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Friday, November 12, 2010

FoGGy MoRninGs..How I Got My NaMe..and a TaSty RecIpe.;)

Good Friday morning!! I just love foggy mornings..its like being wrapped up in a blanket and nothing can get to you..this photo above was snapped minutes seems like its getting foggier by the minute..Michelle you can see I am working on your towels..I am on the last letter hoping to mail them out today..I will send you an email shortly.;)

I am hoping the weather clears I can get some bark laid today..:) will keep my fingers crossed..want it done and out of my hair.;)
last night I tried a new recipe out..,rocky road brownies..and they are good..I got this recipe from "Down home with the Neelys" must give them a try..I used bittersweet chocolate and dark special chocolate chips cause thats what I had..and they were just fine.;)
Dee did a blog entry the other day on how she got her name for her business and I thought I would share how I got my name as all started from this wooden picture that I purchased some years ago..I saw it in a magazine and loved it and then someone had it on their website and I just knew I had to have it as I just love cats..and then when I started making primitives...well it just became nap inn primitives..;)This hangs in my livingroom..with my cat memrobilia.;)
My Garden Gate..I love this..;)
my box from Lynn of Painting thyme needfuls..
and my dust pan from Appletree cottage..I am having one made for my little sister for christmas..I can't wait.;)
Well the fog has is looking promising outside...I have finished your curtains Michelle..will be emailing you shortly..have a little something I need to make to add to your package and Theannes..She purchase my little christmas kitty in the previous posts..I hope you all have a great weekend..Stay cozy wherever you are.;)


  1. Hi there sweetie!! Ooooh yes, foggy mornings are quite cozy!
    That's an awesome kitty print by Warren Kimble. Love his work. ♥
    Glad to hear you're following the Boy Scouts motto. It's a keeper. ;> )

  2. Sounds awesome!I love suprises and cant wait to hang up them curtains!I willkeep checking my email today for ya.Thanks again sweetie.I love your name too!I myself am starting to feel like a cat inn.The neighbor had kittens (again))tat he doesnt take care of so we been buying food and taking care of them.its so funny to see all four of them babies playin all over the front yard,but they keep poopin in the flower beds.ferterlizer i guess huh,we even wormed them neighbor makes me so mad though.he doesnt care at all.blessings michelle

  3. Beautiful photos, just love them all!
    Cute cat collection!Cats are just cute, cute!
    have a nice day

  4. I love that picture! They have it at the olde farmatead near me but they want way to much! Maybe some day. It's a great name!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  5. I love that pic of your garden gate with the snow, so pretty!!!! I like the fog too but not to drive in, then it gets a bit scary:( your brownies look delicious, I want to come over and eat them up, LOL!!! Has your hubby heard anything from the Dr. yet?

  6. I love your cozy lil house. Especially those Christmas decorations outside. OMG, those brownies...holy cow. Don't show those to my husband...he has a terrible sweet tooth.

  7. absolutely love how you came to have the name "Cat Nap Inn"...I enjoy "looking" at your baking creations...and fog is delicious (unless you have to drive in it then it's downright scary)...I know what you mean about getting your mulch down...once planned better finished! I need to check out your Etsy store again...getting close to Thanksgiving like to have long distance shopping done by then...enjoy the remainder of your day!

  8. what a yummy desert! and now you have a rather nice day to go out and play!!

  9. I love foggy mornings too, Gina!

    Fun to hear how you got your name! It fits you perfect I think!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of your garden gate and home! That looks like a postcard. Everything about it says cozy, charming, character! Love it!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  10. Gina,

    Love the picture that your name came from. It's funny what inspires us all. I absolutely love your front garden gate. It's too cool. The brownies look delish. I'll have to try out that recipe.


  11. I loved getting to see the fog and the gate with the snow. We don't get much of either where I am in NC.

    And I had wondered how you chose your blog name. Another mystery solved.

    Now, Where do You get that energy?

  12. I like foggy mornings here when no one has to go out and drive in it. Love your kitty print!! And your gate!!!

  13. Hi Gina!!! Its been too long since I have stopped by and said hello. I am so sorry. Your home looks so cozy. I can't wait to have some time and browse thru the last month or more of posts. I need to catch up on all thats going on in your sweet home and see your kitties...
    What are your plans for Thanksgiving??? Have a great Sunday!

  14. Love the story of how you got your name. Also love that Cat Nap Inn cat picture and that dustpan. you always have so much to tell and such good photos.

  15. Gina,
    Those brownies look divine ! Too bad I'm allergic to chocolate or I'd be in the kitchen tryin' to make some now ! LOL.... Love the story of how you got your name and that picture just fits you ! I am slowly pickin' up my jaw from the pic of your gate !!! Chickie that is BEAUTIFUL ! Love Love Love it !
    Hope you have an awesome week !
    Prim Huggs n Blessins