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Thursday, October 21, 2010

ThiS and ThAt...

Hey there everyone..not much is going on around haven't had anything to post..I ordered the other farm house chicks christmas book as I loved their first one so much..have yet to go through it..but will soon.;)
and last night I was watching Martha Stewart and I forgot to put out my big I put them out last night..
I got the two big jars at Hallmark years ago and love them..I usually fill them with candy..but not this year..It looks so cute with the harvest mix that Jenn made has candy corns and peanuts in it..I also made caramel apples last night to take to the gals that we visit from our church..I gave 2, to our next door neighbors and kept one for me..Oh I haven't had a caramel apple in years!!! and it was so I am putting more apples on my list with caramels too..;)
I also put out my beakers can't see the big one's writing..but its for punch..I got it at Hallmark as well..and I believed I used it for punch too..;) well today is a beautiful day..but blustery..and the leaves are really falling too..looks so messy in the yard..but they are falling and we can be done with them once and for all..Tomorrow a my friend Sarah from church and I are going to a big holiday gift show that they put on every year..they have over 650 booths so we are going to see what they have..get some ideas and maybe buy something too...just hoping to see some handmade stuff and not the made in china crap..and that will be what I buy probably too...we shall see..we have someone bringing their mini aussie over to meet Tucker tonight and get the dog house one more item out of our hair.:) Well I am going to go and sew something..cause I have two projects to get done..I hope your day was a good one and an even better evening.;)
Oh the doctor yesterday said he could find nothing wrong with me..except that I might have a kidney getting a ct scan to see..but its not whats been causing me pain for 4 years..its the way they had me in the stirrups at the doctors when I had my surgery 4 years ago..and it seems to be falling on deaf ears..I have complained about this for 4 years..and have gotten no relief or any will be going back and basically asking the doctor to refer me to someone else that can help hips and my gluts are tender to the touch..thinking its muscular somehow..but wondering why its painful to the touch..will keep you posted..I am not in excruiating pain all day..but sleeping is my biggest issue..don't sleep but more then 3-4 hours a night with a lot of tossing and turning going anyway take care and have a wonderful friday..will report back on what I get..also its my hubbys 50th birthday this saturday...;) holy cow!!!


  1. Caramel apples sound so good!!! I love all your treat jars and that book sounds interesting;) Hope someone can find out what to do for your pain, I have it in my hips and *butt* too but mine is fibro. Hope you enjoy the rest of the day:D

  2. Hi Gina, Thanks for stopping by my new Blog! I kind of wanted to keep my business and home separate so that's why I started a new Blog!

    Hey, did you get the invoice last week for the tart burner? There's no hurry, I just wanted to make sure that you did received it!

    Have a great evening! Kim

  3. My compliments to your hubby on his birthday...sounds like you need a second opinion about what's causing your pain...4 years is a long time to not be able to sleep through the night...I hope you'll find out you can have some post reminded me and made me a little sad...every fall my husband (deceased a year tomorrow) wanted caramel he and I would make his later years he craved caramels so I found soft ones for him to eat...he and I did so many things together almost everything reminds me of him...