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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

YaRd WoRk PaRt 2 and BruSSeL SprOuTs...

Good tuesday morning to you all!!! well yesterday after it stopped raining I decided to hit the yard work again..I just want it done once and for all..especially since the rains are coming etc..and the leaves are falling..will make it so much easier to rid the leaves when everything else is tidyed up..;) okay the above picture was taken on saturday..thought I was done with this area..
again another before shot..see the red bush in the rt front much as I think this was a pretty is putting out babies all underneath I asked hubby to take it out..I also took out a heather bush that had gotten too big right behind it..and I cleaned up under the holly bush as there was still alot of the bulbs from the crocosmia(?) plants...
here is the AFTER taken from my craft room hasn't looked this clean in 16 years..boy howdy did I get a work out with this area.
sorry for the dark was getting dark when I took these and the flash doesn't work..just need to bark it in now.;) next weeks list of things to do..
I started in the left front portion yesterday as well..this is the area that Jordan and I did NOT get too..there is this little plant that has 2 leaves and it gets little butter cup round white flowers..I can't remember the name..but oh the root system on this thing is he**...and there is so much of trying my best to get it out of there too..but you need a shovel to dig out the dirt to get it started..and it was hard work...took out some more oregon grape and some columbine plants..I love them..but too much of a good I have about 4-5 more hours..hoping its less to do in the front portion..and the I will wait for the leave to fall get them out of the yard and then bark and we are done for the winter..and I will stay on top of this..If I see anything coming back ..its outta here...I am going to decorate later this week with my Halloween decor..its time already..I can't believe friday is October 1st...
I still need to work on this area...
and a bit more here in front..the real work is behind what you see..

Okay for dinner last night I made steak, brussel sprouts and left over mashed tators..I wanted to share this brussel sprout recipe..cause it is so good and your family will love it..this is how it starts out...I cut up one onion and get it cooking in olive oil..enough to coat the pan..then I cut up the brussels in nice sized chunks..they will all shrink they don't need to be tiny..I add salt and pepper and a nice handful of cherry tomatoes..if you don't like tomatoes..don't add them..I turn it down to medium and put a lid on the pan..keeps moisture in there to help them wilt faster..I will add more olive oil if it is sticking to the about 1/4 cup total..depends on how much you are making..I also add about 4 tablespoons of water to help with the cooking process..
this is how they look when they are done..about 20 minutes or so..and you can see all that yummy caramelizing on the bottom...
and here is dinner..:) it was tasty too.:) well I am off to get some breakfast.. my friend Heather is coming over for lunch today and to visit..I also sold 5 of my pillows on on sunday to My good pal shirley Of wolf spirits blog and a gal purchased 4 of them this my day started off right.:) gotta make more I suppose..I worked on my hat last night till I ran out of another trip to Joanns so I can finish it up..I do hope it turns out...I hope you all have a great day today..Thanks for stopping by and saying hi..I love hearing from you..;)
p.s. Michelle I didn't make that halloween sign in my kitchen..goldieloo woodworks did.;)..she does awesome work..:) I have a few stencils that I really need to do as many things to make and so little time.:) have a great day.;)


  1. Wow thats alot of yard work youve done already.I havea bunch of bulbs I still need to plant out back and a bunch of cannas I need to dig up.maybe next week.I know I better not put it off for too long.Dinner looked yummy.We all love brussell sprouts.tryed to grow some last year but didnt do good at all.gonna make one of lindas meatloafs tonight.crock pot.speaking of which better go get that going and get the hubby up for work.Keep up the great job on the yArd.still got your helper?have a great week sweetie.blessings michelle

  2. Your yard is looking Beau-ti-ful~ wow you'll be ready for winter in no time!
    and dinner.. I looks great, but I can't 'do' brussell sprouts!

  3. You work so hard, I get tired just thinking about it. He He I love brussel sprouts, your dinner sounded awesome, wish I lived close!!!

  4. I wish I had your energy! Your yard looks great and Im going to try cooking brussel sprouts like that....although Im the only one here who likes them!

  5. Wow! You tire me out just reading about your yard adventures but it does feel nice getting a project completed, doesn't it. Will look lovely when you get the bark laid out. Your dinner looked tasty! Thanks for the recipe, I'm not a brussel sprout fan but maybe this will get me to make some!

  6. I don't see any reason I couldn't send you a round trip airline ticket to NC. You come here to my house and I figure in a week you could have my house and yard in tip top shape. You get more done in a day that I manage in a week. Of course I have a few more years on me:) But still, you amaze me.

  7. it is funny reading the comments..brussel sprouts are a definate love or hate vegtable there is nothing in between LOL..I love them and will be trying your recipe it looked delicious thanx for sharing.. :0)

  8. OH YUM those brussel sprouts look wonderful!!!! I will have to try those! Your yard looks awesome, don't go over doing it now;) Congrats on the sales, that's always a good thing!!!!

  9. I know the yard work is very hard and you are making progress. I'd be laid up with back pain!
    We love brussel sprouts but I never thought to fry them. I do fry cabbage though and it is the bomb! Do they still say that? I never seem to keep up. Oh well, gives the grandkids a reason to smile when I am talking to them!
    Yard is looking good. We haven't done a thing. Mike did pick 2 beautiful fingerling zucchini today and I plan to stir-fry them with fresh corn cut from the cob,red onion and tomatoes. I use olive oil and butter then sprinkle just a smidge of lime juice before serving--delish!
    glad to see you are continuing to enter. I have a good feeling about this one!

  10. yard is looking great...and oh yummy..I need to try the brussel sprout recipe...

  11. Oh my you sure have been busy. Your hard work will all pay off come next spring.

  12. I see you are really working hard in the yard. Lots done and to do but I bet come next spring and summer you are going to have a beautiful yard. The brussel sprout dish looks yummy. Hugs

  13. I am so envious of all the yard work you have done! I need to get off my butt and do some. The brussel sprout recipe looks divine! I will certainly have to try that~

  14. Your yard is looking great! I wish I had your energy. I love brussel sprouts and your recipe sounds yummy - I will be sure to try it.

  15. Gina, I am so tried just reading everything you did in your yard! LOL.. Are you for hire?!?!?!
    Ok, brussell spouts, I will take a pass! LOL... OLM

  16. Gina,
    Love your is looking great!!
    Congrats on selling your pillows!!
    Send an email back to you about the question you asked me.

  17. Dang woman! Do you ever sleep?! :> ) PLEASE bottle up that energy and start selling it. I'll take two please.
    Love everything and now I've got me hankerin' for brussels sprouts. Yum!

  18. So let me get this did battle with all those plants and dirt, in ALL those areas AND cooked dinner AND sold 5 pillows on Etsy?!? All this in one day?!? Were you sitting upright for dinner? Or at that point were you even able to eat? You is running circles around "her". "She" says to stop that, you're making her look bad ;) "She" is still in knots trying to figure out how to figure postage for Etsy MOL



  19. Hey,

    Wow.. I am exhausted reading your post !

    The brussel sprout recipe sounds delish ~

    Congrats on selling your pillows !