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Sunday, November 21, 2010

OuR FiRst ThaNksGiVinG..& OuR FirSt SnOw of The YeaR...

Good Sunday is snowing outside right now as we speak..I just snapped these photos to prove it..see the back stairs...there's a footprint of snow.;)

I guess I am staying home from church today....I don't like driving in this stuff a nice fire going..the kittys are fat and happy and hubbys watching football..I guess I will get some projects done to get mailed out this week..
Last night we had our church ward activity and we did "the first thanksgiving" although I think we ate better then they did on that first day.;) I lent Peggy our chief coordinator all of my decor that she wanted and she combined some of hers and this is what she came up was so pretty in our gym..the thankful tree was set up in the center and she had taken branches and put them in a little bucket..she made hearts and hung them from yarn and you put what you were thankful for..I put that I loved my ward family..:) love how she did pilgrim pillow and blocks are here..
the stage took center stage with all of our goodies..she did such a great job on decorating got rave reviews..everyone loved my big block letters..
that star was molded with paper mache from a metal one..and then she decorated it up..Kerry made this..I love it..that is Pegs pilgrim and turkey..and that is my tablecloth and duo pilgrims in their wagon with pumpkin...the wreaths were hanging on metal this touch..
paper chains to set off the blocks..
the only thing not mine was the wreath....
before it started..I was working in the kitchen and came out to see how many folks had shown up and we had more then 1/2 there..
Kerry made the sweet little turkeys and there was a jar behind it with the kids could draw on the paper tablecloths that we had on the idea Peg..
she also made sailing ships too..and the jars had popcorn in them with a numbered flag as we were playing a trivia game asking questions about the 1st thanksgiving..

the above photos..everyone was finding their places and settling in..
this is my table..we were all eating and chatting away..that is my friend Sarah and her little boy Nalen..he got his first big boy haircut and he looks so darling with it..her daughter Natalie..and her Husband Travis..he had his phone and he googled our question and we got it right..gotta love modern technology..I bet the pilgrims wished they had it.;)
folks going up and writing on the hearts..I didn't think to take pictures of all the moved so quickly..but my sweet potatoes got rave reviews..and one young man Sonny doesn't care for them..but gave them a try and loved them..told his mom she needed to get the recipe..I have shared this several times on my blog..but here it is..a must for your thanksgiving table..(posted below)..we had a wonderful time eating great food..there was plenty to go around.. well I hope you have a wonderful sunday..:) I hope you are warm wherever you are..Thanks for stopping by and saying hi..I love it when you do..oh and I am very thankful for my blogging buddys have made it so much fun to get on the net everyday.;)

Sweet Potato Casserole

3 cups of sweet potatoes..(the orange insides)

½ cup sugar

2 eggs lightly beaten

4 TBSP butter or margarine

½ cup milk

1-1/2 tsp vanilla

Boil potatoes for 30-40 minutes or until tender.. Peel away skins. Put all the above ingredients into a bowl an mix together..put in a casserole dish.


1 cup brown sugar,

1/3 cup flour

1 cup chopped pecans

1/3 cup melted butter

1 cup coconut (optional)

mix this together and spread over the top

cook at 350 for 30 minutes.;)



  1. YUM, gotta ,love a sweet tater;) Sounds like a fun time and love the decor! Have you started putting up Christmas yet?? LOL, I know, just because I am crazy and have it up, doesn't mean everyone else is doing it yet:D Enjoy the snowy day!!!

  2. Hope you are enjoying your cozy day at home, we've already had snow a couple of times but it didn't stick around too long.

    Blessings, Traci

  3. Sounds like a wonderful evening. Enjoy your day at home.

  4. I love the look from your upstairs windows. It gives so much better a view of your yard. I love this perspective. Sorry it has to snow so early for you. It is very warm and humid here today and is supposed to be in the 60's tomorrow. But it's Iowa and we never know what to expect here!
    I envy your gathering for Thanksgiving. Mike really doesn't like crowds so we never go to these kinds of things anymore. *sigh*
    We will go to my sister's for Christmas Day. As many of our family as can gets together there throughout the day. My parents are elderly and they love to play Yahtzee. We have so much fun and we all bring food. It truly is the best time of the year!
    Snuggle up with your project and have some fun! I am going to string orange slices for my Christmas tree.

  5. Gina, you are the BEST!

    I love seeing the Kingston ward in action and what you and my mom come up with for activities and decorations. I hear about these things from Mom on the phone, but being able to see it is just priceless. Thank you so much for posting this entry!

    Also, I can't believe you guys got snow already!! It was 75 degrees today - I think we traded weather!

    Love ya!

  6. Thanks for sharing your snow. We don't get much in NC:) We moved here from WV so I miss it except for the driving in it.

    Thanks too for the recipe.

    What is a ward dinner??

  7. how precious. Church families are the best!!! I can't believe its snowing already. yikes. Enjoy the cozy evening

  8. Snow is so pretty to look at when it's coming down. The Prim decorations are very festive at your church ward activity...I love the hearts on the tree idea too! Food and fellowship...a good combination. I'd try your sweet potato recipe for Thanksgiving...but DILs sister is bringing the sweet potato my son's request, I'm making a, totally from scratch, pumpkin pie (using a small pie pumpkin I've been using for my fall decorating). And homemade rolls, I can't remember the last time I made these but it's been a while. Kitty Blue is my first Christmas decoration and then I found my Daddy's stocking (from circa 1908) while unpacking books and cd/dvds and I put it up next to Kitty...see blog!

  9. Gina,

    Your church dinner looks like everyone had a good time. The thankful tree was a great idea. I can wait for snow here, but hope you enjoy yours. Hope you enjoyed your day home.


  10. That sounds like a perfect Sunday to me. Sitting home with a fire and the animals! It looks like your 1st Thanksgiving went well.

  11. Snow!...It is so pretty, but I don't like to drive in it either.
    It looks like everyone had a good time at the church dinner.
    Hope you are staying all warm and snuggly and enjoying your day.

  12. Looks like a fun evening.
    I don't care to drive in the snow, but if I didn't I would have to stay home fro 4 or 5 months, teehee

  13. Thanks for posting our party Gina! You are so sweet! Although I didn't get a chance to taste your yummy taters I am totally going to make them for my bunch! I am the only one that "likes" them (I usually eat them all) but this recipe might just tempt them! Thanks!


  14. SNOW! Wow! I'm ready for christmas but the thought of snow hadn't hit me yet. EEK!

    Carmen and the Primcats