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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

YaRk WorK, GiFt, BreAd, & OFG CeLeBraTioN...

Good Tuesday Morning!!! well the past couple of days have been spent getting this yard work finished once and for all..Sunday Hubby worked on the back yard getting rid of the piles of leaves that I put there last wednesday and the pile of photenia stems that have been there for the last 2-1/2 years (feels like longer) they are gone and the back yard looks better then it has in 16 years..This is the front yard that we tackled yesterday...That rhodie that is behind that vintage tiller was so over grown and laying on the ground you could get to anything underneath I went to town on it..and I got rid of the surrounding clover ground cover that grew around is like grass sod once you can get your hands under it it pulls up in sheets..and that made it easy..I like the clover..but too much of a good thing and it spreads can actually see out into the street now..this side was really over grown..but with Jordan's help a couple of weeks ago..this is ready for bark...
Oh I love a tidy yard I can't believe how long I let this now it is a matter of going out and staying on top of it..and when the leaves fall it will be easier to blow them out of here..which is what we did yesterday...The yard is finished and ready for about 4 truckloads of bark..hopefully next week or the first of november..that little tractor is house ground bees or we have to take care of that..

heres where the pile of photenia sticks were inbetween the dog house and that has been such an eye sore for so long..and now we can actually walk back there without tripping all over...and the cats seem to like it..and now we can keep track of them when we let them out of their kennel for a little romp around the more hiding places.;)
you can see the huge pile of leaves on the other side of the fence..we still need to go over there and push back the leaves from the fence and we still have more leaves that are falling to get rid of..but the hard part is done..that little rotted burn barrel is going too..
the top of the kennel had a "leaf" much brighter for the kittys now...and see whats left of my little dresser in the back behind the doghouse..just rotting away..we are saving the little red sink and the rest is is in there hubby has to figure out how to get it out..anyone want a free dog house..we are trying to get rid of doesn't fit the cat kennel otherwise it would go in there as the cats love it..but the dog...not so much;)
the hopps are done and two are not harvestable so we are letting them go till after halloween..cause I love the way they look up we have to get rid of those come november,;)
this was taken this morning from my craft room is foggy out as we speak..but hubby painstakingly took all the little stuff that was growing in my little rock path and I have my little path much easier to walk up it gotta keep round up on it..I can't wait to bark this yard will look like we just moved in 16 years ago..seriously we took out that much of the yard..but we have trimmed back some it will be a surprise come spring to see what comes back..but I am so much happier to have it parred down and easier for us to one on either side and in front of us maintains their it makes it doubly hard to keep ours we are the ones to suffer having to keep ours up..but we have the prettiest yard on the block..I gave the next door neighbors some of my halloween decorations that I no longer at night I can see their home lit up..and it always makes me smile..

I made this for the gal that taught us how to make bread last thursday..I gave her one of my faux caramel apples too..;) she loved it.:)
the ribbon says thankful & grateful...
and I put decorative binding around the top of the collar as my machine is on the blink won't do the decorative stitches..but I like this better anyway.:)
I made my bread on Saturday evening!! and I am not kidding you all it took only 1 hour from start to finish..I used my kitchen aid mixer and halved the recipe and I got the most tender, moist bread ever!!!..I can't wait to make more of it..
I tell you its in the get that liquid lecithin and do this will not be sorry..:)

Well we are having our huge old farmhouse gathering celebration on etsy for a whole month!! so type in WHCOFG in the box (or go to my side bar and click on it) and you will see what we have to offer..The 3 below are what I have..but I have more christmas items mixed in there as well..there is alot of amazing talent out there in our group..

Well I am heading to the doctors today to see about these allergies and why I have been plugged up for the last 3 months..and then I have a activities church meeting at 3pm...tomorrow I will share some swap goodies I gave to Jennifer and some others if they have received their goodies yet...oh boy is it cold right now..would love to build a fire and just vegitate on the couch and catch up on my programs...I hope you all have a great week..:) and thanks for stopping by.;)


  1. your yard looks fantastic...kudos to you and hubby for a job well done...I'm going to have to try that bread...1 hour from start to finish - sounds good to me...hope doc can help with the allergies...bye now

  2. The yard is lookin so good!What a job huh.I got some of mine done this past weekend.still got a ton of bulbs to get in the ground. oh no dont tell me your sewing machines on the fritz.Ive been waiting so patiently .lol.your bread looksso much faster then the other way ,huh.just think spring will be here before you know it and all that hard work has paid allergies have gone wild as well.doc yesterday said bronchitus again and prescribed another z-pack and some flonase.have a great day sweetie.blessings michelle

  3. Your yard is looking nice. I was lucky enough to inherit my Grandfather's vintage culivator. It has a plow, culivator and a couple of more attachments with it. Everytime I look at it I see Grandpa out in his garden. Grandpa also had a vintage John Deere tractor. I can't remember exactly what year...either in 30's or early 40's. I would loved to have had the tractor but I had no place to store it. Your bread looks so good. To answer your question a while back I have 2 bread of them is a Magic Chef and I can't get in the cupboard right now to find out the other ones brand. I love them both.

  4. Your yard is looking good. I have neglected mine all summer and now it's going to take twice as long to get it back in shape, but it's my project of the week this week. I just read your bread post and am salivating. Sounds yummy!

  5. Wow, your yard looks great, you and hubby have worked so hard and it is beautiful. I can just taste your homemade bread now. It looks so yummy. Love the little dress you made too, you are one talented girl!!

  6. Gina,

    The yard is looking really good. The bread looks so yummy...I can almost smell it and taste it! I have to get cleaning out my vegetable beds. The tomatoes are done and need to be removed and I yanked the cucumber out last week. I like the fall season, but there is so much work to do.

    Have a great day.


  7. Hey Gina,

    Your yard does look just looks like a place I'd love to linger...packed full of charm and character! I love your house too!

    Guess what....the package was on our porch today when we came home from the Dr. (Joy has strep throat). What fun! You weren't kidding girl, there was something in there for everyone! I think it tickled Colt to be included in one of my prim packages...hee hee! We all loved everything! I'm trying to get pictures and maybe I can decorate some tomorrow. I'll be sure and share pics when I get them!

    Thank you again SO much, Gina. That was a very sweet thing to do and a wonderful and generous package!


  8. Oh...I am SO jealous of your yard! It looks wonderful! Foggy over here this morning, too! But ended up being a gorgeous day. Enjoy it while you can...sounds like the rains are a coming!

    Yes...Shelley and I are going to the Tacoma Dome on Thursday. It's a yearly trek for us...that and the Victorian Country Christmas in Puyallup. Too bad we won't be there on the same day! We could get into ALL kinds of trouble! I'll try to leave a few things for you to buy! LOL! ~~Annie

  9. Y'all have worked so hard on your yard and it sure shows. Great job!

  10. Your yard looks wonderful!! Love the dress towel that you made and your goodies for the OFG celebration too!! I hope the doctor can give you some help with your allergies.