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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

ChriStmas ShoPPing, KittyS and a GiVeaWay I wOn Back In May.;)

Good evening everyone!!! gosh it seems its getting dark at 3:30pm these days..and on super gloomy days it sure gets dark quick..although it started out to be such a gorgeous day..I got the babies out for a bit today...but at around just got the gloomies..I had to take my sunny E bunny to the vets today..not sure if she has allergies or a cold..which is like a herpes virus..thats what the doctor said today..and he said that 80% of cats have this virus..and they get it once..they will always get keeping an eye on her for 24 hours to see how she does..she is miserable..she has a watery eye and she is sneezing up a storm..she has calmed down a bit..but she is wanting to be left may have to put her on antibiotics...The picture above is by a gal that made my cat nap inn dustpan..and I thought this would be a great gift to give to my little I told her what she loves and holy cow she outdid herself..I love this so much I want it..but my last name is not Trane..I think I asked her to make me one like on saturday or sunday..and she is done already..don't you love it..I know Lecia has been purchasing a few of these and they are all wonderful..;) You can find her here. Unfortunately she is closed down till Januray 3rd..she has an upcoming wedding to I got in under the wire on this one..;)
I just wanted to show you where my kids love to sleep..Millie (or jelly belly) as we call her loves to sleep up on my fabric..that is her spot..
Gracie is usually here or on our bed snoozing between the pillows.
Here is my little sunny E bunny yesterday..I covered her up in the blankets and she seemed to love it..
you can see her peeking out of the covers..and here is Pody Lynn..she usually snoozes on the other side of the bed..but there was a pillow in the way and the bed wasn't made.;)
Back in May I won a CSN certificate of $40.00 to use at their store..and I had till December 31st to use I got a deep fat fryer like the one shown above..I can't wait to make fried onion rings or french fries..or donuts..etc..fried chicken...will let you know how I like it..I only had to pay 28 dollars difference and I got free that was a nice little win..:) well that is it for me... I have one stocking started for our men overseas..I am going to start the other one tomorrow...will try to post them when they are finished..both will be different..I hope you all had a great day today..;) take care and thanks for stopping by.;)


  1. Gina,

    Your kitties are so cute. Love the dust pan and Martha is a very talented painter. Glad you were able to order before she closed up shoppe.


  2. I hope Sunny E Bunny feels better soon, they all look so cozy:) Love the dustpan and I'm sure your sister will love it too!!!VERY dark and gloomy and rainy here today too, the kind of weather that just sucks the energy right out of me!

  3. Oh Sunny E Bunny, I'm so sorry to hear that you are not only under the covers but the weather too. Stay there, Mom will take good care of you (be sure and order room service) and you'll be feeling better again in no time at all. Sending you healing purr-vibes.


  4. So sorry your kitty is sick...hope she feels better soon. The dust pan is clever! Hoping for cheerful weather for you!

  5. I've been thinking of buying one of those fryer things. Love the pictures of the kitties. I wish I could just snuggle up in bed all day.

  6. love all your little kids.. we have a dog, I'd rather have a cat, or two

  7. I hope your kitty feels better soon. My little Chloe has a ear infection and we had to take her to the vet yesterday.
    Love the dust pan. I have one that I want to paint a snowman design on to.
    Great looking fryer. Let us know how you like it.

  8. Hi Gina:) Oh boy, poor kitty. It should last only a week or so. We never had to get our Bugsy antibiotics though. It just went away on its own. I wish they could call it something differnt though. I mean c'mon... herpes?? Reminds me of that movie "The Ice Pirates". LOL.

  9. Your cats are so cute! They are really big cats! Oh I just love it when they are so big & squeezable!
    The dust pan is so cute!
    And I just love that you said "Holy Cow", I get made fun of all the time for my "Talk" LOL & I just grin & laugh! Just the farmgirl in me, common ordinary! So thanks for making my day,

  10. I love your dustpans Gina, I love the two I have gotten from Martha, she sure does awesome work and is such a sweetheart.
    The ones I have gotten for my friend Phyllis she loves too, she doesn't have a computer, so asked it I would order them for her.
    Your kitty is so cute, and love your deep fryer!!! Have a good day!!

  11. Your kitties are adorable, and look so comfy. :) Great dust pan too. Very creative.

  12. The dust pan is great! Love it!

    Hope your kitty gets well soon. Dealing with FHV can be such a pain. I have had a LOT of experiance with it being in rescue. Some advice if I may. If your vet didn't already tell you about this...

    Try L-lysine – Give 250mg per day

    Oral administration of l-lysine is helpful in cats with FHV. 250 to 500mg per day per cat is the usual recommendation. 250mg per day of l-lysine in kittens and small cats. 500mg of l-lysine per day is better for adult cats of normal or large size. It takes some time to notice benefits from this (several weeks) so please give it some time. Most cats will eat these tablets if they are crushed and mixed with food. These tablets are available over the counter at any store theat sells vitamins. I usually get mine in powder form at the Vitamin Shoppe

    L-lysine is an amino acid, one of the building blocks of protein. It does not have much effect on the cat's body. It works for herpes virus because the virus is an RNA based virus. Due to this, the virus has to fool the body into making DNA. L-lysine interferes with this process because it resembles the amino acid the body really needs for the conversion. This interferes with virus reproduction and in chronic cases of herpes virus it helps to inhibit the virus and allow the body to deal with it. So it really doesn't have much effect on the immune system and it doesn't interfere with other medications much. It is generally safe to use this amino acid for treatment of herpes virus while using other medications or while treating other conditions.

    Ok... off my kitty soap box now. Sorry... I'm kinda a pro at the cat thing. lol!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  13. Ohhh to live a cats life.
    Sorry one of yours is ill.
    Our cat seems to loose a patch of fur then it grows back again. I am thinking it is stress, can't imagine why though.

  14. Love the kitties!Hope Sunny E Bunny is well soon!