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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

WhAtCha WorKinG On WeDnEsDaY....

Hello everyone..This should say whatcha working on Monday..cause this is how I spent my day..I finally pulled out my patterns because they were so stuffed in..I couldn't get anything else in there and one more and they would have been all over the room..and it was making it hard to get into my patterns I pulled them all out and you can see I have hundreds of patterns..
what a mess..I also went through them and catorgarized them into is general with easter and other holidays mixed (I don't have that many of those)..but I have a huge assortment of "everyday" type patterns..then it was Halloween and Christmas..I have alot of halloween and not very many christmas..
here is what I threw away..probably hundreds of patterns I will never use again or have not even tried..thats alot of paper, ink and poster board there..but it needed to be done..
this is a stack I still need to go through weed out etc and possibly throw away.;) and some I will be making..;) so will work on that today..I decorated the house yesterday with my few thanksgiving items..I don't have that many..will share the photos tomorrow..I raked the front yard again..(getting old real quick)..but dry leaves are easier then wet leave..tomorrow I will mow the back yard of leaves again..but its getting done..want to start barking the yard hoping hubby gets the truck fixed so I can as I do at least a truck load tomorrow..

here are some patterns that are new, or are still intact that I purchased through the mail none of these are e-patterns..if anyone is interested in these let me know.. I would like $6.00 each plus shipping..(most of these patterns were 7-9.00 each)..

The weather is glorious...gotta get the chillians out for a gorgeous november day and I am going to sew..taking a day for that I have gone through my stash I want to sew...and I have some curtains to make for hope your wednesday is a beautiful one..;)thanks as always for stopping by and saying hi.;)


  1. GOOD LORDY GINA! You could open up a pattern store with all those!!! and here I thought you were a fabric collector, LOL;)

  2. Wow you sure did have alot of patterns.Did you make all of them?Have fun makin my curtains ,let me know when your done.have a great day sweetie.blessings michelle

  3. I think I'm a pattern aholic!
    I've got soooo many too.
    I sort them, but then still can't ever find what I'm looking for.

  4. Gina, you make me tired, just
    trying to keep up with all you
    get done!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  5. We should call you the "energizer Gina"! LOL! I have so many surfaces to paint on...I collect them just like you collect patterns...I also have lots and lots of painting books and patterns too. Most I've organized and have in a huge file cabinet, in binders, in baskets, and bins....we must be nuts! LOL! I guess we could have worse addictions!

    Early next week I'll get to the leaves again....too much to do this week and weekend.


  6. busy-busy-busy......
    you have a zillion patterns! I like to use old patterns to wrap gifts.
    Enjoy these good days!

  7. WOW - I thought I had a ton of patterns! It is always nice to finally weed out things isn't it? I will have to take a closer look at those patterns to see if I can use any.

  8. Hey Gina - I would like a couple of those discards of yours....can you email me at couldn't find an email addy for you. Thanks!

  9. What a lot of patterns. I'm sure it feels good to get them organized. I hope you enjoyed your day.


  10. I thought that was your fan mail!

  11. Hi Gina,

    And when you are done... could you come to my house and organize my sewing room ? LOL

    I am in need of a big cupboard or steel shelves or something for my creative area before I can get my space cleaned up right.

    Happy Sewing !

  12. ha ha ha, FAN MAIL... best comment ever!!! Actually I NEED to go through my patterns. My goal is if I haven't used it in the last 5 years I've lived here... out it goes! Thank you for your inspiration!

  13. I remember when my patterns looked like that too!! Then I got the BIG FILE CABINET!!! That sure helped, but be sure you have some strong men to help you move it if you find one!! It sure feels good to get organized, doesn't it??
    Happy creating!!

  14. Great patterns, Girlfriend! I love the crow pie one best... just not in a $position$ to buy right now.
    I hope the sorting went well... I've had cleaning days just like that!
    Hugs, Kimberly

  15. Wow!!! you have a lot of patterns. I thought that I did, but you sure have me beat!! My newest love in patterns are ornies...going to have a booth full of them at my Christmas show and hope to make some for every season to take to next year's shows. Know of any sites that might have some good ones?

  16. Gina! I love the Snowman pattern, you sure are weeding out alot of the unused patterns!! (cough) My curtains ;) Im just kidding, Maybe i can make them with my New machiene :) You really do have alot of energy to be organizing raking, mowing..i don't think i could keep up with you. Anyways Hopefully ill meet you at the fense tomorrow for our daily chat!

  17. OMG, you sure do have lots of patterns, if you have any simple winter stitchery patterns in the trash dig me out a couple. only kidding. Did you make them all? Have a great day Gina!!!

  18. I've been starting Christmas aprons! I'm a pattern and fabric addict too!

  19. Hi and a Happy Thursday to out, at least once a year, is what I do sending you a big "woohoo" for getting it done at your place. Some of your patterns look really cute...soon my sewing machine time is going to be spent taking up clothes for my g'daughter who is VERY petite. Oh the leaves...soon gone I hope...till next year!!!