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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My WinTer WhiTes DiSpLay ChaIn #11

Good Tuesday Morning..I thought I would do tuesdays display chain #11 today and show you my winter whites...I love my front gate all wrapped in snow..This was taken in 2008..
I love my picket fence with different plates hanging from it..this was taken in 2008 as well..
This was taken last month..right before thanksgiving when we lost all of our power...and this was only the beginning.;)
this is my "whoville" least that is what I call it..This sits in my kitchen window..I added lights so you can see all the little homes and church lit up..I love this centerpiece if you the green trees..I just want to go and visit this little town..don't you?

This is my little prim winter white snowman..He is the one I told you about in the previous post..I got him from the gift show on friday.;) he has a little bird on one arm and a little bird in a wreath in the other..
ah my Prim winter white kitchen curtains..I love these...:>)
This is a sneek peek of the outside decor..This is a huge wreath on my front lights up..and has 2 snowman in there..I got this from my neighbor..
my friend Kimmy gave me this 3 snowman amongst the winter greens in a little wooden crate..this sits on my front porch next to the front door..
and last but not simple blessings table runner that is currently listed on my etsy site..:) Well I hope you all enjoyed my take on winter whites..Please stop by 1890 Gable house Musings and see everyones take on winter white...;) I hope you all have a wonderful tuesday..I am having some gals from church over for a visit and lunch..I am making chicken pot pie..;) I love these gals..and we love to sit and visit and renew our friendships...have a great day.;)


  1. Sounds like you are gonna have fun!
    I love the snowman crate next to your door and the fence, arbor and gate all covered in snow! We might little bit of the white stuff, tonight.

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  2. Hey Gina..

    So glad you stopped by my blog.

    Love your winter whites.. well , the snow is last on the list, though..LOL

    I love my Fontanini Nativity scene ! and the figurines are kid friendly.. virtually unbreakable.

    That is too bad you had to leave yours in Italy ! I bet Italy was neat at Christmas time with all the Roman Catholic Churches and the food ! I can just imagine the smells from the Italian bakeries.

    Love your little whoville..

    I have a putz village on the second post down on my blog. I lit it up with those teeny tiny itty bitty lights and it worked out well.


  3. Wonderful displays!
    But oh my 2008 photos of the fence & snow are just breathtaking!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I think that shot of your picket fence with plates and snow all ove it is one of my favorites. It looks so serene!

  5. I love your winter whites, and your Whoville town looks so quaint and cozy! Love the wreath and hope you enjoy your visit with the girls!

  6. Love, love, love your winter whites! and your Whoville!! You are just so creative and fun! Now where is your "winter white" kitty to round out the theme! ;D

  7. your little village is so pretty & the lights add to it. Outside snow photo of the gate is so welcoming. Love the snowmen displays. Have loads of fun with the friends today! Blessings!

  8. love all your pictures....but oh my goodness what is it about snow on a fence or a gate....just makes my heart full......blessings~Denise

  9. Great pics, Gina! Yes, wasn't 2008 a white Christmas!

  10. Gina, Love everything, my fav your village, I am a sucker for the vintage or vintage look alikes village pieces!! Can't get ehough of them, only wish I had more space. OLM

  11. I love the whimsy of the little putz village are they new or old ones? I like everything prim but do try to add some magic and fun in for christmas.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  12. Hi Gina, love the pics, the snow is beautiful. Love those snowmen in the crate with the lights, I just love snowmen!!

  13. Your "winter whites" are delightful, so many imaginative the prim snowman with the birds! Have fun with your ladies...I know you're all going to enjoy the pot pie!!!

  14. Hi Gina,
    I love, love, love, your little windowsill Whoville! So festive! And the photos of your garden area are the front gate and the plates along the fence. Thanks so much for sharing your home with us...hope you had a wonderful luncheon with friends. :)

  15. Beautiful winter white displays. I love your little village.


  16. Beautiful post.
    Love the snow on the gate photo and your village is sweet. Nice place to display it too.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.
    Winter Blessings

  17. Love your winter whites!! Your snow pictures are beautiful!!
    Have fun visiting with the girls!!

  18. Just found your blog and I love those green trees and your house is adorable.
    I am now going to be a follower!

  19. My favorite is the little village. It is so sweet but then everything is. You look happy and snuggled in for winter!