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Monday, November 22, 2010

WoW It SnoWed For ReaL ThiS TiMe..YEsTerDays Was KiD's StuFF...

Good Morning everyone!!! look what I woke up to this morning..Hubby said it started around 7am this morning..yesterdays was kids stuff...and it stopped so I got ready and went to church and I am so glad I did...I listened to christmas music on the way there and when I left from church it started snowing again..but wasn't sticking..and I listened to christmas tunes on the way home too..thats when I love listening to it..when its snowing.;) It is still lightly snowing as we speak..Well here it is 11:40am..I stopped at 9:49am to go down to breakfast...then I cleaned house and cut hubbys hair...started clam chowder in the crock pot and am going back down stairs to make my laundry soap.;)
sorry the garden through the screen from my craft room sunflowers are hanging in to put them in the shed for the winter..;)

awwwwww!!!!! a nice warm fire to keep us all nice and toasty..we have all 7 kittys in today..we did yesterday too..this is the only time that one of them will come in and relax..she hates it in the house with the indoor kittys..but when its cold or snowy..she banging down the door...I was thinking about going to get a haircut...silly me what was I thinking..I bet the hairdresser didn't show up..well it is lightly snowing again..I am going to make cinnamon rolls today and take some to the neighbors for a nice winter treat....going to craft for a bit and then go and hang out with hubby and play on the P3..we have all the hasbro games we used to play as kids..sorry, yatzee, battleship, score 4, sliders, scrabble, price is we have fun..just playing those together..he has his own games he plays..Sunny is all better too..she is sitting here purring and wanting to be loved..
Oh for christmas this year..we are getting each other our food December 4th I head to our cannery to pack it up..with the scare of hyper-inflation..we are not taking any if you haven't started yours..please do so..go to case lot sales and pick up never know what could happen etc..and this economy is getting scarier by the minute..Have a wonderful day everyone...:)
p.s. if anyone wants to swap or barter for christmas gifts please let me know..I am always willing to trade.;)


  1. Lucky girl..I love snow can't wait till it starts here.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. Nothing like the first snow, so special!

  3. Gina,

    The snow is soooo your house! LOL! You can keep it! I am loving the near 60's and sunshine we are having right now!


  4. Wow, it really did snow this time, LOL!!!!!! We are hoping it holds off here for awhile, too many late nite trips to the airport:) Love the cozy look of your fire, wish I could lay right there in front of it and have a nap:D

  5. Ok, I seriously have to learn how to use my wood stove. That looks so warm and cozy.

  6. Christmas music while snowing = bliss :)

  7. The snow is beautiful and so is the fire.....
    cinnamon rolls sound delicious!!!

  8. More snow...enchanted yard...warm fire...all the kitties in...and your hubby to play Scrabble with...sounds like a perfect day!!!

  9. I am trying to stockpile more pantry food as well. You should do a post on what you are storing. Always glad to learn new ways. Love the snow pics. We don't get any here in So. Cal.

  10. I'm so glad to hear that Sunny is feeling much better.

  11. What a beautiful snow.. I love the warm cozy fire! :)

  12. Oh Gina...your snow is so pretty!! There is nothing like the first snowfall of the season! I love snow...just hate to drive in it.

    Well, I would love to exchange Christmas gifts this year. We didn't last year, but I know we did the year before. Let me know what you think.


  13. How come the snow looks more pretty at your house, teehee. Now that warm fire is gorgeous.

  14. The first snow always looks long as I don't have to drive in it. Since we are in South Central IL I am not sure what we will get. We are 10 miles from town for milk and bread so I hope it doesn't get to bad...they do have to keep all the roads here for school buses (hope it doesn't get bad enough for the schools to close.
    Your house looks very Cozy...maybe I should come and visit you for my next sound fun too. Let us know what you are stocking up on. I have a big freezer and room in the basement for can goods....good idea to stock up.
    Take care

  15. That stove sure looks cozy! Sorry you feel you need to stock up so drastically though.

  16. I love your banner piece, so fun and unique.
    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


  17. Will you share cinnamon roll recipe when you have the time??

    I haven't heard about hyper inflation, is my head in the sand??

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving. Keep those snow scenes coming. I am loving them:)

  18. The snow sure is beautiful. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!