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Thursday, October 28, 2010

GoT LeAveS? And EtSy...;)

WoW I can't believe its thursday already..where did the time go..Monday I got a nasty cold and stayed put and sewed my towels..tuesday I did some more sewing and stayed put..(the weather was rainy and blustery both days) but yesterday was glorious!!! so I went outside and decided to tackle all the leaves that fell yet again..this time though most of them are gone!!! still have probably one more session with the yard and we are done for the season..Well as some of you know by now I don't have any maples in my front yard and my front yard gets dumped on pretty I emailed the neighbors of these said trees asking them nicely if they would take care of the mess their trees make of my yard..well I got no answer from 2 of those said neighbors but tuesday night one neighbor came over to discuss the leaf situation to which he said: is there an RCW that says I need to take care of these leaves? and we told him is a neighborly thing to take care of his leaves..well he didn't think they were his..if you look at the 4th photo down you will see me on the corner of our property (the blue ranger in view) my driveway is covered with his 5 maple trees that he claims are not his leaves..because there are other maples along this road across the street etc.. (photo above is before)
This was taken after I spent 2 hours blowing them out..I even do across the street as I hate the mess and they get slippery too.
All I was asking was for him to take care of the driveway and that corner below..
he flat refused as he just didn't think they were his..oh and get this...he said my outdoor cat was a nuisance because he sits on their chair and puts cat hair on it..oh and he blamed us for his cat getting out of their house because my cat was peeking in the window at his cat and the window was open and the screen wasn't on tight and apparently the kittys were both hissing and carrying on and his cat got out and was gone for 48 hours..He said I couldn't control my cat like he can't control the leaves that fall into my needless to say guess who got to spend time out front doing everyones yard work? if you guessed me, you'd be right.. I have already spent 5 hours of my time taking care of everyones crap..have been doing it for 16 years..this guy and his wife have only been living her for a year next month and have never had to deal with this stuff..they hire out their yard work..(they are in their late 20's-early 30's) so they have no idea what hard work is..Call me old school but I was raised to respect others and their propertys..and he just didn't want to listen to what we had to say..kept asking if there was some RCW law about the leaves..we told him it was just respecting our neighbors that if this was our tree dumping into his yard..we would have taken care of it..or have the trees removed..(they have 5 maples)
Here is the after more tracking this into our can see his maples next to our trailer..
ah it felt so good to get rid of the can see we are surrounded by them..
This is the said neighbors back mind you they have the smallest lot on our block..we call it a postage stamp sized lot..their back yard ends where our backyard starts. their back yard consists of bark and fake/faux know that astro turf stuff...but they have 2 huge maples that are wrecking havoc of their back yard..and they have their work cut out for them as this is their first year living here..I wonder how fast this will get old for them every year and if they will see my point of view.. well I blew the leaves right back into their yard..they gave me permission to do so..(I was going to do that anyway)..
so that was my drama for tuesday...I tell you the young folks of today have no work ethic. and want everything handed to them..(my opinion of course)..and I know some of you will agree with me on this..when I approached them this summer about taking care of the leaves and weeds they thought I was joking..if you seen their yard you would flip..the previous owner was anal like I am about her yard..unfortunately this couple is not..and their yard looks abandoned..their yard is/was gorgeous before they let it go..if you buy a property..why would you let it go? if you don't like yard work..get a condo..yards take work..period..I do enjoy getting out in my yard and planting and doing my veggie garden..I don't however like doing work that isn't mine to begin with..but no one in this neighborhood gets that.I also took care of the back yard (not shown)..mowed and looks so much better..I do love a tidy yard and house..(its how I roll)...:).okay off my soap box now..if you are still with me..thanks for letting me get this off my chest..;) After a hard days work..hubby brought us home thai food..and I will tell you it was so good and the fact that I didn't need to cook was icing on the cake..;)

I did get some sewing done and finished these cute little prairie ditty bags..they are currently listed on my etsy site..

I love the way they turned out..going to make Michelles crow curtains today and hopefully get them mailed off next week..Michelle thank you for being so understanding and I got your comment on how to make them..Thanks for letting me know..I hope you all have a great thursday.. I am feeling much better..took some Zicam Pills.(you suck on them) till they dissolve..and oh my gosh they really work..:) have a great day everyone.:)


  1. I have found recently one can feel much better if they just get it out. To bad I did not see that sooner. So go for it & get it out. There will be someone who cares. Even if you dont know them. I like you want a tidy yard. Why have it? If you cant take pride in it. So sad people will not work together unless maybe it by a law & have no choice. Looks like they may need to replace their roof some day if leaves are left to rot there. Your ditty bags are very pretty. Enjoy your week. Blessings!

  2. Sounds like these people belong to the IDWW Society.....(I Don't Wanna Work Society. That's what my Grandma used to call people who she felt was lazy. I love your little prairie bags. Glad that you are feeling better....both your cold and your leaf situation. Take care and have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Oh my dear, I hope all the leaves go away soon for you so you can move on from the stress of them. We just mow over ours and then the rest blow away, but we don't have any real close neighbors, they either blow into the field or the woods. Glad to hear you are on the mend with the zicam;)

  4. Oh Its fine sweetie.I knew you were busy,with all them neighbors leaves and all.Lol.I would blow them all over there way and what the heck about the cat.That is just crazy like your kitty was a bad influence.sounds like you got some real fun neighbors there.Hang in there dear one.I was glad to see you hadnt started the curtains yet actually cause I had changed how I had wanted them and was afraid to tell you cause I thought ,what if you had already started them.So it all worked out great.Let me know through paypal thanks so much again sweetie.blessings michelle

  5. Gina, some people just dont get it! These young ones, Yikes, you are right they don't respect or understand....That is a lot of leaves...
    Ours... with all the high winds are pretty much gone, I feel sorry the houses all down wind! OLM

  6. Gina,

    Hey GF! I was a blowin' leaves back today too! I had just mowed the lawn and raked up all the leaves on my lawn and in the street out front on Tuesday. I can't afford to let them lay on my new grass and destroy it. I have already gotten 2 huge, and I mean huge bags so far and the leaves are just beginning to fall here. I will only rake and clean up so much, and the rest will go back to their owners...

    I can sympathize with you. It seems like since we are home all day and the neighbors(mine work full time outside the house) aren't, maybe they think we don't have anything better to do then clean their mess.

    I say vent sense in keeping it in! It will only give you ulcers. I come from a large Italian family and we tell each other just how we feel...some a little louder than others! But that's ok...better out than in!

    Just keep a blowin!


  7. Aww Gina, sorry about your neighbor woes. I don't miss having them and love it on our little corner all by ourselves.
    Love your ditty bags and I included one in my treasury too:) You're just a stitchin' away gal!

  8. Gina,
    What cute ditty bags!!
    I love your always looks so pretty!! Sorry to hear about all the neighbor's leaves in your yard. We have so many trees and so do all our neighbors that we can't tell where all of them come from. However that nasty storm on Tuesday blew them away...not sure where they all ended up at. Less yard work for this weekend though.

  9. I know how you feel. It seems everyone's leaves blow into our yard. I can't keep up with it anymore so I have my niece's husband vacuum up all the leaves (he has a lawn service). I always hope for a few days in fall with strong winds to blow the leaves into someone else's yard or the field across the lane! :)

  10. You are so talented Gina, always coming up with a new creation! I love these new dity bags!!!

  11. we live across from the city park, need i say more? our city does nothing to rake up or remove any leaves. tons of them blow into our yard and the neighbors yards and there is nothing we can do about it. the city does provide a "leaf sucking" truck, for fear that the leaves will clog our drains in the street leading to more problems for them.
    good luck with the neighbors. sounds like you have your hands full. bet they don't shovel their walks either.