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Monday, October 4, 2010

WiNnEr WiNNEr ChICkeN DInNer x 2

Holy Cow!! I thought I had lost my winning streak and low and behold...I still got it..last night I won this wonderful giveaway on Parkers Paradise and she picked 7 winners!!!
and this morning I wake up to check my emails and find that I am the winner of Barb's heartstrokes blog..she had 2 winners and the above is what I won!!! this is going to look so cute in my home..I will have to find a spot in my decorating..I just love blogging..truly I do..with all the wonderful guys and gals out there and these fabulous giveways and swaps that we home is decorated with these!! Thanks again ladies for choosing my name!!! you have started my week off right!!! I hope you all have a great monday and a great week..the sun is shining after yesterdays drearies.;) gotta get my butt in gear and have hubby take me to brunch..Take care.;)


  1. CONGRATS on your winnings Gina, you are so very deserving of it too!!!! Hope you enjoy the day:)

  2. Congrats Gina!!! Go get a lottery ticket!!! OLM

  3. Actually Gina Linda had 7 winners and I was lucky #7. Congrats to you on your win. Love the little witch hanging as well. It will look so cute wherever you put it. I just love winning giveaways don't you!

  4. You are most welcome. You worked very hard to win this! 12 entries--wow! Maybe you ought to buy that lottery ticket. Powerball is up to $60,000,000!

  5. Congratulations on your wins - great goodies! The title of your post makes me chuckle - my DH bought our 2 year old grandson a camoflague cap that says "Winner, Winner Turkey Dinner" - he is so cute wearing it.

    Have a great week,

  6. Lucky girl.....I think you should check Prim Pals forum too... :) hehe!

  7. Oh you are a lucky girl!me too this week.It definately lifts the spirits to win some beautiful gifts.Your witches win is gonna go just perfect in whatever special place in display it.have a grat week sweetie blessings michelle

  8. Hey Gina - You are a lucky girl today. Congratulations on your wins. I too just love blogging...the sharing, swaps and giveaways are so much fun!
    It's raining here today - what better time to craft away!

  9. Congratulations Gina, you should buy a lottery ticket!!! Enjoy your goodies!!!

  10. Congrats on your 2 lucky gal!


  11. Congrats on your winnings!! I hope to do some swaps and have another giveaway after things get back to normal here. Will most likely do a Fall giveaway one after my show this weekend and then a Christmas one is November.
    Hope you are having a good week.

  12. Hey Gina, I am on that streak with you. 8-) So exciting!! I too love blogging, it has been so wonderful to meet so many nice people!! Congrats on your wins, can't wait to see all your decorations.

  13. Congratulations Gina!!
    It is in the mail today.

  14. Congratulations Gina!! Maybe your luck have worn off on me as I just won a 2nd one as well!!!
    Love the little pumpkins clever!!
    Have fun shopping!!


  15. Gina, I think you should play the lottery with all your luck! :D