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Thursday, November 11, 2010

CatcHinG Up..:)& a GreAT ReCiPe..ComFoRt FooD..;>)

Hello there everyone!! It feels like forever since I last blogged..or at least caught you up on whats been going on..Saturday my next door neighbor and I went to 2 gift was a little bazaar that had 5 tables..and it was stuff that was a little on the old fashioned side if you know what I mean..we didn't get anything we headed to the high school for the big show..there was some fun stuff there..but nothing like what I do..I tell you I would have the corner on the market for prims here..but they just aren't that popular..and don't know why..cause we have antiques here and primitives are like antiques..time worn old, etc..any way too many jewelry tables in my opinion..honestly it has gotten so saturated with jewelry...Don't get me wrong..I love jewelry..but you can have too much too.;( I did pick up this cute kitty from the same folks that made my gate and other kittys in my yard..I love this welcome kitty with its little white paws.;) its out by the front gate as you walk in.;)I even got a discount cause I am a repeat offender as they put it.;) sweet;)they do great work..they had this peacock that was out of this world...the colors were awesome..they had a huge variety of items..should have taken a photo.;) I know they would have let me..;)
Well then we headed to lunch at a little bistro in town and had turkey sandwiches and garlic parmesan fries..they were so good..and then we strolled down the way to a few shops..and Landon modeled the latest fashion of cute little knitted hats at one of the country stores here..(I used to have my stuff in this store but they wanted 40% commission and I had a few of my black dolls there and some gal left a nasty note saying I was a racist for making black dolls..well the owner didn't want to lose her store (after 20) years and pulled all my stuff of the needless to say..I pulled all my stuff out completely..I might add that the gal that left the note was white..thats the kind of state I live in...(last time I checked black dolls were considered folkart, americana)...any way we had a lot of fun on a cold day out..;)we are hitting some gift shows on the 19th again..;) Britt has been rearranging her home now that her deadbeat renter has moved she is getting lots of stuff from my home that I no longer want or need and their home is slowly becoming a wonderful cozy little dwelling..she got a nice warm comforter, a quilt hanger, a snowman that wiggles for her front porch, a rug for their living room, and a corner desk for their computer or as a work table in her new craft room..I lent her my singer sewing machine (Mike got this for me when we first got married)..and a sewing table to go with it..Hubby is loving this as it is clearing out the top portion of the garage..much less clutter to have to deal with..and Britt is getting some much needed stuff..I am giving her some of my sewing stuff to get her started in crafting..she is super excited to get sewing and making some christmas gifts this year..I can't wait to see how she sets everything up.;) she is also having a dilhemia(?) on her blog with her family..I am hoping someone can give her some good advice...since you all have kids out there, I don' not sure how to handle this situation..;) so stop by and give her some advice.;)
Tuesday I had my church meeting to go to and then I hit the grocery store for a few things..and there was a gal at the deli getting some turkey meat..and I asked her what she was making with it and she gave me this absolutely fabulous recipe..Take one can of cream of chicken soup, (or cream of mushroom) something with the "cream" in it..and take a can of mixed veggies or the type your family will box of refrigerated pie crust (2 to a pkg) and get a pie dish or a square 8x8 cooking dish..1/2-1 pound of turkey, chicken, or beef cut in chunks and put down a layer of pie crust in the cooking dish..put the soup and drained veggies in the with the chunk meat you could also put some mozzerella cheese, or chunk potatoes..mushrooms etc in here..might have to use more then one can of the soup..then top with the 2nd piece of crust.pinch edges together..if you can..doesn't need to be fancy..just so its closed.I put an egg wash over the top and cut in some slits to let the steam out..cook for 45 minutes on 350 and you have dinner..

this is comfort food at its finest..makes about 4 big helpings if thats all you are eating..;) I added some frozen mixed veggies cause thats what I had an a can of green could also add a dollop of butter to make it more creamy..;) am I making your mouths water yet?I know what I will be using my left over turkey for..yummmmm!

Oh a little out of order..oh well we hit another store on saturday that had these great metal I got this one above for my FIL..he is a dirty old man at heart and he will get a kick out of this..this will probably go in his big trailer..he loves to fish..;)
This one is going next door to the neighbor Travis..his birthday is the end of the month..his birthday is the same as my moms and Britts is the same as my nieces..small world huh?

Okay Michelle don't die or faint of shock..I have your crow curtains set is finished and I am currently starting the second set as we speak..;) they are turning out so nicely..what do you think? I can't wait to see where you hang these..
Yesterday I made this wonderful bisquit/roll cover for is on my etsy site as we speak..I love how this turned out..I purchased one of these years ago and I made a template from it and decided to embroider on the 4 corners of it..I also added pumpkin piping around the if anyone is interested let me know...I am thinking of making these for our thanksgiving feast at our church on the 20th..but I would have to make 10 of them..and I have other things I am itching to make to put on my etsy site..
I've also listed these 2 signs in my etsy as well...I have 2 military stockings to make and send out by thanksgiving and a swap that I am doing..and then getting ready for the big turkey day here with the neighbors..our local Safeways, albertson, fredmeyers and QFC's are going on strike this next gotta get my shopping done by then or go to base again..I love my albertsons store and the guys and gals there treat me so good.;) so I hope its not a long strike..We are grateful that Mike has a job this year..he didn't get a raise..but he still has his no complaints looks like we are in for some nice weather for the will probably lay down some bark..and be done for the winter.;)might ask the neighbors to help us so it gets done even faster..;)
well that is it for me today..gotta continue finishing up my crow curtains..I hope you all had a great day..and thank you all to our Veterans and those currently serving our military ...thank you for your sacrifices you are making for us to keep us safe and above all...Free!!!:)A big thanks to my Hubby for his 26 years of service..;) and to our next door neighbors too.;) thanks for stopping by to say hi..I truly love reading your comments..have a wonderful rest of your day,:)


  1. So nice to catch up:) I love the white footed kitty, and your dinner pie looks so good!!! I just boxed up my stocking today, stuffed it right up with goodies for a special someone;)

  2. ok love that fishing sign, the guys here at would would freak!~ haha you do keep busy! love the hot chocolate sign, and I'll have to find Britt's blog and check it out!

  3. Oh they look so good!Im so excited!Cant wait.The cocoa sign is so cut too sweetie good job.How ridiculous too think that the black dolls were racist.some people are jst very ignorant.have a great weekened and let me know when your ready to ship.blessings michelle

  4. I love Black Americana dolls! I collect the little pickaninny's in my kitchen.....Black Mama's too! I look forward to reading your blog when you post....I had been having Gina withdrawals! LOL!! I know what you mean about jewelry taking over the bazaar's! I need to set down and make a list of bazaar's in our area. I'm so happy that Rich likes to go to them with me. My sister, Bobbie used to go with me when we lived closer....I miss crafting and shopping with her.

  5. I gained 3 pounds just seeing that picture of the easy turkey pie. So I figure I may as well make one. It looks so good. Thank you for sharing. That baby is toooooo cute.

  6. The lady with the snotty comment--poo on her. We prim lovers all love black Americana. It is part of life. I have all kinds of old Americana and I am not a racist.
    The kitty is delightfully cute!
    I am going to make that pie!!!!
    I canned a bunch of chicken breast last year and it will be perfect for this!
    How do we find Britt's blog?

  7. love the crow curtains!! :) you are always making something yummy! great cook! :) i was thinking of doing a stocking for a serviceman too! my kids always do shoebox greetings for 3rd world country children. they love to do this!!

  8. I just love the metal kitty - do the people who make them have a website?

  9. I love your Welcome kitty! I have
    seen that sign about fishing naked,
    only it had a man on it and said "Show off your
    rod, fish naked!" LOL....Your pie looks so good and I love the crow curtains, I thought about asking you to make me some after you hung yours in the kitchen. I bought some material to make me some for Fall and didn't get them done, I keep forgetting....Oh well, maybe I know someone that will make me some! :)

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  10. Gina,
    I don't make the black dolls anymore because the same kind of thing is happening here too. My sister and one of my friend's collects them, but they are getting harder to find in the shops because of comments that are made by others.
    Love the signs!! And the curtains are turning out so prim and cute!!

  11. I know what mean about the craft shows here in Washington. I haven't seen anything prim here at all. I don't understand it either, because I too live in a town with many antique stores. Maybe some day it will become popular here. The pie, signs & kitty look wonderufl!

  12. Unbelievable .. you had to take out your dollies from that store ! I thought *folks of all colors* were allowed in stores now.. even dollies !

    Yummy, I love pot pie ! I use boiled/fork tender chicken breasts and cut them up and add to my pot pie with the veggies and cream of chicken soup with a little milk added. You can also use evaporated milk instead.

    Sometimes I dice up potatoes, carrots and celery and simmer in water to cover until fork tender, drain and add to a can of veg all , corn, green beans , whatever.

    I also saute' some diced up onion and add , too, for flavor. and then there is the kitchen sink.. just kiddin ! :o)

    Yes, God Bless Our Troops, past and present and future !


  13. I'm so excited waiting for my "snow kitty" late hubby would have loved the "bobbers" sign...LOL The "Welcome" Kitty is so cute...I feasted my eyes on the pot pie...I'll have to figure out if there's a low salt, low carbo way to make this...without having an entirely different recipe *smile*...I visited Britt's blog and will return to respond to her's difficult when family is so far away!