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Sunday, October 3, 2010

AnD it StaRts..:)

Good Sunday afternoon everyone!!...been fiddle farting around the homestead I decided to drag out my halloween here these bins will sit till tomorrow or some time this the large stuff out and put on the porch...but will wait to show when its all done..:)
Yesterday I was busy embroidering out some new designs that I got from Denise of Pioneer loft I can't show you what I am making as they are for swaps and tradings that I am doing..and I decided to take a break and do some tweaking..I decided since it is just the 2 of us..why have the chairs all around the table taking up here is how it looks now with just the 2 chairs..
here is where I put one of them..see the 4 tier metal rack with the 4 baskets..this is its home used to be where the other chair is now shown below..

see the yellow step used to be by the vanity in the 2nd photo..but the wrought iron stand is there now..I do like it better now..much easier to manuever around the dining room..

in the midst of my decorating and watching a movie yesterday..the postal girl left me a package that I knew was coming..this is a swap I did with Laurie of Cat Haven Crafts.. I wanted some wool as she does some awesome wool crafts..We did a swap earlier and I got one of her kittys that looks like her header and I love it..she does beautiful needle I wanted some of her lovely wool to make my own works of art..I want to use this wool to make my chair covers for my new dining room chairs..just got to decide what designs I want to do..This will be nice to do while watching tv at night..:>)
I have a nice variety to choose from..and it smelled so good in the box..;) and she has them all nicely labeled for me..I am sending her stuff hopefully out tomorrow..she knows of two things she is getting but the other 2 are surprises...and we all love surprises..I am also doing another swap with one of my fellow OFGer's and getting 2 wonderful "blocks" one says Autumn and the U's are leaves and one for thanksgiving that says give Thanks with a cute pumpkin in between th words.:) I can't wait to get these...Well that is it for me today..going to do some more sewing and getting some stuff done to mail off to folks..I hope your day was a glorious really feels like fall here..a bit overcast..not cold though..just kind of dreary out...and it looks like maybe showers in the forecast for tomorrow..but nothing major..I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead..will be back when the house is decked out for halloween.;)


  1. It looks so cozy and I love all the wool you got! I saw SOooooo many treasures in the antique malls yesterday, so many things I could have bought and didn't *sigh* oh well, there's always next time!!!!

  2. As an old Longaberger consultant, I loved seeing all the L. baskets around your house. Don't you just love them. I need to part with some as I am too crowded these days. When you sell you need to buy 2 a month and after a few years they start looking like totem poles in every corner:)

  3. Like what you did with your "tweaking". Looking forward to seeing your Fall decorating. You have been busy.

    Autumn Blessings,

  4. The house looks great.I love your tale and them fall blocks are so cute!the chairs look great where you placed them too.have a great night and congrats on your win sweetie.blessings michelle

  5. I love that table, looks good with just the two chairs. I need to get busy and paint my chairs. Everything looks great, can't wait to see your decorating!!

  6. It all looks so great! Thanks for plugging my blog/embroidery files! Still can't wait to see the finished products!