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Thursday, October 7, 2010

PlaYinG CaTcH Up!!!:>)

Well its been a few days since I have posted and its catching up with I thought I would fill you in on whats been going on in our household..On Monday I made a wonderful new recipe of Cuban pork tenderloin with sweet potato stew..I added and doctored it some..but oh my was it tasty..I will be eating some for lunch today.:)
I had left over yams and sweet I decided to dehydrate them to make a garland or small wreath to hang some where..
We decided to tackle the little garden shed in the back yard..we had the old table here and it is now stored under a tarp in the upper part of the garage..Apparently we had a family of mice living here..7 mice and one huge rat..well we took care of that and we were left cleaning these little non-paying rodents messy vacuum vac in hand and santizer we cleaned out the entire shed from top to bottom...these are the before photos..doesn't hubby look thrilled..
you couldn't get back here..this used to be our holiday storage shed for many years till we got the garage built hence the shelves.. we tossed alot of stuff too..just too damaged from the mice family..
here is is so nice to get back in there again..smells clean and you can actually find something..
the back part..there is a kitty door for the babies when they get scared they can come in here..and they can use the facilities when they need too.;)
That was a 4 hour job that is out of our hair..I then still felt motivated and quickly mowed the lawn..I felt it later..took some ibeprofun and a nice hot shower..helped...but one more project out of the way.;)
This was my Sillie Millie yesterday when I was folding laundry..I just love that kid..;)
This was Stanley Steamer on monday..Hubby was tossing leaves at him and he was playing in we covered him in them..;)

Okay onto Tuesday..Kimmy and I set out to go shopping..I had to drop Tucker off for his yearly exam at 9am and we met up at Joanns...where else? we got to the costumes and were laughing about them..and a gal said we both needed our pictures here you go..Kimmy and I in our best witch hats.;) don't you just love those braids..Kimmy looks thrilled too..people always ask us if we are sisters..and we tell them yes!!..
I look pretty good as a kitty..:)
I picked up this wonderful rug at Walmart for $9.00 bucks..I love the color of it is gracing the kitchen floor.;)
I got this magazine at rite aid..I went through it last night and I marked just about every page..some wonderful recipes to try for the holidays..a must have so pick one up.;)
Packing supplys at walmart for sending off packages and swaps.:) they have the best prices.
oh and the "Big" bag of candy..I am set for Halloween..gotta bag it all up with some plastic rings for the kids and we are set...also at walmart..
I picked up another great burnt orange towel for the was only 3.50..can't beat this will look nicer as the other one is a brighter orange for halloween..this will be my thanksgiving/year round one..since I kind of have a fall theme in the bathroom:)
more towels to embroider on..;)
got this lovely stash at joanns..the purple lights are in the dining room..I love the glow they put off..;)some ribbon and some yarn to crochet kitchen wash rags with..
They are having a huge sale at joanns..these cute little pillows were only a will see them when I post my halloween decor..
more wool felt for making penny rugs, chair backs etc..
a remanent of a nice plaid polor fleece..will be making scarves and embroidering on that was Tuesday..I got home and started decorating for halloween..the weather was glorious and still is..loving this indian summer we are getting..just hope it lasts..:)

On wednesday I was up early to finish my halloween decorating..and I did some baking we were having some guys from church come over for a service project and split our wood that has been sitting for a I knew I had to bake them something yummy for taking time out of their busy day to come over and chop our wood and stack I made pumpkin spice bread. 6 loaves...
and pumpkin cake...oh and it is yummy..I gave them the pumpkin bread and cut up the cake and gave them some..but lets not get stupid here..I kept some too...:)
here is Logan Cleave and Tim just going to town on the wood..
Here is Tim Bullock the coordinator of this service project..he is showing us his guns..I tell you these guys rocked..only took them 2 hours to split and stack this for we are set to go with another project that we don't have to do..but are set for the winter weather..if you guys are reading this..thank you so much for coming over and making our lives easier and toasty.;)

Ahhh you gotta love free wood and free we gotta cover it and we are good to we had leftovers for dinner..that cuban pork and I tell you it is better the second time around..has a nice little kick to it...just enough today I am finishing up craft projects and getting them out in the mail by tomorrow..I took a bazillion halloween photos..will share those tomorrow..and while decorating yesterday 2 wonderful packages came and I will share those on Saturday..:) lets just say my home smells yummy..;) I hope you all have a fantastic thursday..and as always thanks for stopping by and saying hi and making my day...I just love my blogging make my days so much better.;>)


  1. You two look adorable!! And you always find the deals, love the pillows!

  2. Gina,

    Girl I am exhausted just trying to keep up with reading about all that you are doing...come on over girlfriend and whip my house into shape...hubby too! LOL! You an Kimmy do look like you could be sisters...cute little witchy poos that you are!


  3. WOWWW you got a lot accomplished, and shopping to boot, YEA! I feel a little guilty for being so lazy on vacation, only a little guilty, well actually not much since I'll be back Saturday and rockin&rollin to get everything done! glad the weather has been nice.

  4. We love you too Gina:)You & that Kimmy are quite the pair, LOL, cutest witches I've ever seen!!! Of course I love you as a kitty too and that candy, oh my, bet all the kids love your house not many folks give out chocolate anymore;) I hate the color purple but I LOVE the purple lights!!! I just can't wait to see your house all decked out for Halloween!!!!! Have a great day!!!!

  5. Oh, almost forgot, LOL, your hubby looks about the same as mine does while doing *projects* :D

  6. wow you sure are as busy as a bee.looks like your all set for the winter too.I seen a sweet potato garland somewhere(cant remember where)and thought about makin one too.dont have a dehydrator though.wonder if I could just bake or dry them out?you will have to show some pics when there all done.the cake looks super yummy.the hubby bought me a cast iron cake mold at walmart of a pumpkin that has a recipe for pumpkin cake on the back,i secretly had pantry cakes rollin around in my head at the time of purchase lol.didnt see the cute rug though.they were down to slim pickins though.just my luck .lol.I did get a cute glass pumpkin jar candy holder though,of course I didnt dare put any candy in it.I put a grubby tea light and some cute.You got some super cute tucks from Jo annes too.great deal.I never go there.I should check it out huh.have a great weekend.Im off to finish dinner before my daughters game.blessings michelle

  7. whew! Sounds like you had a great time (looks like it too!) Wish I had your energy! Would love to hire you as my full time cook!

  8. Looks like you & Kimmy had a fun day. So many great goodies you found. I just love those little pillows. Wood heat sure is so cozy & warm. You look great with the cat ears. I am sure all your furry friends would love to have you looking a bit like them. You look cute. Take care & blessings.

  9. You sure make the best meals! I love you in the kitty ears, it is soooo
    you!!! You can make a person tired,
    by just reading all you do!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  10. Hey Gina,

    The kitty ears are adorable on you..hmm, the cats must be rubbing off on you ! LOL.

    The pumpkin bread sure looks good.. as does the cake..

    Kimmie does look like your sister !

    Yep, rodents are not a good thing. They also eat wiring and can cause fires ~ squirrels and chipmunks , too. They love bird seed, grass seed, pet food, etc.. so it is best to keep it in a container they can't get into.

    I will have to check out the magazine , Taste of Home..


  11. That's my Dad, Ya'll. MY Dad. He's awesome!!

  12. I'll have to find tht rug at my Walmart - that's very cute. When you mentioned your felt for penny rugs I had to run over to your etsy shop to see what you had for sale. LOTS of cute stuff. I'll be back for Christmas presents for sure.

  13. Wow you got alot done. Isn't it nice to check off things from the list. I absolutely love that rug I think a Wal Mart trip is in order and see what they got here.

    By chance would you be willing to share your pumpkin cake receipe with us.


  14. Mice, rats, firewood, food, craft supplies and you even threw in a shot of your cute hubby! Geesh! I know I couldn't keep up with you gal. LOL. Enjoying life you are. Good for you!
    p.s. you do look good in those kitty kat ears:)

  15. now who is the busy bee?! lol! well, you sound as if you need a well deserved break! i am glad you got your package! i just knew you would love those tarts! :) can't wait to see pics!

  16. You and Kimmie really DO look like sisters! sure have been busy! You've motivated me to get out into my garage so maybe I can park a car in there this winter!! Hope I don't find any little families living out there! BTW...with all those cats, what are you doing with mice anywhere NEAR your house! LOL! And LOVE the expression on "Carpet Cleaner's" face! LOL! ~~Annie

  17. Hey, mew is my kind of girl! Darling, you look fabulous as a cat - will you be my date for Halloween?!?

    Seriously, "she" wants to know if you would mind slowing down a bit - you are making "her" look bad. Sure hope Dad never finds your blog....

    BTW - don't think I got a chance to tell you I really like your new haircut!!!

    Well looking forward to seeing your Halloween decorations and your mail gifts.....

    And remember, how about chilling for an hour or two, okay?! Your two fur babies need some lap time anyway. No wonder the poor child was in the laundry basket and the other in the leaf pile ;)


    Romeo and "her"

  18. It has been very busy around your place. Everything looks so nice and neat. The food looks yummy. Looks like Sillie Millie and Stanley Steamer were enjoying themselves while you and hubby were working. I enjoyed your post and all the pictures. Do you ever rest? :)Hugs

  19. Love the little pillows!! You and Kimmy do look like you could be sisters...and too cute in those witch hats.
    Well, it's after mid-night here...which means that I'll be sitting up for my show after dinner tonight. But right now, I'm finishing up some embroidery on dish towels before heading off to get some sleep.

  20. I'm gonna have to go take a nap you made me so tired. 8-) Sounds like you had some good fun mixed in with your work though.

  21. Just found your site. Wow, your house is great. Love your sense of humor too. I'm new to the blogging world and have started a blog of my own. I am having a giveaway. Please check it out.
    I will be back to visit here often.