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Thursday, November 25, 2010

HappY ThaNksGiVinG..:)

Hello everyone!! I just wanted to stop in and say Happy thanksgiving to you all!!! if you wonder where I have been..we lost power on monday night at 6pm and it came back on wednesday night at what am I thankful for you ask? a woodstove and our generator!!! we were snug as bugs in the house..had all 7 cats in and the dog of snowed even harder then the photos I showed you..will share those tomorrow and what else I have been up to before power outage and after power back on.;) here are some funnies to make you smile..

This will be us when I pull the dinner out of the oven..I tweaked my gotta be careful today..but we are having turkey, stuffing, sweet potato casserole, sauted brussels, garlic smashed potatoes, and a pumpkin roll for dessert..we are having the neighbors and a gal from church over...

Have a wonderful day with those you love...see you tomorrow? how many of you are heading out for the black friday little sister usually does it every year..this year she is shopping on line..she is staying up all night am just about done.;) okay take care.;)
hugs to you all :>)


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Those cat pics are hilarious.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! Love those kitty photos! You, Mike and all your furbabies have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I'm not going out Black Friday shopping this year....I'd rather be home taking care of my dear hubby, Rich. He needs my care right now so much more than shopping.

  3. Many blessings are wished for you and yours Gina!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving.
    You're lucky having the generator and wood stove.
    I go shopping every black Friday w/my Daugher's. It's usually alot of laughs, lunch, and very little shopping. It started when my Sister and her Daughter would come home for Thanksgiving. They haven't the last two years, but we still go. Our little tradition, and a chance to hang out.

  5. Happy Tday Gina! Oh boy, you got lots and lots of snow huh? Things like that are good reminders to be thankful for what we have.
    I'm not shopping Black Friday, but am participating in the sales.
    Take care of your back:)

  6. LOL Gina ... thanks for the smiles and laughs. Hope you and yours enjoyed your Thanksgiving!

  7. NO POWER, wow..and your dinner sounds yummy. Take care of your back! they can be tricky.. and last but not least.. Thankful for you my friend.

  8. Hope you and your Mike have as good a day as I did with my Mike!

  9. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!
    Love the kitty pics...too funny!!