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Monday, December 6, 2010

MoRe ChRiStmAs DeCorAtiNg..GiVEaWayS woN, SwaP GooDiEs and A GreaT MisTakE..;)

Hello there..I started this entry this morning..and then had to run to the hairdressers to get her to fix my hair..I got it colored last saturday november 27th..and it just wasn't I think we got it fixed this time..the blonde parts were not blond and the red parts weren't red enough..but when I woke up this morning..I had an email telling me that I had won Jennys kitty penny rug!!! we donated money to help her spay and neuter cats (strays) in her area and she made this rug and my number came up and I was the winner winner chicken dinner!!!! This will go so nicely in my home with my other cat stuff..thanks Jenny for picking my number..;) you know I will treasure this always..and if you can she would love and can use any donation that you can afford to help these wee ones.;)
This sweet little kitty came from a swap that I did over at the prim pals forum..and I met a wonderful crafter named Cyndy..she makes the best stuff and they are having a big giveaway as we speak..:) you can also see what I gave to her.;)
she also made me this really cute stocking with the santa and is hanging on the window next to the woodstove..
and last but not least..she made this cute tree and kitty and this is in my upstairs bathroom..see the little boxes that look like presents...they are actually jewelry boxes that my holiday earrings came in from Avon..they are the purrffeeccctt size for this little tree..
on the front of the kitty is says "twas the night before xmas"..I love this..she also makes lots to sale stop by and say hi to Cyndy..;)
here is the upstairs bathroom..nothing fancy..just some holiday towels.;)

here is the downstairs bathroom..the cats won't leave this tree or my fir tree on the kitchen table alone..not sure why they like to chew on them..;)
Friday Sarah and I and her 3 kids (the girls are hers) Natalye, Nykol and Naylin(not shown) and the little boy here here is Ashton..she baby sits school on friday so we took them all..they had fun I think..they were good sports..I told them to go and stand by the pumpkin headed santa so we could get their pictures.. you see natalye is posing..she is 4 and is all girl..and loves to be made up and wear pretty dresses etc..she is too funny..Nykol is our little tom-girl..I love her...we get along so good with these little gals..;) we went to their house last night for fun and games..I made homemade pizza for everyone and we took it to was devouered...
Here is my friend Dixie (she used to be my boss at Joanns)..she hired me actually..she makes stained glass and other beautiful creations..I asked her to pose in front of her stuff..I got a cute little stained glass santa ornmament..shown below a ways will see it on my tree..she has a cute little shop in bremerton (for you locals) and she teaches classes...see the flattened wine bottles that are now like spoon rests..she teaches these..I think Sarah and I might have to do that sometime..she has wonderful pieces to purchase...I also got Sarah something for her tree.;)

this is the only prim/country set up at this show..and my stuff is even more prim...she is the owner of this show..I purchased some of her snowmen a couple of years ago..and she has an excellent memory and remembered me by name..I am impressed..I loved her display and had to get some of her things too..shown below..her display was a shelf turned sideways to make those cubbys..I just thought it was genious!!!

Here is Janice..she owns the hazelcreek farm where I do her show normally..she was a cute little elf selling baked goods..oh they were yummy..look at her shoes.:) she is a sweet lady..:)
the santa glass ornament...
my little santa tree topper...out of an old quilt..I lost a bunch of photos today not sure what happened..but i got a cute little stained/grungy sits on a little candle shelf next to my blanket crane..he fills it up nicely..
Okay here is the great mistake part of the entry..I ordered some stuff from Factory direct .com and I got my package(s) last thursday ..but didn't open them till sunday..and noticed that it was a duplicate box of stuff..there was some stuff I hadn't ordered and other stuff that I had..I got these 4 prim electric candles and this is where I put them...I emailed them of their mistake that they sent 2 boxes and that I hadn't placed that other did they want me to return the items..cause i didn't have the money to purchase all of the other stuff..and because it was their mistake..would they give me a discount on the items and I might consider keeping it all? well...they emailed me back and said I could keep it all cause it was their mistake...!!!!! yippee skippy!!! did I ever score..:)

I got to keep all of this above with 4 more of those electric candles..2 silicone dipped light sets..a package of wooden stars..a pip garland..2 packages of crows
a set of scalloped curtains and 7 homespun original order was 12 of these towels and a set of the curtains (for 2 windows) 2 pkgs of wooden stars, a pip berry garland, 2 of the silicone dipped did I make out like a bandit or what? one set of curtains is going in our bedroom and the other set is going in the guest bedroom..will take photos when I get them hung..what a nice merry christmas to me..pays to be honest folks..:)$100 in retail..;)
here are my ornament/cabinet pillows that I finished..they are my etsy site..

I finished this penny rug table runner on saturday too is listed in my etsy..I love the way this one turned out..
and I will list this one tomorrow on my etsy site..if anyone is interested let me know.:).well that is it for me..I had a wonderful day of running around..I need to go and fix dinner and sit by the cozy fire my hubs made for us..our little next door neighbors have their outside all decked out and it looks so pretty..3 of us right in a row all decorated for the holidays..warms my soul.;) I hope you all had a great weekend...and a great week coming up..;) until next time thanks for stopping by and Hi to all my newest followers..:)


  1. I love all your decorations..we don't have any neighbors with decorations and I kind of miss's funny when you don't miss some things until you don't have them any more.
    I really LOVE the homespun curtains and crafting supplies..I am going to check that site out and see what all they have that I could use (even if they don't send me any extra)
    I am going to start listing some of the stuff that didn't sell at the bummer craft sale last Sunday on my blog and on ebay:)

  2. Gina,
    You sure did make out on your order from Factory Direct Crafts!! I'm going to go there next week with a friend of mine...haven't been there in months. I think that I told you it is only about 45 minutes from where I live.

    You got some great goodies from the swap. I got my goodies from my partner today and just posted about them.

    Love all the stuff the you have been making. Everything looks great!!

  3. Congratulations on winning the rug, you need to play the lottery Gina. he he I love all of your swap goodies, they are wonderful!!! Love all of you new homespun goodies, they will look great in your home!!!! And love your new creations!!!!! You are one talented girl!!

  4. Congratulations on your win and the great swaps! I love cyndy's work. I have the same little black cat hanging on my tree and just love it! What a lucky mistake from Factory Direct. I need to check out their site. I have heard everyone talk about it but never purchased from them.

    Take Care,
    Debbie K

  5. As ususal you have lots going on...congrats for winning the giveaway, decorating looking good and how wonderful you got to keep the items from the double delivery!
    I need to check out your Etsy Shop...perhaps there's something there I can't live without (like Kitty Blue). The folks on the row of apartments I live on decorate for Christmas...some have lights outside...I've got to figure out how they do that since I haven't found an outside receptacle!

  6. Morning Gina,
    You lucky girl, first winning that Kitty Rug (I must say it will have the perfect home) and your big score from Factory Directs mistake. Have a Great Day, Traci

  7. Dear Bandit Gina !... wow.. you sure made out like one ! Merry Christmas to you !

    That little girl posing just may be a model when she grows up ! and she is only 4 yrs. old ? What a cutie !

    Thanks for sharing your photos !



  8. Love all the goodies and decorations and WOW, that was nice of them to let you keep all the extra stuff, YAY to FDC! I love all your cute lil' pillow tucks they are just adorable and I love your posts, I just get lost in them and forget all my stress when I am here, your awesome! Hope you enjoy the day and can't wait to see how those curtains look hanging;)

  9. Wow Gina, you are one lucky girl!! Your winnings, your swaps and your freebies!! Would you please buy a lottery ticket for me??

  10. Wow! WHat a post! Love all your swap goodies!

    And heck yes on that shipping mistake! You made out!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  11. Everything looks wonderful! I love the cat hooked rug. I hope you are having a wonderful week!