ inch thick and cut with bisquit cutter..Bake at 450 for 10-12 minutes until lightly browned..Makes 12 bisquits

Enjoy J


  1. I am thinking no shades, looks more prim to me....It Looks absolutely beautiful...Thanks for sharing and blessings!

  2. you are a wealth of information!!! and I love the tinkering you are doing with the lamp! and I agree, no shade.

  3. Here is my "professional" opinion: no shade. I think with the greenery on the fixture, it looks awesome with no shade.

  4. I agree with everyone else, No shades, and i love the light!!!

  5. I love it with no shades too! Can I ask what color red that is for your wall color? We are thinking of painting our dining area that color! Thank you for sharing the recipe too! Sounds yummy!
    Shawnette :)

  6. I think the light looks better without the shades as well. That's great that you got it moved and centered. We have the same problem. I have no idea what the builders were thinking!
    Take Care,

  7. Love the light that you put up!! I think that it looks great with no shades, but the nice thing is...that you can always put some on if you want and it would look good too!! There is a store near me that has shades made out of grapevine twigs, which would look great with primitive decorating.

    The breakfast you made sure looks yummy...thanks for sharing the recipe.

    Great idea for the towel...something special that they can keep forever. I picked up 3 embroidery jobs this I'll be living in my sewing room for a while.

    Hope you are having a great week.

  8. I hope you get the kitty and know he will have a good home and hope the diet works for the other ones. Still waiting for Daisy to lay on the right bed for picture LOL

  9. Hi Gina !

    To answer your question, I opt for no shades with the light fixture.

    A prim shade may look nice if there is nothing wrapped around the light.

    Oh biscuits and gravy... tis a southern thing ~ When I lived down south, I made a lot of biscuits with White Lily flour. Can't find it up here !

    Have a fun day !


  10. Hi Gina, I opt for no shade as well. Sounds like you've been busy as usual.8-)

  11. I say no shades! Good luck on getting your new fur baby!

  12. I'm gonna be the odd duck, I kinda like the shades, you can change them out for the seasons?

  13. Wow! Big post! Where to een start! LOL! The light... I like it better with no shades. Yay on new kitty! Can't wait to meet her!

    Interested in what you switched the cats food to. Did you read at

    And lastly... I don;t sew but I love that crow pie pattern! I so want that!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  14. I'm thinking no shades for everyday. You can always put pretty red ones on for the holidays if you want...nice to have that option, I do that and it really makes a difference for the season but I rip 'em off right after Christmas! lol

  15. I think the light look better with out the shade. When I was looking through my reading list your post jumped out at me. Every thing looks so bright & cheerful in this room. Blessings!

  16. I'm joining the majority. I prefer no shades.
    Can't wait to see the new kitty!
    Sorry that sil Mil is having troubles. Hope the new food helps. I know Carmen feeds raw chicken to her cats and they do well. I'm not sure but I know she is positive that it works. I cook meat for our dogs but I know in the wild they eat raw. She might be right. We, as civilized people, changed their diet.
    We love biscuits and gravy and have them for supper as well as breakfast!

  17. Gina no shades...happy light is fixed for you to enjoy! I know you'll be accepted as kitty parents! Don would have loved those biscuits and gravy! You've gotten a good start to your year!

  18. I say no shades for the light, but remember>>do it the way you like!
    Wonderful post!
    enjoy the day

  19. Hey Gina,

    I think I agree with everyone else for your light shades. I like the way it looks there without it. You could always hang onto them and add them if you want a different look though.

    Yummy yummy looking breakfast! You are always busy doing something, girl!

    Have a great evening!

  20. Like it without the shades
    looks the best...Enjoyed your
    post and all the sharing...

  21. Can't wait to see your new baby. Sorry to hear that your kitty is still not better...that's no fun, having a sick furr baby.


  22. Gina,
    Lol..Our dining room chandelier was so low my kids could hit their head on it!! I swear the people that lived here before were 4ft tall!! shades :) Cant wait to see your new kitty, I had one with 6 claws on each paw a real Tom cat.."Zeek" he would eat squirrels and small dogs for

  23. I agree, with the no shades vote!
    :> )
    Hey, you're not the only one with a non centered light fixture. They did that a lot in this old farmhouse of ours.