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Monday, November 1, 2010

We SurViVed AnoTher HaLLoWeeN..;)

Hey there everyone!!! well we survived another halloween..and got the usual 20 trick or treaters..and there were 5 houses on our street that was quiet last night..and it didnt' start raining till 9m..when they had all gone not sure why it was so quiet..but some folks from church came and it is always so nice and so much fun to see the little kids having fun collecting their candy..This was my basket of goodies for them..they got like 7 pieces of chocolate, a glow stick and a spider ring or other plastic toy in their bags..I love doing this for..:)still have 4 treat bags left will take them to church on sunday and give them to the missionaries .;)
Our next door neighbors were our first trick or treaters..and they brought baby Landon all dressed up in his monkey suit with a banana on his head..isn't he just the cutest little chubby guy ever!!! I could squeeze for ever..he is getting so heavy..we are guessing between 22-25 pounds and his 5 months old..I gave him his little pumpkin basket for candy..but the treat bag wouldn't fit.;)
He looks thrilled doesn't he?
Our Friends Sarah and Travis brought their 3 little kids over for trick or treating last night..and Nalen (I hope I spelled his name right) was also a little monkey..he was sound asleep..
look at his little belly button..he was so cute too.;)
Here is big sister Nykol and Natalie.Nykol was a witch ( I think) but Natalie was..and her mom was having a ball painting on moles to her sweet little face..she looked more like a mint chocolate chip.;)we had the most curtious little kids come to our door last night..well mannered and wishing us a happy halloween...(you don't see this that often)..they get their candy and run..but this cute little group of 6 came up and were just all ended by a little after 8pm...
This morning I was up bright and early (all for nothing now)..but had to be at our grocery store at 8am to pick up some leftover pumpkins and stems and they sold out of no stems or extra pumpkins..and did I say it was raining buckets..holy cow we have puddles I called up hubby and got my grocery list and went shopping..and I must say it was nice to get it done so early and it was dead in the store..loved it..(note to self)..;)but they had their halloween stuff marked 50% I picked up a few for next year..
and my next door neighbor is getting this..every gal needs her own pumpkin carving she is getting this..cause after seeing her weld a huge knife..this will be so much easier..and Landon can paste on stickers to his pumpkin next year..well I am the house cleaned up..groceries put away...made a nice brunch for us..(hubbys day off)..and now I just want a nice fire so I can take a nap..but don't think it will might as well sew.;) goodness knows with the holidays coming up.I gotta get some sewing done and listed on my etsy..hope you all survived halloween too.;) have a wonderful week ahead everyone.;) and thanks for stopping by to say hi.;) I love hearing from you all:)


  1. Your little trick or treaters were so cute! Those little monkeys were adorable. No trick or treaters for us again this year. I always buy candy in case we get some dropping by....I buy candy that we like. Like you I need to get busy sewing. I'm making several Christas gifts and need to get started. I also need to get the Sailboat baby quilt finished for my doctor.

  2. what cuties! :) Looks like you had alot of fun!

  3. You had some cutie patooties come to your door:) Hard to believe it is already november, my how the time flies! I will be looking forward to all your great Christmas decor next;)

  4. I (mr.produce and I ) have about 7 stems for you. There really weren't that many this year... but there's still some at the store so I still remind him to save them for you :)

  5. sounds like you had a great night and how sweet of you to provde the proper tools for your neighbor to carve.I can remember using them big old knives.not fun.cute tric or treaters too.I sure miss when mine were little like that.They made the best,warm little costumes.have a great night sweetie.blessings michelle

  6. the little trick or treaters are so cute...and the bigger ones, really like their have such neat treats for them...rather than all candy...I'll remember that for next year...I like shopping in the grocery's so quiet and I can take my time reading labels...LOL
    so HI to you, enjoyed my visit...

  7. Gina, you're such a sweetheart! Maybe next year, I'LL come to your place for a sweet little handout!

  8. Hi Gina,
    Looks like you had so much fun! I remember when my daughter was little and we would make up treat bags, too! Love to see the little ones all dressed up. Also, love your new blog background!! Hugs, Laurie

  9. Gina,
    Peyton was a little money too! We had about 60 kids or so...and I noticed that we had several that wished us a Happy Halloween too...and most of them thanked us for giving them candy. I just love seeing all the little ones in their costumes.

  10. babies as monkeys is very big this year, I guess. my great-nephew was a monkey!

  11. Honey these pictures are too cute.
    Love how you shared these with us.
    I have missed you leaving me your sweet comments. Hope you are well and doing good

  12. What cuties!! Sound like you had a good halloween. I like the new look on your blog, especially that dustpan in the header picture.

  13. looks like you had an awesome halloween! tfs!

  14. Happy Halloween! Looks like you had a great time. Here's to Halloween 2011.