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Saturday, October 30, 2010

I WoN A GiVeAwAy, PiZZa, & HaLLoWeeN!!

Good Saturday morning!!! Yesterday was a glorious beautiful fall I went grocery shopping..was gone for 3-1/2 hours so got home unloaded my car as quick as I could and went back out to rake up more leaves..they are almost gone..the next door neighbor that was in question in the last post was on a little step ladder with his rake trying to get the leaves off his roof..had he not burned his bridge with us..he could have borrowed one of our 3 ladders and used anything he liked to get rid of his leaves...Anyway I won a wonderful giveaway on our prim pals forum a while back for naming their crow...his name is now Edgar Allen Crow..;) and I got my winnings on thursday from Holli and the prim pals staff..I love this..
here is where I put that sweet little pillow. it says Prim hearts are strongest when life starts to unravel..I love that saying..
Here is where I put the little Primitive collector towel..
I love added so much to this..;) the crow soap is in my bathroom in my box on the back of the toilet..the chocolate sign may be a gift for someone.;) Thank you Holli and the prim pals staff I love these wonderful prim goodies..:)

well after raking up leaves and putting away groceries..I decided to make pizza...I use my bread recipe..and I will tell you this is the best pizza I have ever made hands down..better then any store bought pizza...I put on tomato sauce, a little oregano seasoning..some olive oil, then I added baby pepperoni, steak strips and chicken strips (they had them in the lunchmeat area) I was looking or canadian bacon and found these and thought I would give them a shot..oh I am so buying more..steak is so good on these pizza's..I also added roasted red peppers from a jar, portabello mushrooms from the can, artichoke hearts from a jar, onion powder, garlic powder, hot pepper flakes, mozzarella cheese, and fresh basil..This one was baked on my large stone.
the second pizza was baked in my deep dish pan..this is before the cheese..I baked it at 350 for 15 minutes and then put the cheese on and baked for 5 more minutes.. This is going to be dinner tomorrow night when the little trick or treaters come knocking.;) I did let the dough rise for the 25 minutes..but dinner was done in 1 hour and 20 minutes from start to finish..not bad eh?
with the cheese..Britt if you are reading this..get the fixings you like and we will make pizza together for you to take home and eat..;)

speaking of Britt this is she and her handsome husband and beautiful little boy Landon..they are our next door neighbors and this is how they look normally..well last night they went to a command halloween party and stopped by so I could take pictures of them in their costumes..;) you are in for a treat..they made my whole evening.;)
This is Travis..(his nick name though is Bubba) and he fit the bill last night..he had on his daisy dukes..and his mullet and billy bob teeth..and he "penned" in a tattoo with the red neck flag and cheveron..I made him pose like this.. don't he look purty.;)
this is Travis again with is pretty friend Mullen (they are on the same sub together).he had his teeth blacked out and he had his "mom" tattoo penned on..;) two peas in a pod.;)
here is Travis' sexy wife Marilyn Monroe..I love her costume..she had the false eyelashes and looked so good..:)
I was trying to get her to pose like the air was blowing up her dress..
This is more like it..;) they looked so cute and I am so glad they stopped by for me to take their photos..hope they had a great time last night..can't wait to hear all about it.;)
Well that is it for me today..gotta go and tidy up the house for the day..Hubby has Tucker at work today..he is wearing his "jester" collar for halloween..we don't think his devil costume fits any more..gotta get my halloween baggies done up today..had to stop by walmart and get more candy..will share those bags tomorrow.. have a wonderful weekend everyone..and have a fun and safe halloween.;) can't wait to see your halloween photos.:)


  1. Congratulations on winning the giveaway, some awesome prizes there. I wish I lived close, I love pizza, I would have stopped by.He He
    I love your neighbors costumes, they really are having fun!!!

  2. Congratulations on your win Gina! We are so happy you like your goodies.

    The pizza looks wonderful! I love making homemade much better than store bought. Its been a while... I may have to put that on the next weeks menu!

    Happy Halloween!
    Debbie K

  3. LOL, what cute costumes and FUN neighbors (I take it they are NOT the ones you are upset with for the leaves, lol) You got awesome goodies!!! I haven't been doing the primpal swaps as I've been sending packages to soldiers overseas, but you got some GREAT stuff and the pizzas look DEE-LICIOUS!!!! Have a wonderful Halloween;)

  4. Congrats on the win....prizes look awesome. Your pizza looks yummy. I'll post my Pizza Sauce recipe on my blog later today. It makes enough sauce for several pizzas. Hope that you have lots of little trick or treaters....we don't get any living where we do.....out in the country. The kids all go to town.

  5. Edgar Allen Crow....very smart! Your friends are too funny. Your spiel about the neighbors was almost word for word what I heard on the phone yesterday from a 76 year old friend in WV. She has moaned about her neighbors and their leaves on her yard for 27 years and do they care, no. She has even gone over and raked their yard. She just can't stand it that they don't care. She will be glad to hear she isn't the only one!

  6. Love the halloween neighbours! And so glad you liked your winnings! Sorry they were a little late getting there but around just happens that way sometimes!

  7. Congrats on the giveaway you won!! Love what you got!
    Your pizza sure looks yummy!! Save me a piece and I'll be right over to eat it. LOL...
    Happy Halloween!!