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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The BaKinG iS DonE, PrOgEcTs FiNiShEd, & A FaVoRiTe ChRiStmAs MoVie WaTcheD..:)

Good morning everyone..I feel like a load has been lifted off my holiday baking is done..I made sugar cookies, chocolate cherry cookies, fudge, rocky road brownies (they are to die for), everything but the kitchen sink cookies, snickerdoodle cookies, gingerbread cookies, oreo cookie/cream cheese dipped in chocolate balls, homemade hot cocoa, zuchini bread and banana bread..I want to make the brownies one more time..but will do so after christmas..I just got bite of one of them to see how they tasted and I want to make here are the bags of goodies and I am heading out today to be an elf and deliver them..
Hubby took some to work for some of his friends..I gave one to my postal delivery girl and my waste management guy just got his..;)
I finished up my penny rug last night..I love how it turned out and I had so much fun doing it and embellishing it..haven't decided if I will keep it or put it on my etsy site..if anyone is interested in it..please let me know..
I finished up my jar for my girlfriends kids..I will put oats and glitter in it.;)
This is on a white apron for the bosses wife..
this is on a tan apron for the boss himself (hubbys boss)
This is for our friend Travis..
cause we think he's nuttier then a fruitcake..a play on words.;) lol..
I watched my favorite christmas movie!!! you can only get it on vhs unfortunately..I watched it for the first time back in 92 on t.v..and fell in love..a must see for the whole family..
and I ordered this on amazon..I love amazon and it came yesterday...can't wait to sit and thumb through it..I started too..but wanted to watch my movie..well Kids I am off to get breakfast and get ready to go out and deliver my goodies..then onto get a few groceries..then home to sew some more.:)..I hope you all have a wonderful day today.;)


  1. Gina! Your penny rug is fantastic!!! I love it! Sending wishes for a wonderful Christmas and blessed New Year!

  2. Wow..You have been busy..I will be busy tomorrow and Friday when Nellie is here...Is that a book you got from Amazon...or a movie?
    We have a NEW T V being delivered tomorrow and we might not be home...coming Fed X but I called them to tell them to put in garage. It is a gift from a friend for Christmas and Billy is going to be sooo happy ..I hope he doesn't wet his pants. I will be posting about it when it gets here and all the other wonderful gifts we got :)
    Take another break and watch some more movies :)

  3. Your gift bags look so pretty and you make a GREAT elf, LOL! I just finished dipping about 100 pretzel rods in white chocolate, putting into small baggies and tying them off with silver ties for the reception, I am pooped:( I think I have seen that movie on tv before, yrs. ago. I hope you take a well earned break and relax for a bit:)

  4. I have that movie and love it too! MERRY CHRISTMAS GINA!! Rest up before Valentines Day! lol

  5. Hi Gina,

    Wow, sounds like you have been crazy busy! That's a lot of baking! I loved your penny rug, very cute! I wanted to stop in to wish you and your hubby a very Merry Christmas and Happy 2011! Kim

  6. Hi Gina

    Merry Merry Christmas !

    Wow.. you have been baking up a storm !

    And all ready for Christmas ! I still have some gifts to wrap and cookies to bake.

    A great book, Seasons. I bought that quite a while ago and I still enjoy looking through it.

    And that looks like a good movie !

    Christmas Blessings !


  7. Pretty penny rug !
    The gift bags cute, so many godies!
    enjoy & relax!

  8. Gina,
    Not sure if I've seen that Christmas movie before.
    Your penny rug turned out great!!
    I have that book...had it for years and it is a good one. You'll love it!
    You goodies bags look so cute!!
    My package didn't come today...maybe it will come tomorrow while I'm at the grocery store. I hope, hope, hope!!
    Have a Merry Christmas!!

  9. Now you can relax and enjoy!

    Merry Merry Christmas! May your stocking be filled with blessings!

    Hugs, Carrie

  10. My goodness honey you have been busy! Love your rug!
    Just could not let Christmas come and go without catching up on you and wishing you a very Merry Christmas

  11. Found your blog throgh "Country Pleasures". I love it! I will be back. Blessings to you and yours!

  12. Gina I love your penny rug. Wow have you been baking, yummy. Wish I could stop by. He He
    I would love to see the movie you are talking about, I love movies like that!!! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!!!

  13. I believe all the Christmas packages arrived! The funny thing is Michael has them locked up and won't pass any of them out until Christmas morning! LOL

    He says the men are all mad at him. I love that picture in my mind. These special ops tough guys whining that they can't open their presents until Christmas! It will be even more special when they do since they've been waiting! They have to work on Christmas, so it will be something to make it feel a little like Christmas. Thank you so much for doing stockings. Merry Christmas!

  14. Hi Gina! I am going to check that movie out. I'll look on Amazon! Did you ever see "The House Without A Christmas Tree". It's an old 1972 movie. Love all the pussycats dressed in their XMas finery!