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Thursday, November 4, 2010

MY hOme dreSSed Up foR ThaNksGivinG...

Hello there..hope your day is off to a good start..on tuesday..I put away all of my halloween decor and got out my thanksgiving decor..I don't have much and some of the fall/ halloween stuff stays it takes no time at all in decorating..the vanity when you enter our home..I got the two pilgrims and wagon at a local nursery..they are honey and me dolls..they were on sale..
I made the big Tom Turkey sitting on the bread box along with his tag that says Happy Thanksgiving..he didn't sell so he is staying with me.. I also made the thankgiving sampler and the white sugar pumpkin..the cornupopia came from a swap I did a few months ago..:)
my hutch all decked out for the big day..I love these big wooden cut outs..I did a swap for these and the "autumn" ones..
dont you love the turkey for the letter "I"?..
nothing fancy in the pilgrims that I made years ago..they are missing parts....I pulled out my strawberries that Jenn gave me..they are scented and smell so darn good.;)
I love these be thankful blocks..I keep them up all year round..they sit at the kitchen window
I put my prim blessings sign over on the t car..
love my harvest blessings sign..This too was a swap..years ago..
This has a pumpkin pie recipe..I got it along with all those great little pumpkin dolls that were on my kitchen is towel with the recipe done on fabric and sewn on..
my little pilgrim that I made..I am hoping to get another one made..she matches one of the pillows that i made.(its on my etsy site)..
I machine embroidered the little pillow it is done in cross stitch..
my little resin pilgrims up in the stairwell ..
remember that turkey that I got at the thrift candle jar fit in it perfectly.;)
this is what my front porch door says.;)
and last but not least the outside..
click on the photos to see whats there..
I won a giveaway over at Primitive Lifestyle on guessing what her new building excited to see what she sends me..Thanks Janene for picking my name..
On another cute little next door neighbor just started a stop by and welcome Brittany into our midst...we just love her and her hubby and that sweet little chubby baby of hers..they are getting rid of their lazy room mate and she is getting a craft room I gave/lent her some stuff to get her started while they live by hopefully she will share some of the things she has been making..she loves to scrapbook..and she sews..I am teaching her how to cook and bake..and she is doing really stop by and say to Britt.;)They are coming to our home for thanksgiving..she is making the dessert.:) I hope you all have a wonderful day today..ours is 3 days of glorious weather..and I got sidetracked yesterday from sewing..raked the yard again and mowed the lawn and put the veggie garden to today I am hoping to start something.the kids are outside enjoying the sun..will have to join them for a bit.;)


  1. Wow, Gina ~ you have alot of Thanksgiving decor and it all looks wonderful. I love the cutout letters, too. I will have to pop out and visit your neighbor ~ you would be a wonderful neighbor to have, you're just so sweet and generous.

  2. It's been a good week, huh, chickee?! I'm happy with the results.

  3. I like the autumn picture with the bonnets hanging below it, so prim!
    have a nice day,

  4. I just LOVE your old door/chalk board that greets guests, I've GOT to copy this idea! I wish they would come out with more Thanksgiving goodies to decorate with. It all looks good Gina!

  5. I just LOVE your old door/chalk board that greets guests, I've GOT to copy this idea! I wish they would come out with more Thanksgiving goodies to decorate with. It all looks good Gina!

  6. You have some wonderful Thanksgiving decor.. I only have a pair of Pilgrims LOL I gotta start collecting seasonal decor. Love your pictures!

  7. Your home always looks so cozy and welcoming:) I will have to peek in on miss Brittney and see what she is up to next door to you;)Have a good day sweetie!

  8. Gina, WOW, you are decked out for Thanksgiving, how great to see, since it gets over looked for Christmas! Have a great day! OLM

  9. You have some awesome Thanksgiving decor. Everything looks great.

  10. Thank you for introducing me on blog land!!! I now have 4 followers. I was even more excited than when i saw the Christmas decor was out already :)

  11. Glad you are taking a neighbor under your wing and teaching her how to cook. We all need neighbors willing to teach us and love us. Something really big to be thankful for this time of the year. I remember being young and living 500 miles from home and having some neighbors reach out to me. We just don't forget those memories.

  12. Love your home. So much to see :)

  13. It looks real cute Gina.. I love the framed turkey... and that really cute Annie.. are you doing a show this year.. ? Where? BI again?

  14. It looks so cozy there! and as always LOVE the chalk board and it's sayings! enjoy the weather while its good (wink wink)

  15. Wowsers Gina your home looks sooooo good ! Love all your displays !!!! Sounds like you have a lovely neighbor...I am lucky if my neighbor even waves lol...He's a loner type fella and not at all friendly =( I can't wait to put out my Snowgal I got from you...As a matter of fact she will prolly be out within the next week or so lol...Hope your havin a wonderful day !