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Monday, November 15, 2010

A Great LittLe ReCiPe BooK, OrnAmentS & YarD WorK...

Hey blogger slow or what today in loading up images..but anyway..I wanted to catch you up again on what I have been up too..I got this wonderful cookbook in the mail..(I subscribe to this)..if you can find it in your stores..I highly recommend getting this is chock full of all that you will need to have a festive and tasty thanksgiving..;) all the recipes looked so good including the cover..I can't wait to make it.;)
I have been busy embroidering and making ornaments to put up in my etsy...I got these wonderful designs from Denise of Pioneer Loft..I love this sweet design.:)
and this is what I have done so I just gotta put some christmas backing fabric on these and a hanger and stuff them.:) I still have 11 more to go..mostly of snowmen..I love this gals designs..they are from Great notions..the gingerbread, candy cane, mouse in stocking etc..
Well on Friday I decided it was time to bark in the I enlisted my next door neighbors to help me out with this task..we did 2 truck loads and I have 1 more to pick up and do..this took a toll on my poor hips and I have been in pain since..glad I am seeing the pain clinic this week to hopefully help me..cause this pain is for the birds...I could get so much done if I didn't have this pain..I love doing yard work and being out in it..and it sucks to be in so much pain..
still have the walkway to do..
but the front portion is done..
this is where we ended off cause we ran out of energy and hubby may have to finish up this one..saturday I spent a bit of time raking up the last of the leaves..they are done for the winter and 10 was the magic number of times I had to do it..and guess how many the neighbors (that have these trees) have been out taking care of theirs? 0..kind of frustrating to say the least..but I want my yard looking and staying nice and if they want to live like be it..anyway that is it for me today..Hubby is home we have a fire going and we are going to sit down to play some games on our is cold and wet outside today..a good day to hole up and snuggle with the chillians..I have more sewing and embroidering to do..I got some great stockings I am making for the men over fighting our war..will show those once I get them done..going out shopping later this week when I go for my appt and get the stuff I need to fill them..and get my thanksgiving shopping done too. Our stores here that I like to shop at are probably on strike this will be taking my shopping elsewhere..but no worries..I hope you all are having a wonderful day today and that it has started off right..I was highlighted on Firecracker kids blog today.:) that was sweet.;) Thanks again Carol.;)have a wonderful day everyone.;)


  1. Gina, I feel your pain on the *pain*...pun intended;)Hopefully you can get some relief soon! Your yard looks so neat and tidy and that pie on the cover of the mag. looks delicious!!!

  2. My goodness girl, that looks like back-breaking work, please take it easy! I hope you find some relief for your hips this week.
    I know what a "pain" leaves can be, I live in the woods and seems like all I do is rake in the Fall. But, I wouldn't trade my shade trees for anything in the summer though.
    Your stitcheries are wonderful..
    Blessings, Traci

  3. Those ornies are so sweet. Your yard looks great - I know you have worked hard on it. I hope you get some help with your pain.

  4. Your yard is looking fantastic, makes me miss my place in the country...but I'm so sorry you've been in so much pain...hope there is something the doctor can do for you!!! The ornaments to be are so cute...I used to make ornaments every year to give as gifts at Christmas time...I'd like to start doing that again!

  5. keeping busy and still in pain, THATS no life for you! but your backyard looks great! and hope you are keeping warm and dry tonight!

  6. Gina,

    There you go again..energizer Gina! The yard looks great with all the mulch. I wait to do ours in the spring. Sorry you are in pain with your hips...that's no good. Maybe the pain clinic will be able to fix you up this week. The pie recipe looks will have to let us know how it tastes. Rest up!

    D next door neighbor has cleaned a single leaf up either and one of the trees that is out front is his....we've cleaned up at least 5 times already. UGH!

  7. Wow, you do alot,the ornies are great. I love the Taste of HOme cookbooks, have several of them.Take care of yourself.

  8. Take care of the hips! And that is a huge area to put bark down on, but it's looking gorgeous. I just don't have the energy this time of year to do hard work outside.

  9. Gina,
    I hope that you can get some relief from the pain that you've been having here real soon.
    Love all the embroidery designs that you are using on your little ornie pillows. I have some of the same ones...very prim and cute!!

  10. You are a true yard artist! Love your yard. I'll send some folks over this way to admire.

  11. I'm so sorry you're having this pain, Gina! You are such a busy woman that I know that's hard! You get so much accomplished in spite of really amaze me!

    Those Christmas ornmanets you are working are are darling! I love those!

    And your yard looks great! So neat and tidy and inviting!

    Ya'll have a great evening!

  12. You sound like me Gina, overdo..have pain, recover, overdo again.8-) If I waited till I didn't have pain I'd never do.
    The yard looks great and I love your ornaments. If you still want to swap let me know, after Thanksgiving is over I think I'll have some free time.