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Monday, September 27, 2010

WoRkiNg in ThE YarD On SaTuRday..

Hello there..hope your day is starting off right..On saturday I had a young man named Jordan that my best friend recommended..(he helped her with her yard) I gave him a call and we set out to work..the above photo(front left portion of the yard) is still what I need to work on..we both ran out of steam after 7 hours..but the above just needs some pruning and some plants taken out..not much..Jordan helped me tackle the really hard stuff like digging out plants etc..
this big hole had an orange day lily that was the size of my kitchen table needed to be divided for years..but I am going we ripped it out..and it filled the wheelbarrow...
the other empty spot here under the holly tree has crosomia(?) here and we ripped them out too..the holly tree is going next year..we want to make this more of a garden type area for veggies..and that holly tree is it is gone..along with some other little plants there..
okay imagine this area with about 50 or more ferns couldn't see the ground has been an eyesore for 16 years...and their were wild raspberry plants..and the morning glory was in hog heaven here..been trying to get rid of that plant for 16 years..and now is my chance..we left maybe 12 ferns in various places here to give it more of a "park like appearance"..and we have 3 huge maples and they drop every year and make a huge we will rack it all up and put it here and take our old lawn mower and mulch it up and that will help keep the weeds down etc..might add some shade loving plants here..but nothing huge..simple is what we are working on the babys can wander and we don't lose them in the bush and wonder if they hopped the fence..

it opened up the yard so much and looks bigger and this will keep down the work load too.;)
this photo above is the other side of the front right portion of the yard BEFORE photo..

here it is after Jordan and I tackled it...we ripped out alot of the oregon grape plant native to here...too much of a good thing..:)
still a bit to work on here..but Jordan got the big stuff..we went for the roots here..He truly earned his money that day..he got a bonus for a job well done..and we had so much fun just chatting the whole time..made doing yard work a bit more fun...what a nice young man..:)

Saturday night..I had the itch to I made a dish cloth..
and last night I started this little hat..will see if it turns out..there is another hat pattern I will tackle after this a lot of yarn and it gives me something to do when watching TV or hubby is watching football.;) oh yeah that season has started I am off to go and do some more yard work..tackle it while the weather is decent..have a great day and a great week.;)


  1. It looks like you & your helper got alot done and it looks GREAT! Love the dishcloth and hat too, hard to believe the hats & gloves will soon be in use! Sending something off your way tomorrow;)

  2. Looks fabulous!!
    I wish I had some of your energy!!


  3. Your yard is going to look so nice when you are all finished with it. You two did a lot of hard work. I really like your dish cloth and hat. Hugs

  4. You have such a beautiful yard and have it looking so nice. Love your hats your making!!! You go girl!!!

  5. Wow you have been very busy.
    Love what you have done.
    I love to crochet, I have been doing mini butterflies and flowers.

  6. Wow, what a lot of hard work. It looks great!


  7. I can't crochet. I can knit but I don't remember how to cast off. I know I would love to be able to crochet. I cannot stand to have my hands idle. Weird but true. That's why I embroider but I gotta have the lights on to do that.
    I love what you and the gardener guy got accomplished. It will make a big difference come spring. We have all these perennials that need to be divided. I'm not able to do it and Mike wears out but gives it a great try. He'll take a few days but he gets 'er done. I had him totally tear out one flower bed and hope it grows back into grass. This spring, I told him to use the weed-eater on all the fence posts. We have a cedar split rail and I had flowers planted on every post. What was I thinking? Well, he did about 75% of them. He likes the flowers on the others. Maybe next spring he will get the rest. Young people should know how difficult it is for older people to take care of all those beautiful gardens! I'm willing to look at someone else's gardens---parks! We can go to the park!
    Anyway, I envy your well done labors, wishing they were mine. :)

  8. Gina,

    Do you ever quit and just sit girl? LOL! Gina, the energizer bunny, she keeps going and going and going! LOL! The cleaned out area looks fantastic. I love remaking and reclaiming overgrown area and turning it into something a little tamer....makes you feel good to get the job done. And to have a helpful helper...I usually have to poke and prod mine along!


  9. You have a wonderful yard. Wish you could send that holly tree my way. I think your idea for a veggie garden is great. It is always great to have a helper. I really depend on my boys. Blessings to you & yours!

  10. Wish you lived closer..I would love to have some help loading the U Haul...more work than Billy and I bargained glad when this move is over and maybe I can make my new yard look half as good as yours :)

  11. Morning Gina! Looks great! I'm going for that less in the yard look also - getting too old to weed!lol plus it's harder getting off the ground - not a pretty site to watch me trying to get up!!lol My husband has a panic look everytime I get out the clippers and attack a tree. I really chopped one back this weekend! So I completely understand the "look" you are after! Love the hat pattern also and Yes it is that season again. I'm working on a baby blanket for my niece - cable stitched although it is slow going! Well just wanted to stop in and say "hi"! Have a great week. Sincerely, Jeannette

  12. Wow, you have done a lot to your yard! Lots of flowers and plants in the yard look good, but they are a lot of work....I love your hats, my energizer bunny friend! Come chat tomorrow night, we want to break a record!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  13. Even in progress, that's a beautiful yard!