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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

TuEsDays DispLay ChaiN..PeeK-a-Boo

(Today Robyn is in charge of choosing todays display stop over at Primlish to see her display.)
Good Morning everyone! I have been wanting to get in on Misi's Display chain for a while..but always todays display is all about playing "peek-a-boo" with how we hide our stuff..I know we ladies are good at doing this in creative ways and yet still be functional too..It's gotta be here we start in the entry way of my home..the vanity is not in the bathroom or bedroom is here and houses our socks and hubbys white T shirts and underwear from his navy days..made it so he can get dressed down stairs and not wake me by rummaging through the drawers getting what he needs..and I use it to decorate for halloween and this is where my christmas trees go..(I have 3 that I got from Joanns)..You will see them at the end of the month..gotta take down my halloween stuff and get out my thanksgiving stuff..
this box by the front door houses shoes we don't wear this for free from someone at hubbys work..the color is perfect..I also use baskets to store stuff I don't have a place for..;)
ah I love my is a great place to display and store my holiday decor..
the bottom displays holiday tablecloths, candles, dishes, you name it, its there.
the drawers hide the napkins and placemats and some table runners..
my favorite corner in my kitchen..I love to put my bakery needs in old jars on my shelves..they used to be on the hutch before these shelves and kitchen was remodeled.;) that metal icebucket also holds egg shells, onion peels etc..then I take it out and put it in the compost bin.The black bread box shown here and below was a makedo that I did..
I was originally going to use it for its intended purpose but I house our meds and vitamins in here..
now no one needs to know what we are taking.;) and it stores alot of stuff...the older we get the more that goes in there.:) I also have a top draw that houses other meds like the pet meds...and other misc stuff we don't take on a daily got cleaned out a couple of weeks ago..much nice to get into now.;)
my little 50's cart in the corner of my dining room..I have baskets here that store snacks and such..
I love baskets.;)
more of those same pretty baskets in the entertainment unit..they house, dvds, cds, books, and PS3 stuff..found these at pier 1 and love the red and white fabric on these..;) my signature color next to black..
this basket is one that I got from used to house our it sits next to the wood stove and houses our wood..I lined it with newspaper to keep the mess down as this is wicker and crumbs and such fall out..and the kittys love to sleep up here on the sheep of their favorite spots..
this box is hidden under my deacons bench by the woodstove..
it houses paper, firestarters, matches, lighters etc to start our fires..I got this years ago and it has always been used for this..
the stair basket..great for pillows..
or storing the kittys toys.;)
these 2 green picnic baskets house my pictures and things for when I am decorating for the holidays this hides my everyday when the holidays are over..out my pictures and other everyday items come.;)
this little gardening cubby was going to be used outside to store my nippers, hand shovels etc..but it sat in the shed for years and one day (I had a light bulb moment) and I decided to bring it inside to my crafting sits on my craft table and stores my scissors, measuring tape, nippers, pens, pencils, you name it, its in there..and I can use the shelf for other craftingneeds too.;)
I use my baskets and apple baskets to store fabric in..
and last but not least..our old entertainment unit that use to be down stairs in the living room is now in our bedroom and houses my quilts and other items..I love this little nook in our room..Gracie likes to sleep up on the quilts..she is our princess and the pea.;) well I hope you enjoyed my "peek" at how I hide things..Yesterday I had a wild hair and decided to pull out all my doll patterns and I have hundreds of them and went through them all..will save that for tomorrow..but oh it looks so much better..also have some patterns to sell as I have never used them..our weather is looking glorious will take down my halloween stuff and hopefully have some thanksgiving to share with you all..besure to check out everyone elses display chain tuesday.....I love getting inspiration from others.;)
tonights menu..chili a homemade loaf of bread and a pizza for the next door neighbors..they are both under the taking over dinner to them.,;) have a great tuesday everyone.:)


  1. Wow! You do have a lot of hidden storage and so clever to make it a part of the decor. I love the wood box idea--very cool. My pantry is full of baskets and jars. When we lived out on the farm, we had mice. Despite having lots of cats, we still had mice. I got used to using tins and jars for storing everything--from cereal to chili packets, noodles to sugar. Now they have such neat prim labels, the jars look great as well as protecting your wares. I'm going to have to get in on this chain thing sometime....I like it!

  2. glad you took my advice & joined in the dipslay chain! now we are both entered in the giveaway! yeah! :) sorry i mistyped your blog name earlier! i have too much mucus in my head & i am a terrible typist! los of mistakes! lol! loved your "peekaboos"!

  3. You have lots of great and useful ways to store all kinds of stuff. TFS.

  4. I love all your unique ways to hide your goodies! You have given me some food for thought on some of my things I have been wanting to hide! Thanks so much for joining in!

  5. I wondered where you tuck all your goodies away:)I have a ranch house with no stairs but I LOVE the stair basket!!! Hope your enjoying the day:)

  6. Gina, so many great ideas! I need to get busy! OLM

  7. You have some great ideas you use for hiding things. I have an old house that has little room and hardy any closet space so I am always looking for ways to stash stuff away in.

  8. So glad you joined in the fun...and aren't you clever!? I love that you thought to put hubbies socks & undies where he can dress without waking you. Smart girl. :) And why didn't I think of snack baskets?! Thanks for sharing your ideas!


  9. I love the great cubby and apple baskets in your craft room. So much terrific storage!

  10. I love the way you organize and hide things! Very clever Gina!

  11. lots of unique stuff! way cool, and great ideas!

  12. Girl,
    You are the Queen of hiding things!So creative; I love it all!
    Glad you joined in on the chain!
    stop by & pay me a visit!
    have a nice fall day

  13. Wow, that's a lot of storage. I like that you put your scraps in an old ice bucket. I have a counter composting holder that I found at Home Goods, but my ice bucket would have done just as well.

    I just got a peek of the curtains in your kitchen but is it the vintage kitchen items fabric from Michael Miller? I love that fabric.

  14. Hey Gina!
    love all your collections, I love seeing your house, you have so much eye candy!

    Great job with your hiding places!


  15. Gina just the post I have been needing to read and see. lol
    I have no closets and maybe I can steal some of your ideas.
    Hope you are well

  16. Gina,
    I love how you have lots of hidden storage and that it is part of your decor. I have a few pieces in my living room like that...bakets for shoes and the cedar chest for fabirc. Thanks for me lots of ideas now for hidden storage.