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Friday, October 1, 2010

GoODiEs In The MaiL and WhAt I hAve BeeN worKinG On..;)

Well this week has just flown by..but I have kept busy..working on the yard etc..yesterday I mowed the yard..I always love how it looks when its done..but it won't last long as the leaves are really falling..and it would be nice if they did it all at once..cause then my work would be alot easier and would only have to spend one day out well..then I went grocery shopping and I think I purchased the whole store..but I have a fridge and pantrys stocked full of food..and I saved 109 dollars...the gals there treat me sooo good..:) I saved just $30.00 alone on the store coupon that they mail me..and the rest was the sales in the store.;) on my way out..I checked the mail and what did my wondering eyes did appear but a wonderful package from a wonderful friend so dear!!! I just love this gal named Carmen..what a true and sweet treasure she is...I love all the goodies you sent me..only one casualty..but a very easy fix.;)
she sent me some of her handmade soaps!!! I love these and can't wait to try these out..;) love that little goat mold..too cute..she also sent some field corn..(that was the burst in the box..but I fixed it;)some rose hips and a candle..did you make this candle smells wonderful.;)
and I got one of her little cinnamon dough ice skates..I love did a fantastic job on will be going on my christmas tree this year and I will always treasure this..;)
okay this is where I put 2 of the soaps she made me.:)
her little candle here for right now..and the other soap.:)
and my little bag of field corn..I love it..thank you so much for your kindness and generosity!!! I love my blogging buddys and the kinship and kind giving hearts we have here...blogging has been so much fun..getting and giving goodies..swapping goodies..etc.:)
I finished up my towels for a wholesale order going to a store in Ohio called Cotton PickinCupboards
Kim runs one of the stores there and wanted some of my goodies for the new store that she is running..I love that store and wish we had one here..;) so hopefully I will be doing more business for them in the future..I have been working on some other things..but they are surprises and can't share till they get them;) Well we are getting a gorgeous day..the kittys are outside enjoying..I am going to try and work on my projects so I can get caught up and work on some stuff for me.;) take care and welcome to my newest followers.:)have a great weekend everyone.:)


  1. Boy do I ever need to go grocery shopping. The cupboards are definitely bare at our house. Love your goodies from Carmen. Very thoughtful of her indeed.
    Your towels are wonderful. I know they will sell out in a flash. Thanks for Kims link. That furniture is to die for. I hear several pieces calling my name. Now if I would just stumble upon a lot of cash I would be able to answer that call.
    Enjoy your weekend Gina.

  2. Sounds like you have been very busy this week! I love the towels and hope to order some soon for my kitchen. The black ones are pretty, but the red ones match my decor....whatever that is! LOL!!!! We have been having cool mornings here and warm afternoons. We don't have to do yardwork anymore....the landlord just upped the rent and included yard work in the price. Rich was so he hates yardwork. I love the salt dough ice will look beautiful on your tree......maybe I will get out the ingredients and make some salt dough ornies soon!

  3. ARGH...Now HOW did that corn get out, I had it tied tight!!! Even wrote fragile on the box, my now I am wondering what the heck those boxes go through?!!!! Glad you like it and yes, I made the lemon pound cake candle (one of my favorite scents!!)

  4. I, too, have filled the pantry and freezer getting ready for winter. Be the ant and not the grasshopper.....
    Lucky you, being able to use those soaps. My skin just gives me fits if I use anything different. It would smell nice though and that goat is awesome. Got my chores done, too. Mike has decided to make chili for supper so I get out of cooking tonight. We are going to have our 6 year old granddaughter for the weekend. I'm ready but know full well that we'll be ready to take her to school Monday! lol

  5. Wow thos towls are so cute too!My kitchen is in roosters and as you know im tossin some crows in the mix lol.might have to get me some of those too one of these days.I bet your machines just a smokin from your busy little self.bless you heart.your goodies from carmen are so cute as well.I love bloggin much fun and so many sweet ladies that are so much funnier to chat with than my kids.we stocked up alittle bit at wally world and sams this morning.mostly fruits and veggies.Im such a freak about fresh fruit always needing to be in the a fun weekend,blessings michelle

  6. Gina, Congrats on your wholesale order!!!
    Love the home made soaps & the olde feed corn! OLM

  7. Hi Gina~
    How wonderful to get a lovely package in the mail, filled with marvelous goodies!! Wish there was a "Smell" button on your blog!!
    Way to go on saving money too, so you can have money for those special extras for YOU!!

  8. Isn't it so much fun when packages come in the mail!! What wonderful goodies you got from the ice skating dough ornie!! Congrats on your wholesale the rooster towels!!
    Hope you have a great weekend. I'm crafting today and going to a show to walk around tomorrow. It's one that I did for years and decided not to go back to this year...will seem strange to be a customer instead of a vendor.

  9. Yes it is fun to get a package. Your goodies are great. Just the other day I got one filled with 60 tulip bulbs. They were replacement bulbs from a flower mail order Co. Last years bulbs did not come up. They replaced them. I need to get up & get them in the flower beds this week. You are always such a busy gal. So many fun & new things you do. Blessings!