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Monday, December 20, 2010

ThiS & ThaT...;)

Hello there Everyone..I am sorry I have been so scarce lately..its called christmas and I am still going full force but wanted to catch you up on what I have been doing..This cute tag came from my friend Jennifer of Busy Bee blog..she sent me a wonderful christmas card and this cute little tag to put on a jar and put oats and glitter in it and give to the kids for christmas eve..they toss it out on the lawn and Santa can see the glitter and the reindeer eat the oats while they wait for santa to deliver the goods;) I am making one for my friend Sarah I am keeping copies for me to use down the road..I just love this Jennifer and thanks for the wonderful card to go along with are a sweetheart for remembering me..I sincerely appreciate it.;) oh and stop by and say hi to Jenn..her home is beautiful and you will surely get some great decorating ideas..;)
okay so I have been tweaking..and I just felt my little box on my kitchen counter was lacking I put in my silicone dipped lights that I got for free from Factory directs little mistake and waalaaa!!! I love the way it looks now...

I have been meaning to finish this up for my mom for quite sometime..and finally made this little hummel embroidery into a pillow for her..I stuffed it with cedar chips and put a nice piping around the edge of it..she used to collect hummels and I thought this would look cute in her bathroom framed..but I never got around to framing now she can put it in her little tv room and enjoy it.;)
on Saturday I set off with Sarah and her 3 kids (shown below) and our neighbors Brittany and Travis and baby Landon (above he is going to be as big as his daddy).. headed out to the fairgrounds for the toys for tots thing they were doing..I have never been to one of these before and it was really neat to see our military men an women passing out gifts to the kids..we got to see Santa and his little sidekick before we got to the toys..There was alot of retired military there helping out and gosh did the kids clean up in the toy dept..
the kids had fun and there were alot of folks there to get toys..I am so giving to this it goes to a great cause and I love seeing a man in uniform..especially that marine corp dress blues..oh honey..:)
after that Sarah and the kids and I headed out for a long day of shopping..of course I was miserable as I couldn't breathe and my head was stuffed up..but we had a great we are at a pit stop at burger king fueling up..:)thats little Naylin..he is a little stinker..and growing up so fast..
another photo op!!! nataly in the front lovesssssss to have her picture taken...she is our princess..Nykol is our little junior mommy and she and I just have so much fun together..we really connect and I just love being around her and her siblings.;) I am working on their stuff this week as we are spending christmas day with them and I am so looking forward to I will be sewing up a storm this week..and I still have some baking left to do.;and some goodies to deliver as well..
speaking of delivering goodies..this is what I took to church yesterday for some folks;) so far I have made snickerdoodles, everything but the kitchen sink cookies, fudge, chocolate cherry cookies, and I have sugar cookies, gingerbread cookies, brownies and creamcheese/oreo cookies rolled in balls and dipped in chocolate left to make..oh they are soooo take one package of oreo cookies put them in a food processor and take one room temp package (8oz) cream cheese..put it in the processor and mix together..roll in little balls and dip in bittersweet or milk chocolate..put in fridge to harden..oh you will love them..and they will disappear quickly too.;) I got these cute little containers at the after christmas sales at joanns and Michaels and I am ready to go for next year.;)don't you love those green buckets..;) I also put in my homemade hot cocoa too.;)
okay back to saturday..we headed to where else? Joanns..and I picked up some wool for my penny rugs. and some corduroy for my prim and gray
I got some dowels for dolls, a sizzix snowman to use in penny rug making and 2 cuttle bug is stars and the other snowflakes..these are so much fun to make cards with.:)
okay next stop the quilt store..I got some more wool felt for penny rugs..boy is that stuff spendy..I shopped at and got some better deals..I also picked up some patterns online too:) will share those when they come..
I got this wonderful fabric to make a prim doll with and I will embroider something for the doll to hold..I have some wonderful sampler designs that will look so neat with these dolls..that will be after christmas..
I made these for a blogging buddy of mine..Nancy of Inside Nana's head. she is doing these for her daughter Nellie and Nellies pets.;) I can't wait to see what she does with these..well that is it for me..I must head out to see my good friend Betty Fagan from church..hubby is hooking up her new TV and dvd/vhs player for her and I am taking her some anne of green gables vhs tapes for her and some other goodies too.;)
I leave you this picture...oh I just don't have words for this..but the caption said: I like this lady...because she seems interested in what I have to say..;) I wonder if they are permanent?
I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead..I know I will be running around like a mad women trying to get everything done..I just talked to my little sister..and asked if she got her package that I sent her was to be delivered on friday...she said I looked up the tracking number and it had been delivered and was put out back in a wood its been sitting since friday night and they had a nasty snow storm..has ups heard of the front porch..anyway the package seems to be okay but if I hadn't told my sister it was there she would still be waiting for it..she went outside around the side of the garage and there it was...oh don't get me started with the postal service or ups right pay for the "guaranteed" service and yet on the recipt it says they are not held liable if it doesn't get there on why am I paying for that "guaranteed" service in the first place? its an oxy moron if you ask me..okay off my soap box..have a wonderful day everyone and thanks for stopping by and saying hellooooooo! :>)


  1. Hi, Gina, it sounds as you have been busy. I hope you have a merry Christmas. I, too, need to stock up on wool felt, waiting till after Christmas. Cyndy

  2. That reindeer tag is so cute. I'll have to check out her blog. Sounds like fun at the Toys for Tots thing. I donate toys every year, but didn't get around to it this year so I'm feeling a bit guilty right now. It means so much to the kids.

  3. Thank you for showing the pics of the names for Nellie and her kitties..I will post pics in my blog when I get them made.
    I always enjoy reading your blog...makes mine seem very boaring. Maybe mine will get better in 2011 :)
    Have a great are a special lady :)

  4. hellooooo Gina...are you one busy lady or what? The amount you get done in one day just wears me out...LOL I want to do some projects after Christmas, have some ideas...I took care of Don for so still seems odd to be thinking of crafty things I would like to do...he was always interested in what I did though and I miss that too. I want to make some dresses for my g'daughter and make some ornaments for other people for next Christmas! I'll let you know how that and your family and friends have a MERRY and hugs, Theanne

    PS I like what you did with your little thrift store box...I haven't done anything with mine yet...I figure over the next year of going to thrift stores I'll find some neat things to put in it!!!

  5. Hey Gina...sorry I'm not nearly done with my new "Christmas Story", I sometimes post before I finish so I can see what it looks like...hope you'll come back and finish the "tale"!

  6. Hi Gina...looks like you've been a busy little elf! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas! Maybe we can get together in the new year! ~~Annie

  7. OH MY, you are a busy lady - makes me tired just reading about all you have been up to. I made some of those oreo/cream cheese balls today - they are so yummy! Wishing you and your family a Merry and Blessed Christmas.

  8. I love your box lite up...give it such a warm and cozy feel!! Love the cute little label tag too!! Great sampler fabric!!!
    Sent you the name designs...hope they worked out.

  9. Good morning happy you came back and finished the "tale". I've already figured out that you and a lot of the "prim" ladies would have been devasted when you saw what I GAVE away when I cleaned out my Mom and Dad's things...we're talking some small farm items that went back to Civil War days and many more things that probably went back further than that...I gave the kitchen cabinet of "Sugar Cookie" fame to the friend who bought the house. I gave most of the things to a friend who needed money and who sells to an antique dealer.

  10. I don't know where you get the energy! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!