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Friday, September 24, 2010

More FaLL PhOTos. VeGGiEs, SuNfLoWeRS oh MY.;)

Good Morning or afternoon depending on where you are and reading this..I added a few more goodies to my "Fall" decor..

I added the pumpkin in the back that I made years ago and I added thos accorns and pinecones that I got from Joanns and also some clay candy corns..I love the splash of color they added.;)
I added my dyed and embroidered fall curtains to the downstairs bathroom..;)
I moved the harvest basket into the laundry room from the entry way vanity.;)
I cut some fever few (daisys) and added them to the vase...I love these little flowers and they are blooming right now.;) and the dahilias are not.;)
my two signs to the dining room wall...I love the simplicity of these with the bonnets and apron.;)
I put a pumpkin on the scale..
I added the candlelabra over on the shelf..
I love that corner..;)
My smiling kitty scarecrow..he lights up..:) his crow fell backwards..must fix that..he sits perched on his shoulder.;)
I added a few more signs and wrote on my chalkboard.;)
I added one of my paper mache pumpkins with crow and a doily/candle mat here too..

a view of the garden from my kitchen window...we will be harvesting the hops soon..

can you believe sunflowers finally bloomed!!! I am so excited and I didn't want them to get ruined in the rain we've been I cut them and brought them in...I still have 2 more that need to bloom..keeping my fingers crossed that they do.;) don't sunflowers make you smile..they do me.;)
and yes finally its only been like 4 months since we planted these and we are just now getting tomatoes..and they taste so good..nothing like a homegrown tomatoe.;)

Pillows are stuffed and stitched..will be posting these on etsy later today.;)

This is what I found yesterday in our blustery cold weather..sunny bunny snoozing in the guest room..her favorite spot now.;)
this is where I found the other 3..Pody is on the bed..her favorite spot..she has a little dirt spot there..:) and Millie is in the foreground her fav and Gracie is inbetween the pillows..her fav..;)
and this was taken this morning..:) does Tucker lead the good life or what..that is his towel that we have on the couch so he doesn't dirty up or smelly up the couch.;) of course we have to stage the couch with the pillows so he lays there when we aren't looking..;)
well yesterday was quite the 6:30pm I went downstairs to cook our clam chowder and the power just went we had leftover chicken cabbage salad..glad it was there..cause the power didn't come back on till 10:10pm last night..a tree on the power lines..story of our we got out the generator and fired her up and watched t.v. till it came back on..went to start a fire in the stove last night and we replaced the old blanket and bricks and for some reason it wouldn't draw the air we had a house full of smoke last night..and no ceiling fans to put it out..had to smother it out and open all the windows..when the power came back on..we have window fans pulling it out and I febrezed everything this morning and the fan is still on drawing it all gotta take apart the stove and take out some of the blanket that is there and that should do the trick.;) Thank you all for the wonderful complements on my hair..I think that is the most comments I have had on any one entry.,:) you sure know how to make a girl feel pretty;) have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by and making my day a brighter one.;)


  1. I love seeing photos of your home....your decoration always amazes me!! Love the photos of the kitties and Tucker! Homegrown tomatoes are so tasty! When Grandpa was still gardening he planted about 8 dozen tomato plants of all kinds. We never had to buy store bought tomatoes.......or zucchini either. Yep, he planted enough for everyone in Southern Oregon! In the fall Grandpa always planted turnips....we had fresh juicy turnips all winter. Grandpa love cooked turnips with their greens. Of course, Grandma canned plenty of them and hot peppers. Grandpa loved to put the juice from the hot peppers on his turnip greens. If Grandma place a bowl of homemade veggie soup, a plate with turnip greens and a hunk of cornbread on the table for dinner....Grandpa was in 7th Heaven. Sure do miss both Grandma and Grandpa!

  2. DARN DARN DARN, why do I live so far away:( I would love to come up on your lovely, welcoming porch and shout *trick or treat*!!!! I LOVE the new curtains you made and the top of the woodstove looks so nice and the kitties and Mr. Tucker sure are loved and spoiled, LOL! I know...I'm one to talk with rabbits living in the house, LOL!!!!! Awesome job decorating, I love it!!!!

  3. Hi ya stranger!!!
    You home looks so festive and inviting! I would like to come and visit to snuggle up with your little cuddly fur balls.
    I am glad you told us where you bought those faux acorns, because I was trying to use real ones and the hats kept falling off as they dried...duh!
    Looks like I need to make a trip in a near by Joann's!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  4. Everything looks Fantastic!I love love the black cat board in the corner.Did you stencil that one?Great job!The crow on the pumpkin by the tv is so cute too!No clam chowder huh.Bummer,good thing yo had some leftovers huh.I ould have just cried last night if my power would have went out.Greys anatomy and private practice came bck onlast night.amazing shows,you ever watch them?Have a great weekend,Im off totake the girls to the sock hop.blessings michelle

  5. Hey Gina,

    First of all, love your new hair do and glasses! You're do look younger and thinner! You look good!

    You have lots of fall the splash of color those acorns and pinecones added and love the pumpkin on the scale and the be thankful blocks! Everything looks so ready for fall! You inspire me!

    And your animals looks so nice and cozy!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Your house looks like such a fun home and all the fall decorations just add to that. Glad you shared it with us!!

  7. Gina,

    Tried to post a comment last night regarding your new "do" but blogger wouldn't cooperate. I love it. It seems to fit you! Bubbly and perky! Being without power really stinks.. we don't realize just how much we rely on it til we don't have it. Glad it was only temporary.

  8. Sorry you didn't get your clam chowder. It's one of my favorites. I made my version of Olive Garden's Zuppa Toscana.
    You sure have a lot of pumpkins. I got my acorns at Target--after season-50% off.
    Your drapes look fantastic in the bath.
    My 2 favorite items displayed are the hanging scales and the metal floral frog.
    Your front porch looks awesome. I never heard of anyone's garden coming on so late! You did luck out though. Tomatoes are the best from your own garden. Your sunflowers are gorgeous. The goldfinches ate the whole centers out of ours.
    Your kitties are fantastic. Don't you just love them? And Tucker, he is a great companion. I love animals.
    You do know you can enter my giveaway every day, right? Another chance for every entry! :)

  9. It is looking very beautiful and fallish around your place. Your sunflowers and tomoatoes are so very pretty. Sorry about the smoke, sounds like you got that well in hand though. Hugs

  10. Gina,
    Love all your Fall decor!! And ya know that I love your porch!! wish I had a porch to decorate. I need to get my Fall decorating finished up...hope to do it this weekend.
    Sent you the design I made for you a little while ago. Hope it came through ok.
    Have a great weekend.

  11. Everything looks great, missed the hair somehow, will have to go take a look. 8-)

  12. Wow..You sure have outdone yourself with decorating for Halloween..I like the 3 pioneer hats hanging on the pegs and love the old fashion scale..They are my favorites :)

  13. Your home is lovely Gina. You do such a nice job. I see you snatched that painted stool from Heather from the show you stinker! I wanted that and missed it.
    Well it looks adorable there anyway next to sweet tucker.
    LOVE YOUR HAIR! Getting mine done here next week and can't wait. New glasses when I get back from vacation. I do need to meet up with you before I go though, if I can find time.
    What is your schedule like next week. email me.

  14. I love the pillows you've made! And you have a lovely the view of your garden! Makes me feel good just to imagine! ♥

  15. Hi Gina,

    Love the pumpkin on the scale. It makes a statement.

    Your garden looks nice from your window !

    Neat photo pillows !