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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My ChRiStmAs HoMe...The KitChen

Good Afternoon everyone!!! sorry I have not been blogging lately..been decorating my home for the monday that is what I did..spent 6 hours decorating it up..and I still have to put lights on all the windows..going to do blue this year...sorry for the blurry photos,..I am going to string lights here behind this little wintery scene so they have a glow in the windows...this reminds me of "how the grinch stole christmas"..very whimsical and kind of modern..

my prim christmas curtains..I made these last year and I love them.;)
again sorry for the blurry photo..this says: christmas is holly with berries of red...and the heavenly fragrance of warm gingerbread..
and this one says: do you see what I see..

I got this wonderful box from Lottie of Sweetpeas Primitives and I love was in the dining room..but I changed it out and brought into the kitchen..I added my gingerbread men to this and some real fruit and my homemade strawberry jam..some winter plates I picked up at the thrift store..I might just keep it here after the holidays and try to change it up a bit..or put my veggies in it etc..
I made this out of an old copper lights up on the bottom and the stars glow..
well that is it for me..I have to get some packages mailed off so gotta get off of here..will reveal the dining room and living room tomorrow..have a wonderful day today..our weather is bright and sunny today..;) Hope yours is too..;)


  1. Hi, Girl!
    Looks wonderful!
    The curtains are so prim!
    Can I have them just until January 1st?LOL
    I am so glad to see other one's having problems with blurry pics! It seems like on the camera screen they are good, but then on the computer, blur!oh my sometimes I get so aggrivated with it, then I just sigh and keep snapping!

    Have a great night, snowing here!

  2. I just love your kitchen decs-especially the colander full of greens and the old bread box full of ornies. Great ideas that I may try at my home. Thanks for sharing them!

  3. Very dreary, and cold with snow here today, luckily it didn't stick to the roads but the trees were all white. LOVE the colander and goodie box and the curtains, I love it when you decorate, can't wait to see more;)

  4. My favorites? the breadbox stuffed full and the colander. If they come up missing, check with me first:)

    Love getting a peek at your decorations.

  5. It's a Prim Home Christmas...your kitchen is looking festive for the season! The box with gingerbread men and fruit and wintery plates and everything really caught my eye. Maybe next year, after I've had a chance to go to more thrift stores...however, I have to remember my apartment is only so big...LOL!!! Looking forward to the rest of the rooms!

  6. everything looks so cute, gina!! :) i love your curains & the box on your counter all full of christmas goodies! :) i decorated for 4 days! i will be posting pics of decorating on my blog soon! i posted some on the forums!

  7. Gina, everything looks so lovely. I love your houses on your window sill. They remind me of my grammy's houses that I have inherited. And that colandar! I love how you have it decorated. Can't wait to see the rest of your home tour.


  8. It all looks great Gina! I love your curtains also!


  9. Your Christmas kitchen is very inspiring! Love those prim curtains. The little snowmen are adorable! And I love the colander as a place to display greens. I think those found item displays are sometimes more fun! Thanks for sharing. I better get going on my decorating...

  10. Love your Christmas curtains, Gina! Those curtains are awesome! Love the scene on your windowsill too! I'll have to share my decor room by room soon...if I can keep it clean enough from a certain 2 year old to take pics! :)


  11. Love your decorating, you are so talented!!!! Beautiful!!!

  12. Hi, want to come decorate my house. I want to get started this weekend. Yours looks great.

  13. The curtains are so pretty. Your copper collander with fruit is beautiful. Gingerbread men are always perfect for Christmas. Keep the box here & fill with the veggies later. Great idea. Stay warm. Blessings!

  14. Super job, Gina! Love that colander. Never thought of filling one with Holiday decor. Good idea!
    Your curtains are my favorite, though. I wish I was as smart and creative.
    Love the 'curtain rods' story!

  15. I wondered where you were... now I know

  16. Love your kitchen Christmas decor!! I see the gingerbread that I made for you in the wood how you decorated it and I also love how you decorated the colander...and your prim curtains too!!!

  17. Looks great Gina. Can't wait to see more.

  18. Very festive and my favorite time of the year to decorate!

  19. your site is beautiful and so Christmas-y.

  20. Awesome decorations..reminds me of my GM too..wish you could come and help me decorate my house :)

  21. Love the houses on the windowsill. I think you are the only person I know who has Christmas curtains! Very cute.

  22. Gina, your kitchen looks wonderful! I really love that old bread box you got from Sweet Pea! It looks great with all your Christmas goodies in it! The colander is very nice with the light and everything! Still love those curtains! I like your whimsical windowsill! Who's to not love Whoville anyway! LOL!
    Thanks for sharing! Happy Holidays!

  23. Hi Gina~
    Your home looks really beautiful!! I love what you did with the bin!! Happy Holidays!!