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Friday, November 26, 2010

MoRe SnoW PiCs, Babys, CraFtinS, BaKinG Etc...EtC..

Good Black Friday to you all? are alot of you going out or been out shopping? I have never done black friday..and probably never little sister usually goes out in this..but she has since found that the internet and shopping are just fine..she gets alot of deals on line and boy can she find them..I need to learn the tricks of her trade.;) well to catch you up..on monday it started snowing..and we thought we would get 1-2 inches at best..well mother nature had other plans in store..she dumped about 5-7 inches on us..but all was well and I decided to do some baking and got a big crock pot of clam chowder going and baked some cinnamon rolls and bisquits for our dinner that night (photos below)..then at 6pm...we lost power..the lights had been flicking all day..and we knew it was just a matter of we got the lantern out..ate dinner and played board games for the night..decided not to pull out the generator till it was an early night for us..Tuesday we got the old genny out and plugged her in and got the fridge going and watched movies..I pulled out some of our christmas movies and I started watching them..and the photos above are what I worked on while the power was out..I had so much fun doing these..that I can't wait to make more..I need to embroider on the runners above and will show them when they are finished..
I had started the cat one before the power went out..but had to wait to finish it when the power came back on..the other one..I snuck in yesterday in between cooking and cleaning..and I see I have Millies stamp er paw of;)
I need to embroidered something in the center of this one too..
these are the 3 outdoor chillians getting all snug and warm next to the dad man..we knew it was cold when these 3 come in..we burned more wood in 2 days that we would normally burn in 2 was flipping cold..we got down to 16 degrees at night..and like 30 something during the day..when the power went out hubby was wiping the snow off and seen a big spark and boom and then it was gone..the power company on their recordings said it was a tree that hit the power know that is always the case here...if we had underground electricity we wouldn't have these problems..and we are usually the last to get our power back on..

do the babies look comfy and cozy? this had to have been before the power went out..cause I see no power cords all over the house hooking up stuff..
well I decided on monday before the said power outage to do some baking..I wanted to surprise the neighbors with some hot chocolate, cinnamon rolls and bisquits..but they had other ideas..they decided to go grocery shopping and it took them 4 hours or more to go 20 minutes down the they picked theirs up on the way home..
this is how my hot chocolate will look when I package them up for friends and neighbors this year.
rolls before they are frosted..

hot bisquits..they were tasty and came in handy for the next couple of days..had to reheat the soup on the woodstove..I will tell you I was so thankful to have our stove and the generator...and we were prepared and we jotted more stuff down to be even more prepared in the future..cause this kind of thing happens all the time..we have been without power for up to 5 days that gets old really quick..especially the hot water....we don't have you pretty much lose it within the 2 days..
hubby had taken some early shots of the moon..

you can still barely see the moon in the trees..
so this is how it looked Tuesday morning.;)

just looking at all of those photos gives me a really was cold..and that woodstove was running all day look outside today..the snow is gone...still a bit cold but nothing like it was..oh and our power came back on wednesday night at 49 hours and 13 minutes without power..doing those stitcheries were a god send and so relaxing too...
this is where we found Margy fargy..she is in the stair basket with all of the catnip you think she was in heaven?
she was in it last night too..that is what you call snug as a bug in a little basket...;) we had a wonderful thanksgiving yesterday and had lots to be thankful for..number 1 getting our power back.. 2 that we were safe and snug at home..and 3 we shared a great meal with our neighbors..dinner went off without a hitch..I did a traditional turkey, sausage-bacon stuffing, garlic smashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, and a pumpkin roll for dessert..and I cleaned house and mopped too.;) the day went quick..I was busy all day..doing laundry and sewing would have thought I would sleep like a log..but these hips don't let me do a nap might be what I do later today..and I don't need to cook I have leftovers..thats another thing to be thankful for..plenty of food to eat..I am going to make a turkey pot pie, turkey noodle soup, and turkey sandwiches..;).. Okay I have rattled on enough..I hope you all are still awake to read it.;)..I hope you all have a wonderful weekend..I am hoping to decorate on monday or the weekend..haven't decided..might enlist hubbys help to get the bins out..take care.;)


  1. Oh my!!
    I wish I was your neighbor!!
    I would love some HM cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate. :)
    Youre so thoughtful and sweet.

    Your fur babies look so cozy and warm.

    Have a great weekend,

  2. Gina, YIKES that is a lot of snow! We have not even seen a flake yet, late for us! Love the cinnamons...YUMMO! OLM

  3. Gina, at least you are prepared for power outages. Some people think that it couldn't happen to them and they don't prepare. Rich and I are well prepared for power outages. I love seeing all your furbabies all snuggled up. The one in the basket is adorable. Misty would never go close to a basket that had catnip toys in it. She gags when she smells catnip or any kind of mint. I didn't go Black Friday shopping this year....needed to be home taking care of Rich. His balance and eyes are getting better. Still having painful headaches. Can't wait to see your home decorated.

  4. Gina...YOU are the marshmallow in my cocoa:) I love that, and love all your cute projects you're making! So glad the power is back on, and your babies didn't look to be too bothered by it, LOL!!!!

  5. Hey Gina, love that snow!! Something we rarely see in West Texas. We occasionally get without electicity here, just because we are so rural and the sub station is always blowing something. Usually for just a few hours though.
    I'll swap sometime if you are interested, just let me know.
    Have a great week-end!!

  6. I can hear Mr. Roger's song "Won't you be my neighbor?" in my head when I look at those cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate. :) Love the runners, can't wait to see the embroidery. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Your hot chocolate and cinny rolls look sooooo goood!!! Wish I was your neighbor!! Wait, maybe I should rethink that thought ~ I HATE SNOW!!! LOL!! Glad y'all had the genny and wood stove to keep you snug! Love your penny rug work! That's something I've never tried but would like to someday!

  8. So, you got to find out what the real prim life is all about? It appears that you already know what it is like but old Mother Nature just wanted to give you a refresher! You made wonderful use of your time and it sounds as though you are far more inventive than most!
    Our little doxies are just like your cats. They are more than willing to cuddle up all day and into the night.
    Hope you're keeping your tootsies warm and your hubby busy!

  9. Your cinnamon rolls look yummy!! Love the runners that you worked on during your power outage...and so glad that you got your power back.
    The snowman design looks very cute stitched out. We'll get those tiny stitched letters worked out.
    Have a great weekend.

  10. Hi Gina !

    Your home looks so warm and cozy and the buns and cinnamon rolls look so yummy !..

    if I lived next to you , I would probably not be able to fit into my jeans !

    The snow is pretty at your house ! We have snow flurries right now and I hope that is all we get ! :o)

    Have a fun weekend !

  11. Those cinnamon rolls look like my Mom used to make, what a treat they were to come home to after school. What smells better than cinnamon baking....well turkey is up there I suppose.

    Loved getting to see the snow again. My daughter loses power a bit in the mountains of WV. I know she longs for a generator.

  12. Your cold weather makes me's cold in Virginia too...and believe me IT will get cold in Florida, just not yet! So sorry you had your electricity off...nice to have a generator. The fires and the hubby and kitty look very cozy!!! Your Thanksgiving dinner sounds wonderful and one of the things I'm always thankful for is the your blog background...stay safe and warm!

  13. once again, your blog is such a breath of fresh air. At night when I sit on my laptop and have a second to browse blogs, I always look forward to and enjoy yours.

    Your always so prepared... and thank God for that as you lose power alot. Our lines are underground so we hardly ever go without.... im not as prepared as you so it would not be pretty. we currently are trying to get a large prepared/stock kit/supply going. Just in case... you never know. Brr its cold by you, stay warm =)

  14. Baked goods look yummy! The snow is pretty but I am in no hurry for it to make its way here. Your porch sure is not the same. All your beautiful inviting flowers have gone. Your wood stove looks so warm & cozy. Good thing you have it. All your furry babies sure are snug & warm. I did the black friday shopping from 11:00 A.M. to 12:00. Within 1 hour & close to the deadline I got all 4 items I went for. Ate lunch out & was ready to get back to the homestead. Your penny rugs are beautiful. Blessings!

  15. Gina,

    I can just smell those cinnamon rolls! They looked so yummy even unfrosted! Your kitties are always so sweet to look at....sure wish we had one but the hubs is allergic, so we just enjoy looking at everyones sweet fur babies.

    I hate when the power goes off for any length of time. My boys start to go through withdraw! LOL! Then I have them whining about how bored they are! They truly are 21st century beings!


  16. Thought I'd stop by and see what's been happening. Looks like all good things.

  17. Beautiful pics of the snow & moon!

    The animals look so snug as a bug in a rug, so cute!( girl your as bad as me LOL)

    The hot chocolate & cinnamon rolls, look so good, I mean really good all fat & fluffy yum yum!

    The stitchery's are terrific, cute cat!
    So enjoyed this post,

  18. We rarely have power outages here. That's a long time without it! I wish I was one of your neighbors too! What yummy goodies you've made to share.