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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

SwaPs GiVeN anD GiVeAwAYs WoN..;)

Good Wednesday morning to you all!!! I recently did a swap with my good Friend Jenn of "Busy Bee" and this is what I gave her..(she has received her package)..but her computer is down right we all have to wait to see what she did with her treasures and where she put them..I made her a little sunflower pillow that I printed onto computer fabric, a little spring pillow to hang on a door apple scented candle and a wrap for her rolling pin..she just needs to sew it onto the pin..:)
She loves this was fun..she got a cute little candle matt..some lace earrings that are sunflowers that I machine embroidered..and an avon cinnamon stick chaps stick..these are yummy..;) and a Pillow that I machine embroidered this little pillow with a bee (another Love of hers).and I hand stitched the busy bee on it for her..
She got some salt dough cookies with sunflowers, crows, leaves...and not sure what else..she also got some cinnamon bun smelling potpourri..;)
she also got 2 big sunflowers that I painted and stained has the flag painted on it and the other has a crow with wire legs sewn on to it..and a cute little prim flag to go with it.;)
and a cute little autumn pillow ( the flash was too bright)..I can't wait to see where she put everything..and if you get a chance stop by and look at her video of her will die and go to is glorious and you will walk away with a bunch of decorating ideas too..Thanks again Jenn for being my september happiness swap partner!!!:)

Well awhile back Tammy of Country Girl at Home won my giveaway that I was doing for fall.. and I wanted to send her some I told her I had something I wanted to make for Joys room since they had just redid it..and I had something I wanted to make for her... but I wanted to send everyone a little something...these coffee cozys are for Jason and Tammy. two chapsticks for Tammy and Joy..a halloween pin and a picture frame..
I made a pillow for Colt since he is a budding musician and thought he would love this. and the monkey is for Luke to cuddle.;) I love the sweet face he has.;) just like Lukes.;)
I made this "Dancing" banner for Joy as she loves to dance and she does Ballet..Joy the little ballerina's dress glows in the dark!!!! so you can see her at night when you are in bed.;) she also got the little vintage butterfly as it matches her bedroom colors.;)

I love how it turned out and I can't wait to see where she hangs this..;) Well I have to go to the doctors again today..they are doing x-rays on my hips and back to see why I am in pain all the time..I don't sleep well and haven't since my hysterectomy 4 years ago...and I have told them time and time again its the way they had my legs jacked up in the air so they can perform the surgery..(I don't bend that way) and never have and it has pulled something out of whack..needless to say I toss and turn all night least once every 1/2 hour or so...trying to get hopefully the x-rays will show something..I am on some allergy pill will see if it works or far so good..feels good to breathe again.;) Well that is it for me..thank you for stopping by and saying hi..I always love to hear from you and see what you are up too as well;) we are getting glorious weather and it is sunny out as we speak..yesterday was a foggy one..but turned out gorgeous!!! love these fall days..and we are lighting fires at night now..cause it gets cold..I am going to make more bread dough and make homemade pizza tonight.;) will post pictures if it turns out.;) take care and enjoy these beautiful fall days.:)


  1. Wow, they are lucky girls to have swapped with you and won your give away. Such nice things you made. I sure hope they find out what's wrong with your back. Back pain is the worst and you can't have a good day when you didn't sleep all night. Good luck and let us know what the x-rays said. ~~~~Cathy~~~~

  2. Those chap sticks sound YUMMY! Love all the swap goodies homemade pizza sounds wonderful! I will have to check out that blog;) Enjoy the day, and hope you find out what is causing the pain:( I toss and turn all night too, I get really stiff and sore if I'm on one side too long.

  3. What neat swaps and giveaways, I would sure like something like that in my mailbox to brighten the day:)

    I didn't know you were in pain, how in the world do you accomplish so much? If they get you fixed up I'll bet you could walk across the country and see me. You will feel that energetic, at least I hope so.

  4. What nice swap and give away goodies. Hope you are feeling better real soon.

  5. certainly hope they find out soon what's causing your back pain...mine is usually cause I've done some fool thing, like laying on the floor, putting my 11 month old (heavy) g'son on my legs and lifting him up and was fun til the next day...when I worked in the operating room (years ago) a lot of women had back probs from having their legs up in the air for the length of time it took for the surgery...luv your crafts...your winner is very fortunate...

  6. All your goodies are great. Hope you are feeling better Gina. Blessings!

  7. Gina, all wonderful treasures!!!! congrats on your win!!! OLM

  8. I love all the swap goodies, one lucky girl. Your creations amaze me. I love everything!!!

  9. I am like Cathy they are really lucky girls to have you send them such wonderful gifts.
    Love everything you do but especially these pillows. Too darn cute.
    Hope your doing good. I miss your visits

  10. Gina,

    Thank you again for all the goodies! I let Joy pick first out of the chapsticks! I just love everything you sent. We'll be sure and show a picture when we get Joy's banner hung. I didn't realize it glowed. That's so cool!

    I hope they figure out your back pain so they can take care of it! Like someone else said, I don't know how you accomplish so much with pain and not sleeping! Bless your heart!

    Thanks again SO much Gina! You are a sweetheart for sending us the goodies! We really do love them!


  11. Great swap goodies that you made!! Looks like you were a busy bee too!! Glad to hear you are breathing better and I hope that the x-rays will show why you are having that you can get to feeling pain free soon.
    Going to email you...want your opinion on something.

  12. Hope you are feeling better soon! I can now feel the back pain after hiking the mountains-but mine will go away I hope!
    Great swap and treasures-What fun!
    Enjoy your day,