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Friday, November 19, 2010

HeLpinG OuT a FriEnD, PkgS foR ouR MiLiTaRY, ShoPPinG, anD BeDDinG..

Good Friday Morning you all know what happiness is? its waking up to a warm toasty house...cause your hubby built a killer fire...I am not kidding on winter days when I wake up and he has built me a just makes me all warm and fuzzy...and the babies love it too...the photo above is a quilt reminent that I got for free from a I am making Tammy over at Country girl at home needs a stocking for Luke and she couldn't find one as the same colors as her others.. so she sent out a S.O.S. for help in blog land and I had just the piece for I will be making Lukes stocking and getting it sent off to her next week..Merry Christmas Tammy.;)
I hit walmart on my way home from the doctors yesterday..(they want me to do my physical therapy etc) and if the pain doesn't get better then they will shoot me up with steroids..I recheck in 6 back to walmart..I am making two stockings for 2 military members over seas..and this is what I picked up to fill their, gum, toothpaste, gummy candy, blistex for their lips, cracker jack, peppermint sticks, hot cocoa, candy cane hot tamales..(I remember getting one of those candy canes in my stocking along with the story book of lifesavers..those were my favs!! they get pringles chips..but wait theres more..
they are getting some hostess cupcakes, more gum, and slim jims..:) I hope this makes their holiday a bit brighter this year..
and here is one of the stockings I am currently making..this is my Santa on his harley..and for the cuff it is old leather chaps that don't fit..
I added sparkle to the wheels and his sleeves..Hey Santa can be manley..and have his bling!! :)
Here is the other one that I am will have a red felt cuff..
I also hit Joanns for some things that I needed..some binding for my towels..thread and ribbon..
tissue paper..I love this prim stuff..
holiday bags to put my goodies in to give to my favorite people.. please remember your garbage person and your mailperson..:)
I also found this wonderful fabric that was on sale..I love what it says..I should have picked up more..
I changed the quilt on the bed for winter..this is what I usually have on the shabby chic rose pattern..great for spring and summer..
and I changed it out to this one..I almost gave this one away..and I am glad I didn't..I love this the warm colors..
Well that is it for me today..I am going to a gift show today at 1pm called "the christmas house" with my next door neighbor and friend from church..I wonder what kind of trouble we will get into..will take my camera along to show you why I love this house so can find them on my blog list.(they don't blog at all)..
anyway I hope you all have a wonderful weekend..tomorrow is our "first thanksgiving" at church its our monthly activity..and I am making a turkey, sweet potato casserole and gravy..there are going to be 5 turkeys made..and lots of side dishes..will take my camera for this as well to blog about..the sun is shining..but it is cold and they are talking colder this weekened..with snow possibly..we shall see..;)thanks for stopping by and saying hi.;) I love you all.;)


  1. Your goodies look scrumptious! And you're right, nothing beats a wood fire. I miss my parent's wood fired furnace with the wood burning stove in the kitchen.

  2. That's wonderful that you are making Luke a stocking! I bet a couple soldiers will love their goodies and I never thought of the Blistex/chapstick idea, I'll have to remember that for next time, I bet those sandstorms do cause some chapped lips! Have a great day and hope the PT helps!!!

  3. Gina,

    Girlfriend, do you ever sit still? The stocking are cool and I'm sure that the soldiers that get them will be very grateful and touched by your kindness.

    Hope PT helps your hip. Have fun at your holiday house.


  4. So nice of you to make those stockings for the troops. Those candy cane hot tamales look interesting.

  5. Wow, you are going to so make some people so happy!( so thoughtful)
    great stocking stuffers!

    Your new bedding I see is missing a couple of things!
    Your cats are just so cute!
    Good luck with therapy!
    enjoy the day,

  6. How sweet of you to make stockings for the soldiers! I love the prim paper you found, I can never find
    any....Have a great weekend!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  7. Hi...the military persons who receive your beautiful stockings will be in "hogs heaven" all the goodies...thank you for doing this for them, I know it means a lot for them to wake up to something special for Christmas!!! Both of your quilts are lovely...looking forward to your photos...take care of your hip and enjoy those wood fires!...can't wait til my kitty gets here...

  8. Oh, Sweetie, I can empathize about the hips. Mine is genetic and aggravated by my weight. The arthritis is a big problem. The medication is a small help.
    Tammy mentioned you were making Luke a stocking. I know he will love it and Tammy will love that it is prim perfect. But I imagine the GIs will truly appreciate the ones they get from you. Really cute ideas for guy stockings.
    Back that gorgeous bum up to that wood heat and let that heat soothe your weary hip. Take a break! It will all get done!
    I am envious of all your social activity, too. I would love to be going to multiple turkey dinners! :)

  9. Hey Gina,

    That is such a great thing your doing for the soldiers over seas. I can't imagine being so far away with no family at all. They will be so thankful for your gift. Also i love the united we stand stocking, maybe if you have time we can work out a price for you to make one for trav as his stocking. Im so sorry i was not able to make it, i really wish i could have! And that was such a nice thing for Mike to do...It has been quite chilly our way. Anyways i hope you have a good night!

  10. Hi Gina:) Lovin' those stockings and those troops are gonna get a sweet surprise for sure. That's a great thing for you to do.
    We used to have wood heat, but now have gas logs and it's just as toasty as wood. I love the warm cozy feeling we get from our fireplaces.

  11. Oh Gina who would have guessed we both have the same quilt set for our beds. I take it off during the summer to. I picked it up on clearance a few years ago at Walmart for only $20.00. Lukes stocking will be wonderful. You are a doll for helping Tammy. Great items to fill those stockings! Was so glad you stopped by my blog the other day to visit & leave a comment. Blessings!

  12. Love them! Love them! You are so awesome! My stuff didn't all fit in a stockings either... I kinda filled the stocking and then just stuffed the box around it too! LOL A bag would be great. I didn't wrap all my stuff, I thought about it, but then decided that I would just stuff it in the stocking and box :)

    Thank you so much!