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Thursday, November 18, 2010

ShoPPing On LiNe..;)

yesterday while surfing blogs 2 of them were having garage sales of I hurried over and looked at Tammys blog I found this wonderful table cloth...I can't wait to use it...
and I found this cute little snowman..he his adorable..I will find a place for him too.;)
this little duo may be a gift..;) haven't decided yet.;) but she has lots of wonderful check them out and see if you don't find something.;)
at this sale over at Robins..I got this cute charlie brown tree..I think it will go on my kitchen is toooooo cute.
along with this cute wooden santa and trees..maybe it will go below the charlie brown tree..;)
I went to my friends yesterday to learn some stretching exercises for my hips and incredibly my hips feel much better after only 1 stretching I am getting one of those half balls to stretch out on and she gave me some stretching bands..I am off to do my stretching and hope I remember all of it..Sunny is on antibiotics..poor thing..not sneezing as much..but she hates the meds..its a fight so far..going to see the pain specialist today and see what they do..and then off to joanns..I am running out of embroidery thread..then off to pick up pet food...Then I am heading home..did some grocery shopping and got my turkey for $5.13 it was a 19 pounder..they were on sale here for .27 cents a pound...are they cheaper where you live? we are getting lots of rain...and I see some of you are getting snow..;) Well that is it for me today...have a wonderful thursday and stay toasty.:)


  1. That table cloth is amazing, Gina... what a great scoop!

    (If you ever get tired of it, you have my address ;)

  2. Drats, I missed those gingerbreads,
    I was on there, too!
    I almost bought the books, but I have several of them and I would then have two of some of them. Got to get to crafting!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  3. Love the tablecloth and the Charlie Brown tree is adorable. I was able to finish my Thanksgiving and Christmas grocery shopping yesterday morning. We aren't having a traditional dinner on Thanksgiving. I did buy a turkey yesterday to put in the freezer for later. It was 23cents per pound when you purchased $50 worth of groceries. I also finished almost all of my Christmas shopping....just 4 gift cards and I'll be done. Now I can devote my time to decorating our home and holdiay baking. Can't wait to see your home decorated for Christmas.

  4. You got some great stuff! I love the charlie brown tree and glad to hear the stretches are helping your hips:)Enjoy the day, I feel like I am coming down with *something*, UGH!

  5. All the things you found online are happy the stretching helped you...hope Sunny is better soon!

  6. Gina,

    The table cloth is lovely and will certainly make your diningroom very festive looking.

    I bought my turkey breast....all my family likes white meat, so we just get a breast. Anyway, I think it was $1.69#. I don't know if that's good or bad but I didn't want to wait to get it.

    Hope the pain clinic helped ya out.


  7. So you are the culprit. I hopped over there but the tablecloth was already marked sold. It is very pretty.

    I hope they can alleviate your pain.

  8. I love the table cloth and the charlie brown tree. Good finds I am off to see if anything good is left

  9. That is sweet--garage sale shopping on line! Doesn't get much better, huh? I saw you had gotten the tablecloth and it is the bomb! I love vintage linens!

  10. Love the table cloth and the Charlie Brown tree.
    So glad to hear that the stretching is helping your hips.


  11. Hi Gina...thanks so much for the reminder! I'm planning to be there! Will you be in the same location as last year! Coming early this year so I can visit more of the locations! ~~Annie

  12. Hello, I am new to your blog. I saw your comment at the Christmas House (I will be there too) I live in Keyport and it is nice to meet other local bloggers. Clarice @ Storybook Woods

  13. Great buys, you got some cute stuff!! Love the Charlie Brown tree. I paid 88 cents a pound for my turkey!!