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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

PaCkAgeS In ThE MaiL..;)

Hello everyone and welcome to my newest followers..I am 2 shy of being 30 followers..never thought that would I just might have to have another giveaway when I reach 300...;)I did a swap over at our Prim Pals forum and I was given the name of one gorgeous gal named Jenn of Busy bee..if you haven't checked out her blog you must..she runs circles around me..and you must view her halloween/fall home slide will give you lots of inspiration and you will feel right at home..She sent me these wonderful goodies that I couldn't wait to decorate with..I love this can and jar she made..and love that harvest mix..I got a halloween door cover too.
along with some wonderful strawberrys for my kitchen theme..will be putting those out after the holidays..I love them..I have a cute little black cat cause she knows I love kittehs.;)andthe best smelling candle tarts ever..oh my gosh are they yummy..they come from 1803 candles and the scents she picked out are to die for..the big one there is bisquits and is currently in my warmer..oh my home smells so homey and yummy..and she sent me birthday cake and oatmeal raisin cookie scents too.;0)
I also got this little kitty that has a clamp on the bottom..he is outside on my front porch..will post the outside decor tomorrow.;)
I love this wooden spoon with the homespun on it.;)
my first halloween card..I love these old vintage cards.:)
I love my door looks so festive and dresses up my home for halloween.;)
here is where I put my kitty and my harvest mix..;)
and you can see my can of cat nip and spoon...everything looks so good in my home Jenn..Thanks for being my swap partner I had so much fun getting to know you and look forward to a long lasting friendship..;)thank you so much for my wonderful yummy smelling tasty treats.;)

okay the second package on the same day was my giveaway win from Linda over at parkers paradise..I won the giveaway along with some others that she gave too..I love those little ears of corn..and the other pantry cakes..I must make some of these..
I put 2 corns here...on my kitchen window seal..
and the other 3 here..;) the one round pantry cake sits on my fall blocks on my kitchen table and the candle stick sits on my vanity with my witchy poo..I need to get a candle to put in it..:)
and she also put in some this cute little scrap book..this will most likely go to my friend that is into scrapbooking and cardmaking..she will love it.;)Thank you again Linda for picking my name out of the hat..(I think she said I had 12 entrys)..not bad..:)

I made these for a fellow blogging friend Shirley of wolf spirits..she is in the process of making a memorial quilt for her friend Danny that passed away and she found some fabric and I know she and Danny loved I machine embroidered this wolf face and pow emblem in hopes she can use them on the quilt she is making..:)

I forgot that I had purchased this little black tree for my fall/halloween I pulled it out and decorated it with little itty bitty ornaments that I got at michaels years ago..I put a huge spider on it and topped it with a wicker witch on the top..I got her from Factory direct .com..I have another and was going to use them in my fall/halloween craft making and came acrossed it and thought she would be puurrffeecct..;) this sits in my bathroom window...Hubby noticed it the other day and thought I had gone nuts putting in a a christmas tree..but he didn't have the lights on and didn't notice that it was a halloween tree till he noticed that big ole spider in it.:)

I ordered 2 patterns and one kit..(the christmas one is the kit.) from Erica's..I was visiting Laurie's blog Cat haven crafts and she let us in on a sale they are I stopped by for a peek..I also got some felt squares too..and I got to use my coupon on regular priced items.:) can't wait to give my hand a shot at this.:) The top photo you get the 3 different designs..:) I may have to use them on my chair backs..:)

This is what I found last night...little kittys all snug as little bugs in the guest room..Millie is in the back and Sunny is on the blanket.:)
and here are Gracie on the box and Pody Lynn on the sheepskin rug enjoying the first fire of the season..This is where we will find them come the next month and all winter long..Gracie loves to be they enjoyed their little fire..heck we all did..;) I just can't believe its here already..we just stopped burning sometime in May and we are already starting up again...Well stay tuned tomorrow is the outside halloween photos I am sharing and some things I am working on..will be working on some more things today...and hope to post them and on my etsy site as well..Take care and have a wonderful tuesday and thank you all for always stopping by and saying hey!!! :)
p.s. I got two awards from 2 wonderful gals.(the same award) will post that tomorrow.:)


  1. WOW!!
    You sure got a wonderful swap package!!
    Love you new goodies.
    Your home looks so fabulously festive!!
    Thanks for sharing it with us!!

  2. My goodness! What a great swap partner you had - she loaded you up with so many goodies! Lucky girl!

  3. It is always so much fun opening up surprises in the mail! You got some dandy ones! Can't wait to see your outdoor decor, love your Halloween tree!

  4. WOW! Great package!!!

    You better hold on tight to that cat head! I love me some kittehs too and I might sneak in and nab it! ;)

    Carmen and the Primcats

  5. Isn't it amazing that no matter how much stuff we get, we always find the perfect place for it? Love all your gifts and how you display them!
    Glad you like the molds--wish I could've sent out the corn one, as well, but they are so heavy--cost more to ship than to buy! I have 2 different sizes and saw another different one at the festival Saturday. And so easy to do.....Just brown sugar, cinnamon and water. Press-pop-bake....
    Enjoy your week.

  6. Gina, everything looks so cozy... can I come put my feet up with your kitties? I think that's what I'm needing right about now!

  7. Double WOW Gina! Do you ever slow down!!! :D

  8. I'm SOOOOO Jealous! LOL! :) Enjoy all the goodies.

    Dawn from The Pip Berry Tree

    Ps. Love the kitties on their furs. :)

  9. Gina,

    Wow! Two packages on one day. I would have thought I died and went to heaven with all those goodies you got. Love it are so making me wanna yell at the hubby to get my kitchen done so the rest of the house becomes unmessy! Is that a word? Well guess it is now! After the kitchen is done I plan on some major decorating....little does the hubby will be our little secret! LOL!

    Anyway, love looking at your pictures...such inspiration!


  10. Gina, You got lots of goodies! Love those ears of corn from Linda! And what's in that harvest mix? It looks so yummy! The homespun on the wooden spoon is a cute touch...I like that! I'd say you hit the jackpot on goodies to add to your home!

    Oh, and I love your wood stove too!

    I'll let you know when the package arrives!

    Have a great evening, Gina!

  11. Gina, I just loved the wolf eyes and POW/MIA patchthat you embroidered for my quilt. I have been thinking that I will use the wolf eyes as part of my quilt label. I can embroider the information about the quilt below the eyes. I'm going to use the POW/MIA patch as part of a quilt block using the fabric that I found for it. I love your Halloween decorating. Rich would die if I put up a Halloween tree....he thinks I'm nuts because I have 3 Christmas trees.

  12. Gosh I'm LATE commenting today:( I was outside most of the day, back in the woods having hubby cut me trees down, LOL!!!! You sure got some great stuff and that harvest mix looks yummy!!! Love the fire too, we are supposed to get a frost tonight, first one, Oh I just LOVE this time of year!!!!

  13. sure got some great goodies. Always love seeing where you put have a great eye for prim decorating!! And I can't wait to see you outside Halloween decor!!

  14. You sure got some wonderful swap goodies, I love everything. And congratulations on your winning Linda's giveaway, some nice things also. Enjoy your goodies!!!

  15. You are one lucky ducky.....wonderful packages!! LOVE your new patterns too....can't wait to see what you do with 'em!!

    hey hey hey girl!! Have a great day!!

  16. Gina, I was awarded the versatile blogger award by crafty stitchers, then I have to choose 15 bloggers, I have chosen you are one.
    Please go to my blog to accept your award!!!