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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

HaLLoWeEn DoNe StoPPed by FoR A viSiT..and OthEr MiSc.;)

Good Morning Everyone!!! well I hope the wait was worth it..and this is a picture heavy hang with me if you dare...mmuuuwwwaaaaahhhhh!!!!! my blogging buddy Karen said I must love halloween and your answer would be yes..I love decorating for as we didn't do much in our home as we couldn't afford it..but I always loved going to the houses that were decorated and spooky..cause it really added to that holiday feel..never got to see the insides..but I love to decorate cause I want the kids nowadays to know what it was like for me and to have a sense of nostalgia..a bit of homespun old fashioned fun...isn't that what Halloween is all about..we need to bring back some of the stuff we did as kids because it was wholesome and kids these days don't get alot of that..and I feel sorry for kids these days..I wouldn't want to be a kid in this day and age..I tell you I was born 100 years too late..and you know the adults that bring their kids to my home always comment on it..I know they must feel the nostalgicness(is that a word) of it..;)
that big witch in the moon came from that Taipan store in Utah..she is my fav!!! my metal house from didn't lit up..but I fixed that.;)
the chaulkboard has a different saying now..;)
Gracie helping me take photos..
I made the spooky hollow inn sign...
my witch in the guest bedroom window stirring up her pot of magik.;)
the tombstones at the end of the walk there..proped up by the feeding cans..
Gracie helping me..I took down the lights hanging there as there were too many plugs and not enough hung them up in the living room windows..;)every window is lit up at night..:)
welcome to Cat Nap Inn;)
my little pumpkin scarecrows to light your way...
sunday after church I went to my good friend Mikki and Bobs house for my corn stalks..I tied them up with orange/black plaid flannel fabric..;)
the house looks complete now...and I have spiders all over the place..I still have webs that I purchased that I need to put up I suppose..have enough real ones...and oh are those cat eye spiders getting big and scary.;)

my little jar witch luminaries out front that I made..these will be lit up too..;)

I made the horizontal sign..and this stencil has a story..I got this from a gal that used to blog and then her husband murdered her..this was in north carolina..her face is still in my followers..what a total shock that was..I used to follow her blog..she was a sweet heart...
I got this trick or treat sign from that same taipan the other one from a fun store in utah as well..
I got this witch bag at hallmark years is motion detected..she alerts me to the little nose goblins on my front porch...she scares the crap out of everyone..even our dog...she says Happy Halloween and something else..;)
I took this saying from Kim of old road primitives..I hope you don't mind..I just love the saying and hubby actually noticed it and liked it too.;)
my front door curtesy of Jenn..;) I love this.:)
okay lit up for night.;)

this one is my smiling jackolantern kitty.;)
can't tell but this is lit up to0..

Well guess what came in the mail winnings from Barbara Stock of Heartstrokes ..It just pops on this red is painted on some sort of mesh and is really cool..cause you can see through it.;)
Thanks again Barb..she fits right in..;)
so the little halloween sign moved over here...

okay for the whatcha working on wednesday post...I am embroidering on towels...some stained some not..and using the fabric above as the "t-shirt" dress part of it. I love these designs..these are from Denise of Pioneer loft she digitizes these cross stitch designs and I couldn't resist them.;)

these two wonderful towels went to Laurie of Cats haven crafts..she is the one that sent me all that yummy wool...we did a swap and she got 2 of my halloween pillows with cats..these 2 towels and a cat purse..;)

okay last but not least..I got this award 4 times..yes you heard me right..4 times. from farmhouse prims , and Live oak primitive peddler, and olde corps primitives and raven wood whimzies primitivesso I gotta come up with at least 28 things about me..might not make it but will try.;)
1. I am number 5 of 6 kids
2. I love cats...that was a hard
3. used to do hair
4. love to decorate and tweak to my hearts content. should have been an interior designer..
4. love a clean house and yard..anal that way I guess
5. love a freshly mowed lawn..
6. am anal about how my hair should look.
7. hated school growing up.
8. loved beauty college though
9. was the class clown in school
10. used to get panic attack in kindegarton and realized it when I was 25 what they were.
11. love to sew and create
12. love my embroidery it!!
13. love all my blogging buddys..what would I do with out you.
14. halloween is my favorite holiday to decorate for.
15. christmas is second..a really close second.;)
16. I can make "fart" noises with my hands..I know a true talent don'tcha think..learned it in 5th grade from my friend Patti O' Connell
17. I can flare my sister Peggy taught me that one:)
18. are you bored yet?
19. I was born originally in Utah.
20. Yes I am a mormon
21. my favorite breakfast is a bagel toasted with butter on one and peanut butter on the other with honey or my strawberry jam.
22. I have lived in 4 different states and 1 country.
23. we lived in Naples italy for 3 years while hubby did his navy thing
24. we have no kids unless you count our 4 legged ones..and we certainly count them;)
25. I love Joanns
26. I love that was a hard one;) lol
27. I want to be a race car driver...
28. a bonus one..I am the only one in my family that decorates in prim and loves antiques.;)

Okay that is it for me..I gotta go and get my bagel on and then head out to mow the lawn..and rake up the leaves and maybe tear up the front yard some more..the weather is supposed to be getting a jump on it and getting it next week I can do some barking hopefully..hope you enjoyed your visit..thanks for stopping by... I love hearing from you..;)


  1. Great job as always Gina, I love the wipe feet sign, I'm gonna have to get one of those! lol

  2. Wow, you have been busy decorating - you've done a great job. Love the nostalgia.

  3. Whew.....I'm exhausted just looking at all the decorating you have done for Halloween. I love everything especially the haunted house on the porch.

  4. How Fun!!
    I wish I could come Trick or Treat at your house!! :)
    I do also feel sorry for the kids of today. They miss out on so much fun.
    I can remember me and my sister heading out, alone, with our HUGE paper Kroger sacks.
    We would walk our entire 1/2 of town (We werent allowed to cross the highway!). ;)

    We would come home with the sacks literally overflowing with candy. We would dump it out in the living room floor and eat till we were sick!! :)

    Now days, you dont see kids out going door to door.
    I know I only took mine to homes we knew.
    Luckily, our local malls hold trick or treating, which is a fun, safe and warm way to get the kids some free candy!! ;)

    Okay, Im babbling!! Sorry.
    Loved your post!!
    I always love looking at decorating photos!!!

    Take Care,

  5. Don't you just LVOE halloween! Very Spooky!!! Great job decorating!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  6. The color of your house is the perfect backdrop for Halloween, everything shows up so perfectly!


  7. It's just BOO-TIFUL Gina!!!!!! Love the vintage looking signs and the witch in the moon! I bet all the kids love your house AND you give out good candy to boot;) I know the blogger from NC, she's still on my followers too and what a tragic end to a life! Enjoy your spooky, awesome house my friend:)

  8. Good grief woman you wear me out!!8-) I think I get a lot done till I read your post and what you have done and are going to do and compared to that I might as well have stayed in bed. 8-) Your house looks adorable!! I love seeing the pics, never too many for me.

  9. Your house is always so cute!

  10. How cute is your house! I loved looking at all your pictures. You did a great job on decorating. And your right, Halloween is not the same anymore. Frankly, I am glad I live on base b/c I don't know if I would let my kids go out trick or treating if we were not. Too many sick people out there. But thanks for sharing your lovely pictures. They were a real "treat".


    Gen@ Olde Pear Primitives

  11. Everything is so awesome....
    I remember so many Halloweens--mine, my kids and my grandkids.
    It is my absolute favorite holiday--so much fun--for everyone! I got to go through my bags, my kids bags and my grandkids bags. My grandkids are the least generous of the bunch. I can even remember dressing up for work when I was in my 40s! Mike won a contest at his factory . I dressed him up as a witch. It was hilarious! Great memories....

  12. Wow, you really do love Halloween, don't you Gina? The kids must love your house!

    Loved reading those things about you!

    I love seeing pictures of your's so charming....loaded with character!


  13. WOW your decorating! It looks great!


  14. sooooo spooky good!! You are one witchy decorator my friend!! Thanks for sharing!!


  15. I would have wet my pants if I had come to your house as a kid. Tooooo cool.

    My favorite two things in your yard? The witch's broom and the flannel ties make out of shirts. Crazy, huh?

    Loved getting read all that stuff about you?

    Where in NC was the woman follower?? That is a scary thing.

  16. Gina,
    Your porch looks awesome all decorated for Halloween!! Wish I could see it in person. Josie would love it!! I'm pretty sure this will be her last year of going trick-or-treating...she is just growing up too fast for this grammie.
    Loved this post!!

  17. It all looks so festive and wonderful! Will you have many trick-or-treaters? I they can all see how great your decorations look!

    I am having a double-the-fun giveaway...stop on by! :)

  18. Loved your post today! What Halloween eye candy you've produced. Do you think we could do a swap? My wool for some of your boundless energy??? :D