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Saturday, November 6, 2010

DinG DonG... AvOn CaLLInG.;)

Good Saturday Morning everyone!! do you remember when your avon lady came knocking at your door? I have been getting avon for as long as I can Aunt Peggy was our avon lady growing up..I loved getting the chapstick in a cola bottle, and the soap on the roap (I have one in its original box unused as it was to cool to use..not sure where it is..but I still have you remember the little pins that you wore and their head or body opened and it had perfume that you rubbed on? I still have 3 of mine..(can't find them though for the picture) is a gingerbread, one is a rabbit thats legs move he is skates and a blue cow...Well my avon lady came knocking on my door yesterday and brought me some wonderful goodies.:) I got this really cool purse that you change out the tops so you don't have to change out the purse or the contents..they just zip right on..the leopard print is shown above..
this hot fushia and plain black..I am getting this loaded up for the winter..and it has lots of compartments too..I love compartments.;)
I also got a cute pair of monkey jammies too..I love these...will be sporting these bad boys tonight.;)
I have always loved avon jewelry..always will I suppose..I got a wonderful snowflake watch, and some christmas earrings..I love holiday jewelry..and some star earrings and heart earrings..some of these may be gifts..I will pick and choose what I want to keep..
don'tcha just love these snowmen? they are bubble bath decanters.. the red one is peppermint delight, the yellow is hot apple pie and the white one is sweet sugar cookie..these will be gifts as well..;) well my next door neighbor and I are going to a bazaar this morning..might hit another one while we are out and about since my hubby is working and her hubby went shooting with some buddies..I was in a baking mood yesterday so I made us/and neighbors too some cinnamon rolls..I took over some other goodies for her as well..I was also in a sewing mood and made her a scarf, and a candle cozy with new candle to go with it.;) she is like the daughter I never is fun spoiling someone...well the leaves are almost gone..only one more sweep..(8 so far) and we are done for the is rainy and dark here this morning..oh and don't forget to set your clocks back an hour tonight.;) hope you all have a wonderful weekend.;) I still have some patterns for sale 3 posts down..:)


  1. Gina,

    You are too funny! I use to love avon, but the hubby has allergies. I have really expensive perfume that I rarely wear because of his allergies, so no more ringing of the doorbell from the avon lady for me.
    the snowmen for the bath are cute. I do remember soap on a rope too!

    Have fun at the bazaar.


  2. Tee-Hee...I used to sell Avon when I was young, not for long, that was back in the day when it was still safe to go door to door! I loved the lil' perfume holders you described, such fun!!! I'm glad you found someone nice to spoil:)

  3. I love Avon! In our area its hard to find a Avon Lady that will stick around....seems like they come a couple times and then they vanish. I have a Silver pinkie ring that looks like a spoon shaped into a ring that I have worn for years. I also love all their earrings and have several pairs. I love their body wash....especially anything Vanilla. Did I forget the wonderful candles, Christmas ornaments, and lots of other things that I love Avon. Sounds like you have your leaves just about finished for the fall. You have fun at the bazaar. I noticed today that we will be having several bazaar is our area soon. Love dragging Rich to bazaar's with me. Of course, he did win a doorprize a couple of years ago.

  4. avon does have the best costume jewelry. i just ordered the candy cane watch.

  5. Hey Gina,

    Yep, Avon is an oldie but goodie .. I like their shower gels.. I like the gardenia scent and their glimmerstick eyebrow pencil and the deodorant.

    I sold Avon back in the eighties.. for a while.. didn't make much money from it though.

    The jammies are cute !



  6. My Mom used to buy Avon...she used to put "Silicon Glove" in my stocking every Christmas...loved the kept your hands soft and protected (I don't think they make it anymore)! The pocket book is clever...changing out a pocket book is the pits...for sure I'm always gonna leave something in the one I'm changing from... :)

  7. Gina,
    My mom still gets Avon...and I peek at their catalog everytime I'm over there. I still have some of their jewelry that I purchased back in the 80's and it looks as good as new.
    I'm go happy for you that you have fun someone to spoil!! Isn't it a wonderful feeling!!!
    I checked out a craft show this morning, but it was not any good. Going to one tomorrow afternoon also...guess we'll see what this one it like. Hope you had a great time at the craft bazaar!

  8. Hi Gina,

    My MIL has sold over for at least 40 years! I remember all of those little Avon items you mentioned! Never kept any though!

    I wanted to double check with you to see if you still wanted the Rooster tart burner! It's all boxed up and ready to go!


  9. Hey Gina, I love the bubble bath!!! Ill have to get with you to see how i can order some. Thank you for sharing all of your new goodies