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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

PlayFul PuMpkiN pAtCh...


  • Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Paint - Pumpkin Orange (#52411)
  • 1 1/2" to 2" diameter tree branch, cut 4" to 5" in length
  • Raffia/Excelsior
  • Vinyl Dryer Hose
  • Hot glue
  • Safety wire
  • Paper clip
  • Wire cutters


  1. Cut the dryer hose to a length of 2" per pumpkin (stretched out).
  2. Fashion a hook out of a stretched paper clip and hook it into one end of the length of dryer hose.
  3. While stretching out the dryer hose, spray the Pumpkin Orange in several light coats until the hose’s original color is no longer visible. Allow to dry for one hour.
  4. After the hose is completely dry, bring the ends together and affix with the safety wire, clipping the excess off with the wire cutters.
  5. Apply hot glue to the end of the cut tree branch and insert the glued end into the center hole created when the hose ends were put together.
  6. Before the glue sets, add the raffia/excelsior in the glue at the stem base to simulate the vines.

I made these years ago and they are so much fun to make..:) I am going shopping with my best friend Kimmy today..Dropping off our puppy for his yearly just wanted to drop in with a quick hello!! have a wonderful day everyone!!!


  1. Have fun shopping, can't wait to see what you find!!! Those pumpkins are adorable, what a neat idea, thanks for sharing:D

  2. Thanks for sharing this information, the pumpkins are soooo cute!!! Have a great day!!!

  3. I remember my kids making these in school when they were little. You are right they are so cute.
    Enjoy your day out. Buy something fabulous so you can share it with us.

  4. I like your pumpkin patch. Hugs

  5. Gina, What a cute idea! Thanks for sharing!
    I think I fixed my font, let me know if it's ok! OLM

  6. That's a super cute tutorial! Thanks for sharing with us :0) Hope you have a great time shopping!!

  7. these are great. we made them at super saturday years ago only they painted them gold... I like the orange so much better!

  8. Thanks for sharing Gina. I got caught up on your blog today. I miss our visits together. We need to gather sometime soon! October at Gina's is the best! You always make the cutest stuff...and so do all of your friends! Hope shopping was fun!

  9. Shopping? How fun! Show us what you bring home!!!
    Those pumpkins are adorable. I've never seen anything like that before! Thanks!

  10. What a neat looking pumpkin patch. I'd like to load my wheelbarrow full.

  11. These are just so neat. Have a great time you & Kimmy. Blessings!

  12. What a great idea - these are awesome. TFS. Hope you had fun shopping.

  13. Who'd have thought dryer hose could go from ugly to fantastic like that!

  14. These are cute! I have seen them done like this before, what a great
    idea! Have a great day and don't
    forget to show us what you get!
    We are all nosy, ya know!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  15. Hi honey so sorry I have been AOL from visiting. I am so far behind with friends that I feel bad about it.
    Love the way you have your site fixed up with all the new pictures. Your slide show of your home is really special and it is you. I love it.
    Let me know how your doing and forgive me for being slow with visits