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Thursday, October 14, 2010

StiCk A FoRk In Me...

Hello there everyone!! well Stick a fork in me I'm done..or I am a one woman show..yesterday was a gorgeous autumn day so you gotta jump on them and take advantage of the I set out to rake the leaves, mow the lawn and take care of the front yard portion I have been working here are the before photos..and we are not done yet as there are more leaves that are falling as we speak..kind of a blustery day..not bad and the sun is shining..but you almost can't tell in some portions that I did yard work..but that is part of the fall process.;)
I swept the deck off the house and swept this deck and the little shed deck..
and you see all the leave here..this is the beginning of the raking...
and look at these huge mushrooms..I found about 4 of them and they were about 5-6 inches around..:)

This is the portion Jordan and myself worked on in is so much easier now..but look at all that raking that needs to be done..
finished..see the big piles in the back along the fence..those are going to be tossed over the fence..and hubby is taking care of this..
the piles are huge..
much nicer now..I got rid of big stick/tree branches so when we push the lawn mower through it now when the leaves are done..we have a nice mulch bed and we don't have sticks getting caught in the blades..
then onto mowing..I love a freshly mowed lawn..;) this was the easy part..and suprisingly my arms don't hurt..just my lower back and gluts hurt..slept with a heating pad last night..that helped.

I also trimmed up the plants on the deck like the parsley shown at the left of the photo..much nicer now.;)
then onto the front portion of the yard..that was mondays work and yesterdays in that wheelbarrow..hubby is also taking care of emptying this..
got a bit more of landscaping...still have more to do..
but this kid was tired after 3-1/2 hours of work..that hot shower felt is coming along and is almost done..which is great..cause then I don't have to worry about it this winter..just the occasional walk about and that is it..Today I mopped and cleaned floors and cleaned sinks and bathrooms..and did some light dusting..I am done..the inside and out are looking good..and I can do some sewing I hope..we are having our enrichment night at one of our church members house and we are making bread and learning different recipes from one dough recipe..can't wait to share what I have learned..Take care and I hope your thursday is a good one.;) I have reached 300 I must think of something for a giveaway..Thanks to all of you for thinking that I am worthy of following..your comments always brighten my day and I love this thing called blogging.;)

p.s. did anyone watch Martha Stewarts halloween special on hallmark with Brendon was a good one.:) I love her holiday specials.:)


  1. I did yard work yesterday afternoon too...after making applesauce. Two years ago we got a bagger for the riding mower and I just love how tidy the yard looks after I mow. We have a ton of trees so it sure comes in handy. Next time I'll have to take before and after pics too. Have a great day dear.

  2. your yard looks very calm and do good work :) i think i'm your 302nd went up from 300 to 302 when i "joined" you have 2 more to follow your creativeness...i'll be visiting your Etsy store soon

  3. It looks great Gina and the leaves of fall have a beauty all their own:) I'm not sure on the baked goods for the military, not sure how long till the candy gets sent on, but if you click on the soldier's angels official at the beginning of the post it will take you to their FB page which is where I copied it from:)I think I might just send gum and hard candy to be safe as it's still pretty hot over there. Have a great day!

  4. sigh, you have the BEST activity nights. We only have 4 a year- 300followers... do we have to call you Ms. Popular now?

  5. Gina, I am tired just hearing about so much work.......
    We usually wait until all the leaves are down. Our mower is a mulcher and it is great for crunching up leaves into compost size. Mike does that. He finds mowing therapeutic. Cleaning off the garden is a big job but we are still getting tomatoes and zucchini, so it will wait.
    Waiting to hear about the bread recipes......

  6. Oh my girl you have been busy. I saw these pictures and it brought back so many memories of my yard in town and all the leaves. I could rake past Christmas and still they would fall. hahaha
    Hope your doing well besides all the yard work.
    Come by and enter my small giveaway. Sounds like you need a break anyway.

  7. The yard looks amazing!I keep looking out my backyard and just want to cringe.too many leaves already on the groundand the trees are still full.But there better thanthe helicopters in the spring lol.Try an relax a little and enjoy your church event.we have one on Sat. with the girls .an pizza afterward .Yeah!no cookin for me!blessings michelle

  8. Gina,

    Your yard is looking really good. We haven't started raking here. We only have one tree in the front yard, but we get everyone elses trees leaves being on the end. After I bag and bag some more, I usually start blowing them back on their lawns! I know I'm a bad neighbor, but there is one that doesn't rake and he owns one of the big sycamore trees!

    With my new grass this year, I have to really keep on top of the leaves...don't want the grass to die...

    Wow! 300 followers...I can't wait to see what you make to surprise us with.


  9. Your yard looks great. You sure have been busy.

  10. Oh my aching back and butt. That's what I'm saying after bending over doin' yard work. Good for you getting all that done so now you can sit back and enjoy your yard. I like your little red bench by the tree. Ours is all worn out and we need to get a new one for the kitty kats, 'cause they used it more than we did. LOL.

  11. Your yard is awesome and I can see all your hardwork and love in it.

    Don't get me started on the Hallmark Channel...we have at&t Uverse and they dropped the Hallmark Channel and I'm a very unhappy camper about it. I love the movies that they have on there and I was looking forwarding to watching some of Martha's crafty shows. We are now thinking about going back to Time Warner Cable since it has been about 1 1/2 months and still no Hallmark Channel back.

  12. Wow Gina, that is some leaves!! It looks beautiful though. Your hard work paid off. I love the "stick a fork in me", I have to use that sometime. I always say "I,m done" but your phrase will be a nice addition. 8-)
    In your comment on my blog you wanted to see the decorations, there are pics in a previous post done yesterday, I still have some bare walls but I am working on it.
    Have a great day!!

  13. Great "Go do it" attitude Gina!..Your yard*gardens*and decks look so nice! ..I love your layout..rolling country. I wish to do the same here next spring..expand my gardens and spread to the woods. I am going to use your blog for inspiration! JUST BEAUTIFUL!*Love it!
    Thanks for sharing {{HUGS}} Misi

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  15. Tiring work but how how pretty it looks around your place. Thanks for sharing your work day in pictures. Hugs

  16. Your yard looks so pretty. Our leaves haven't started to turn yet but boy when they fall we have a million just like you!

    I still think if you lived closer you would help me! You are such a worker.