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Friday, December 3, 2010

More ChriStmas DecoRatinG~ The LiVinG RoOm..:)

Good Morning Everyone!!!! Today is a great Day and I have lots to be thankful for..Hubby got good news on his doctors God is so Great..:) I cry just thinking about this..this is the best christmas present ever!!! Okay whose ready to see the living room..This is our "christmas tree"(s)..I got these years ago at Joanns and we stopped putting up the real one cause of all the mess etc..the cats leave this one it is a win win..and no mess..I added that fence that I got in november around this and I love it.;)to me, its a winter wonderland..;)

this is cat tree..;) what did you expect?
this is snowmen and a mix of things..
this ones kind of the "man" has harley davidson..a sailor etc..;)
Thats mrs. Claus guarding the forest and bringing gingerbread cookies to the animals...My friend Kimmy made me this..:) she sits there every year.;) and I also have "electric sex" lit up too..if you are big fans of "the christmas story" you will know what I speak grandmother of the guy that now owns the actual christmas house in ohio makes these lamps and she has one and so does his there are 3 of here in indianola with their leg lamps lit up.;)
thats our baby po-po snoozing by the fire..she loves to sleep like this..
Gracie all snug in her basket..her favorite place..
I decided to use my new/old laundry hamper in my decorating this year..and I love how it turned I have some santas sitting in here along with some christmas books and I have lights in the bottom to illuminate the basket..
I have my stockings and one glove hanging by the fire as if to be drying by the fire..;)
that's it lit up..;)
the kids stockings are hung by the chimney..I love those big little sister made the kids theirs.;)
Santas hat awaits christmas day and he will be wearing it.;)
this is right above the couch.
a view from the front door..

I finished up the two stockings I made for 2 military members fighting our war..;)
here they are all stuffed and ready to go..I had 2 bags that our flannel sheets came in and I was able to pack up the big stuff for they look like Santas bags..;) well I am off to get ready for the big day of window shopping at the gift show I am going too..taking photos to share I hope..have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by..;)


  1. I'm happy for you and hubby that the news was good, sweetpea. I know exactly what you mean.

    Your home looks warm and inviting and loving.

    Okay, the new post on food storage is up if ya wanna see it. I could post soooo much more, but I think I've given the basics.


  2. Everything looks so wonderful! I love the lamp! So fitting for Christmas. And the way you used the laundry hamper is such a good idea. I would have never thought to use it to decorate with. But everything looks so nice. You did a great job decorating.



  3. Everything looks so festively prim! I am glad to hear you and hubby got great news from the doctor...if you get a chance, hop over to my blog, I added some decorating pics today too...Blessings, Traci

  4. Gina~ I'm so happy to hear your hubby got good news, that is wonderful!! I LOVE all trees:)

  5. Hi Gina,
    What fabulous news!!
    Yes, that is the best Christmas present.
    Sorry, I haven't been online much this week.
    As you know, another crazy week here.
    But I just got caught up on your posts, and your kitchen, dining room and living room looks wonderful!!

    Thanks for sharing it all with us.
    Take Care,

  6. Gina, Wonderful news about your hubby. See I told you that everytime the Hallelujah Chorus is sung a miracle happends!!!

    Love all your Christmas decorations. Your home is so cozy and inviting. I don't have one thing up for Christmas yet! But hope to this weekend! You inspire me! Hugs, Laurie

  7. Everything looks great! Love the little trees. They are Puuuuurrrrrrffffeeecccccccttttt! I understand about keeping the cats out of the tree. LOL! Sometimes it's hard. I dont' have that problem anymore because of the Tattle tale device I posted about but before that it was a nightmare. Now I have 4 trees up in the house and none of the cats bother them. It's great!

    When you get a chance I would love to see the cats you have on the shelf under your cat nap in sign. Are they from Primitive Charms? Because I have some of her cats too.

    Carmen and the Primcats

  8. congrats on good news for the Hubby!
    House is just looking so cute!

    Po-Po is just adorable!
    I am so enjoying all your decorating!

  9. Awesome news on your hubby!! The trees and everything look great Gina!! I wish my Spaz would leave my tree alone, yesterday I had to pick it up off the floor and rearrange it all again!!


  10. Hey Gina, glad your husband got good news!! Love all your decorations, your house looks wonderful. I am so far behind.8-) Your "winter wonderland" is awesome!!

  11. The gift that keeps on giving, right? I think it is awesome!
    Love your variety of trees. I bought a couple new ones today and will have to post next week when I get home.
    Big hugs!

  12. So happy your hubby received good news from the homey and pretty...your whole house is like a big, warm hug!!! Your kitty is looking really toasty on her white those big stocking get filled up...*smile*...and Santas hat waiting for Christmas Eve...LOVE IT!!!!

  13. Glad to hear the good news on your hubby :)..Wow...what a view coming in the front sure did work hard and it looks great. Not much going up here this year except the tree and a few other things since Nellie is coming home for Christmas. Kind of wondering what the pups will think about the tree since they have never seen one before. I will be taking pictures for sure :)

  14. Gina,
    So happy to hear that your hubby got good news from the doctor.
    Your home is looking awesome all decked out for the holidays!! I love all your trees!!


  16. That is wonderful news!!! Your decorating is so beautiful!!

  17. LOVE your decorating! I especially love how you have the window over your sink decorated. Thankful your hubby is good!

  18. Everything looks beautiful! I love your stockings! ♥

  19. Looks so great! Thank you so much for doing the stockings! They will be so appreciated!!! :)

  20. Oh my!!!! Your home looks FANTASTIC!!
    If I lived closer, I'd come over for some hot chocolate. ♥

  21. I'm glad you and your hubby got good news! I bought a few of those tree a couple years ago also. I like them displayed together like a forest and then after Christmas I leave them out for a while and change the Santas out for snowmen.

  22. First, "her" and I would like to tell you how happy we are that DH had good news! That is the best present efur! So since you already have your present, how about throwing some extra gngerbread cookies over to us animals ;)

    Effurrything looks wonderful! Like we expected anything else! However, I'm going to have to talk with "her" see there is NO cat tree here. Now did I get ripped on the deal or what?!?! It should NOT matter that sometimes we prefer to be in the tree - a live cat does NOT count towards a tree with fake kitty ornies, does it?! Didn't think so. Maybe we should strike. You know withhold our purr motors for a week or something like that. What do ya think?!? Would it be effective???! Maybe we'll just move over there where there IS a cat tree. Can you tell that I'm feeling slighted over the absence of a cat tree at our house?!? I know....when "she" wants to get on the compurrter next time, I'm going to tell her I'm busy using it...going over to Gina's blog to visit THE CAT TREE! Ha! That's it, got a plan! See how smart I am?!? And ferocious, don't forget about that. Ferocious. Just don't tell Santa Paws okay?

    Purrs for the one who HAS a cat tree,