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Thursday, September 23, 2010

The NeW and ImProVed Me? and ShoPPInG.;)

okay folks here is the big reveal...have I kept anyone of you on pins and needles? lol..above is my old do..trying for the long in the front short in the bob back..but my fine hair just goes limp..I need more texture to my hair..hate having to back comb it to get the lift..done it for too many years..want easy cute bead head hair.;)old glasses by the way.
old glasses old hair do...
new hair do..old glasses..
new hair glasses!!! I love them..they even make me look that right there is a huge plus.;)
a blurry photo of new do and glasses..;)
new do old glasses..I also got a pair of sunglasses too..(not shown)..I am now wearing the progressive bifocals..they are so subtle..I like them..and I got the transition lenses too..:)anti-glare, anti scratch etc..I got it all..:)
a different look of new do..old glasses..I can flip it on the sides and back..and go for a more textured bang...I don't like lots of texture..;) you know like Rod Stewart..oh I loved his hair back in the day.;)
betcha can't guess what I will be making for my Scentsy party? with all the talk of apples, faux or real..I am in an apple fact for brunch today we had apple pecan waffles..;) they were yummy.;)
great little $1 candles..great for swaps etc.:) this is all they had left as far as I picked up 5 of them.(got them at rite aid)..
after my eye appt..I went to joanns..they had the halloween stuff on sale..and I am a huge sucker for stuff on sale..and my neighbor gave me her coupons to use..and I got 20% off my total purchase and was able to use my 40% off of my modge podge..This above is called halloween hay..will use it for the bottoms of my displays to add depth etc..;)
a window cling and 2 webs with spiders for the front porch..although with all the spiders on the front porch right now..I might not need to use it.;) ewwwhhh..;) they are big and fat cat eye spiders..
the window cling...
a little black halloween tree..I have little halloween itty bitty ornaments that I will put on this..;)
great fall colored paper stock along with I can make my halloween tags etc..;)
modge podge and halloween bags for the little nose goblins that come a calling this halloween.:)

and last but not least..I listed this on my etsy site if any one is interested..I took more photos of my fall decor..will share that is cold and rainy..only about 59 degrees today..definitely sock and sweater weather...Tonights menu is Clam chowder...its becoming soup season again..I love crock pot ones..easy and smell up the house so nicely..
I am also burning a tart that if banana nut bread.. I got it from Dusty Attic when I ordered some stuff...they are amazing..they smell just like the real other favorite is blueberry cobbler..those are what she sent me..and I was in heaven.;) I hope you all have a great day today..I am going to plug away at the things I need to get done.;) thanks for stopping by and saying hi..I always love to hear from you...and alot of you I haven't heard from lately..;) I miss you all.;)


  1. Adorable, but I thought you were cute before, sugar!!! :-)

  2. OH....*SQUEAL* Yes miss Gina you sure have kept us on pins & needles for sure, but SO worth the wait, you are TOO, TOO CUTE! I love the new hair and the glasses are beautiful, a whole new you for fall:) I love all the sale stuff you got (except the spiders) LOL!!! Can't wait to see it all up for Halloween, it is always such a treat to see what your up to;) Those caramels........OH YUM! Can't wait to get my candle mats and show my new shelf:D

  3. Love you new do...great cut for you. Nice glasses too. Looks like caramel apples may be on the horizon...toss me one if so. :) Enjoy your new do and the new glasses. Hugs

  4. LOVE the new hair.. love the 'stripes" -my hair dresser went out of town for 2 weeks now I'll suffer even more thinking of your new do.. and of course the glasses complete the look!

  5. Love the new Do and glasses!!

    Cant wait to see what you do with all your new Halloween goodies.

    Take Care,

  6. Try getting a body perm, it will
    hold your hair up on the top,
    or use Root Lifter. I like the new
    you! Of course I liked the old you,
    too! Caramel apples sound so good.
    It is 95 degrees, right now! I sure
    wish it would cool off!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  7. Oh you look just gorgeous Gina.I honestly had that hairdo at one time.Loved it.Super easy.I spike the backstraight out and sprayed like crazy.They were like sharp little I would even keep it trimmed myself too.Just pulled through my fingers and snip away.easy peasy.Love your glasses too.Im picking mine up tommorow.You got some great decorations.clam chowder yum yum.have a great night sweetie .blessings michelle

  8. First of all love the hair. I have the progressive lenses and I have had them for 10 months and still have not gotten used to them. But these are my first pair of glasses ever, so it's probably just me.

    Looks like you got some good decorations. I was just a JoAnn's today and handed them a Michael's coupon by mistake and they said that they accept Michael's coupons (who knew) PLUS they gave me one of their 50% off coupons to use another day.

  9. Love your new hairdo and glasses. It's amazing how a new hairdo can make you feel so much better. I'm enjoing my new hairdo. Caramel apples sound so good!

  10. Your hair is adorable! I think the new glasses add color to your face. Very flattering!
    Happy Fall!

  11. I love your new hairstyle and glasses, you are beautiful!!! And I love reading about all the awesome bargains that you find, you are an inspiration girl friend!!!

  12. Love, love, love the new do and the new glasses to! Hot chickie for sure!! Looks like you got some great deals too. Hope you have a great weekend!

  13. Look at you, cutie! And look at those caramels...

  14. I LOVE your new hairdo and glasses! Looks like you got lots of great sale goodies - looking forward to seeing how you use them. Clam chowder sounds yummy - it's still to hot here for soup.

    Autumn Blessings,

  15. You look great!! Love that easy to take care of right??


  16. I Love The 'new do'! Your bangs are really cute! You are going to love the progressive bifocals. I've had mine for years and it took a bit time to adjust but now I love them.

  17. Gina~
    Your new cut is super cute and love the glasses!! Very "put together" look and I'm sure you have received lots of compliments!

    I am craving a caramel apple after seeing all that caramel.....yum!!


  18. Love your 'do'!
    So easy, isn't it.
    I have my hair cut short - - -
    at 7/8ths of an inch on top
    and an inch-and-a-half in front.
    Easy peasy, fer certain.


  19. I think your new hair do looks really cute!

    I also love the festive look of your blog.

  20. Hi there Miss Gina...aren't you a cutie!! I love your new haircut!! And your glases too!! It's time for me to get my eyes checked again, so I might be getting new glasses soon too.
    You got some great goodies at JoAnn's. I wanted to get some small hay bales to use as displays in my booth and I found out that we are not allow to have them in our booths at all. They are saying it is a fire hazard.
    Didn't craft today at nasty cold is still hanging on and it is ugly!! Hopefully, I will feel better tomorrow and will email you the design I made for you.

  21. okay! i love the new "do" & the new glasses...simply fabulous! the black tree is awesome...have always wanted one! i HAVE to get one of your bees wax rolling pin covers!!! totally matches my kitchen! the dusty attic...where is isn't in equality, il is it? because i have a dusty attic just 15 mins away from me... i LOVE her & she makes fantastic banana nut bread tarts!

  22. Hi Gina
    Your new look is so funky love it and it must be something in the new hair do is sitting in a box on the table waiting for my hairdresser daughter to tranform me later LOL..Love your buys love Halloween just love everything today HA HA.. :0)

  23. LOVE your new 'do' Gina!! Cute and SASSY!!!! And your new glasses look great on you!!

  24. Love your new do and glasses, you look cute and sassy!! My hair is fine and without lots of product it is flat as a pancake. Add to that a cowlick in the back, on my goodness, don't even want to go there!!