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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

DeLiCouS ReCipEs and KiTTys..

Hello there everyone!!!! not sure what you are doing for christmas breakfast..but this one above is a wonderful recipe to try...I got this recipe from the barefoot contessa and my hubby loves it and so do I..I made this yesterday...I added a simple egg salad to mine..just eggs with a little bit of mayo and mustard, salt & pepper...we have added sour cream in the past..and hers doesn't call for cavier..our neighbors made it this way for us..and we love it this way..sunday night I made an oxtail stew with butter chive noodles that is out of this world..honestly if you want to impress everyone..this is the recipe...we had left overs last night..and it is better the 2nd night as I skimmed off most of the fat that had set on top..(and when I make it next time..will make it the day before let it chill for the next day and skim off fat and is a really rich dinner..but oh so rich and tasty.;)This recipe came from Down home with the mom used to make an oxtail stew with green beans..and this is definitely not my moms stew.I think she would be impressed..
I just wanted to share some of our babies settling in for a long winters nap...:) that is Gracie in her pink bed..they love those beds..and Po-Po on the sheepskin rug..her favorite spot next to our bed..;)
Sunny Bunny in the other basket on the chaise next to a kitty that sort of looks like her..and see the cat hooked rug above..I won that from Jenny over at wonder of whimsy!!! oh I love this rug and can't wait till after the holidays to hang it up..gotta find the right spot for it..Thanks again Jenny it is even better in person.:)
Sunny loves her basket too..she is mama's girl..she truly loves to be loved and kissed and is my lap girl..
Okay I have to finish my baking..I made my gingerbread cookies last night..and my oreo cookie/cream cheese balls.. I have sugar cookies left to make, brownie, zuchinni bread and banana bread left to make...that will make 10 items made for everyone...and a lot of sewing in between..and to deliver some of these goodies tomorrow and hopefully that is it..oh and then wrap my gifts up..then I am done.and then my hubby wonders why I am tired at must stop over at The Davis Dialogues to read a poem about a funny will see yourselves in this poem at this time of year..;)
have a wonderful tuesday everyone...and thanks for all your wonderful comments..oh and I am at 781 posts..I think at 800 for sure there will be a giveaway...:) I have been tossing around what I want to give away.:)it will be fantastic I know it..;)


  1. They all look so comfy cozy in their beds:) have fun with all that baking and enjoy the day!!!!

  2. Mmmmm, I love buckwheat pancakes. Love the kitty pictures. They sure look cozy! We have a fireplace but have never used it. Determined to make this the last winter that happens. :)

  3. Love the kitties in their special places..Sometimes we have to move things around until we find the right place for them. Pickles quit going in her basket in the guest room so I moved it into dining room and now she is in it ALL the time...funny how they train us huh?
    I will be doing some baking when Nellie gets here but not really giving any away except for tin I made up for LL and his family :)

  4. It looks like you enjoy the Food Network as much as I do. I got the Neeleys cookbook for Christmas last year. I make their BBQ Chicken recipe often.
    Love the Kitties!
    Merry Christmas.

  5. and you are STILL busy busy busy! and hey, thanks for linking up my post on Funny Funny Mother. I'm sure we ALL feel like that this time of year! I still need to figure out if you actually use an Ox's tail in your recipe (wink)

  6. Gina,

    Your furr babies look comfy as usual. Still need to get some baking done, now that my online sales have calmed down.

    The recipes sound delish...maybe I'll have some time to cook this week. Thanks for sharing.


  7. Love the kitties...reminds of our Pooh Cat (as in Winnie the Pooh)...she slept with Don and I for years...then with Don when he was in a hospital bed...I miss her, she passed a month before Don. I think you must be the busiest person I know...and God's blessings on you for it. I have an old school desk I saw at the thrift store today, that I want you to see...your menus look and sound devine!!!

  8. Gina,
    Your kitties look so cozy and happy!! Have fun baking...I'm making some cookies tomorrow. Now it is time to go finish up a few gifts that I'm making.
    You should get or have gotten your package from me today. Be chatting at ya again soon.

  9. The student desk was sooooo cute and I could just see Neylan sitting on it...if I keep going (which we all know I will) maybe they'll reduce it some more...I hope, I hope!!!
    Well thank you so much for planning to make me something, I was thinking of you too at the Thrift Store...maybe I'll find just the right treasure for you!!!

  10. Wishing you and your hubs a wonderful and blessed Christmas!!

  11. Your kitties look so warm and cuddly. They must love that stove. Have a wonderful Christmas!