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Saturday, November 20, 2010

"The ChRiStmAs HouSe" GiFt ShoW..

Hey there is cooollldd and blustery today..and it seems it took a hour to upload these 2 minutes each..Yesterday I went to a gift show with my friend Sarah and her Cousin and kids to my favorite gift show!!! there is so much wonderful stuff to see as you will see in these photos..she sells lots of vintage type items, handmade goods by her and her husband as well..they didn't put out all the stuff next week it officially opens the day after thanksgiving and runs till the week before sure to click on the photos to see what she might even get some inspiration from some of these..I know I did..
a closet full of silver and pewterware..loved it.
I love these little villages..I got will see them later in the post.;)
these are some of the handmade ornaments she makes as well as commercial ones...
that clock is fabulous..but look behind is old sheet music decopauged on a wall makes great wallpaper..
Bob made this apothecary chest..I tell you if I had a huge would have been scooped all the vintage little elves..
one of many christmas trees..;)
I love these 3 snowman on a board that says let is snow..each has a different face..done with felt..such a cute idea.;) and I love the snowman heads attached to bottles on the mantle..very whimscial indeed.;)
I loved this idea..those old rulers that we grew up with.( I remember playing with one of these that my dad had)..and made into stars...ingenious or what?
this red and white hutch is usually outside on the porch..but they brought it in and filled it with yummy goodness..I love the way the lights reflect off of it.;)
The kitchen christmas tree..I love this corner..I always find something here..and I did 2 wooden spoons for my collection..I love the wear and patina on them..lots of yummy homemade cookin I bet..
as I was leaving I noticed this fence like garland on the front porch and I tole Carolee how neat it was..she said I could have the whole box for $2.00..I couldn't pass up that deal.. I am going to use it for our ward church christmas party in December..but I would love!!! some ideas on how to use it in my home for my holiday if anyone has them.please pass them my way..
we interrupt your regularly scheduled programing for some token kittys photos..what is it about boxes
or bags...that is pody lynn in both of them..I have since taken off the handles so they don't get caught up in them..By the way Sunny is feeling much more watery eyes.;) still sneezing some..but the clavimox seems to be helping.;) now hubby has it..(not by her) but by the folks at his work..okay back to our regular program..
I purchased these cute little logs of different sizes they were a dollar each..they are going to be a gift..I just put the candles in for photo purposes..
This is going in hubbys stocking..This fits him to a T!!! he can slam someone so good they don't know what hit on the other will know..what does that tell you...I need to work on my "TACT"..;)
here are my 2 wooden spoons..
my little christmas village..this will go with my other one that I purchased a couple of years can put lights in the back..I can't wait to light these up on my kitchen window if they will fit this year..
my favorite find of the old vintage linen with hand made stitching on it..Carolee turned it into a pillow...I just had to have it..looks so prim..
and this is where it ended up..on my bed along with a pillow in front that I won from the prim pals giveaway and the pillow behind is one I did...:) well I am cooking for our church dinner.. I have the sweet potato casserole ready to go in the oven at pm..I will be tossing in the turkey at 1:30pm..(thats a half hour away..will go down now and get it prepped.. I also have to make turkey gravy and then put this all in my car..and be to church by 5pm to get ready for dinner by 6pm..My friend Peggy stopped by and took just about all my thanksgiving decor to decorate the stage and tables...I am taking my camera so I can post pictures of our dinner tonight..I can't wait to see how she decorated it up..I hope you all stay nice and toasty today..I am going downstairs to light a fire to take off the its toasty when Mike and Tucker come home tonight..doesn't seem he will be going with me as he doesn't want to spread his cold with everyone..and I can't blame him..he is miserable..Thanks for stopping by to say hi..OH I almost forgot..I got the cutest little freebie in my neighborhood yesterday..but can't post it as it is a gift..hubby has to fix something on is flipping adorable..will post it after christmas.;)


  1. Very nice stuff and i love those old rulers too! When I worked at the animal hospital we always had boxes around from stuff coming in, and the clinic cat used to get in them, he *almost* got taken out to the dumpster a few times, LOL!

  2. I just adore anything Vintage.
    The ruler star struck my eye too!
    I love the little houses, and the shelf w/ the Santa mugs. I have a Vintage Santa Mug collection.
    Never enough room to decorate with all my favorite things.

  3. Great looking store! I can see plenty that I would have bought! That is a great idea for those kind of rulers. My cat loves paper sacks and boxes also, don't know what it is about them!


  4. Hi, love all of your friends decorations and especially the kitty pics. Wish we could have stopped in. til later, Cyndy

  5. I love the old rulers stars...will have to see if I can find some to make my own stars! LOL! I would love to set up a Kitchen Tree this year. Have fun and your dinner and can' wait to see photos.

  6. Gina,

    Oh the holiday house craft show looks so neat. I have an old wooden spoon just like the ones you bought. It was my mil and she had it forever.

    Your kitties are too funny. It's was the same here, but only with my kids, when they were little, they loved sitting in boxes that stuff came in.

    Have fun at your church supper.


  7. Hi Gina...wanted to let you know my Prim Kitty arrived this afternoon...went over to my sons and DILs for an hour or so when I got home a box was waiting for me...I've named her Kitty can see your Thank You and Kitty pics on my blog! So happy your kitty is better and hope your husband will be soon...I too loved the fold up ruler star...and I just gave my Dad's ruler to the man who helped me move! The little houses are so much fun to decorate with! Looking forward to dinner pictures!

  8. I am glad you had a great time at the craft show, it looks like it was lots of fun, I esp. liked the tree decorated with the kitchen items.
    Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!!
    Stay warm!!!

  9. What a neat gift show. I have a thing for the old wood spoons too! I really like the logs things and for $1.00 each, I would want a dozen. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I know your house will smell oh so good.

  10. I could spend the day in a store like that. We used to have a few of them in town, they would only be open close to Christmas. But we only have one.

  11. Hi Gina,
    Looks like lots of neat stuff at the show. I went to the Bremerton show yesterday, for the first time, it was a really nice show. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. Gina,
    What a wonderful gift show!! I love the star rules...they would look great in a sewing/craft room.
    Also love the little houses that you got! Can't wait to see them lite up.
    Cute kitty pics!! I hope that Mike feels better soon. Looking forward to seeing the pics from the church dinner.

  13. wow such great things at the sale, I am panting with envy!!! I'll need to blow up some of the pics and just drool. Hope the dinner went well at church, they are lucky to have you! and the drawers and those elves are the boom.