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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

MaKing SeAm BinDinG, BreaD, CiNNamoN RoLLs & ToWeLs

Good Afternoon Everyone!!! Hope you all had a great weekend..we are getting rainy blustery weather..and if you seen our yard you would see why..(will share tomorrow)..looks like a cyclone came through our yard and dumped every single leaf in our yard..It was nasty outside yesterday so I stayed in and 2 more projects to go..Michelle yours is next on the list for those crow curtains..will be working on them as soon as I am done here..;) yesterday I made seam binding..I love this little gadget that I got at Joanns last year for my christmas..since my machine won't do the decorative stitches..I had to figure out how to cover the raw made seem binding..This is so much fun to do if you know how to fold the fabric so its on the bias friend showed me how to fold it on a piece of paper and I pull it out and refer to it..
you wind the fabric strips (this is going to be 1/2 binding) so I cut the fabric in 1-1/2- 2 inches then wind it on the bobbin and put it through that metal portion..(you let the machine heat up as it will Iron this binding as it feeds it out the other will give you a green light when its heated up..that little box on the left side is the heat/iron..
and here is it all iron and ready to go..
the underside to show you that it is creased..:) you can use any fabric to make seam will see it on the towels I finished below.;)if any one wants to learn how to make the binding let me know and I will post photos to show you how to fold your fabric..just let me know.:)

I made bread and cinnamon rolls on sunday to take to our friends house for dessert..we had so much fun..playing phase 10..if you have never played it you is addicting and lots of fun..Next morning I woke up to a nasty tomorrow I am going to the nose is so plugged..anyway back to my post..I love making this is so easy..and there is no waiting for it to rise, punch down, let rise, and punch don't have to do any of this..and you get bread in 1 hour..but its all in the safs yeast and the liquid if you enjoy making bread or cinnamon rolls or a savery bread..this recipe is for helps if you have a kitchen aid mixer too..cause you have to mix this for 5 minutes..if you are doing it by hand it takes 10 can find the supplys on pantry secrets web site or on amazon too..

so this was sundays cinnamon makes 2 big rolls..I used store bought cream cheese frosting..I took 2 to our next door neighbors and 4 to our friends house..
last night I made shrimp bisque soup and I made one loaf of bread and 6 cinnamon rolls and they were done exactly when the soup was worked out perfectly ..tomorrow I am making pizza..
This batch turned out so well.. I think I got the water ratio right this time as it turned out perfectly..;)
here are the cinnamon rolls I made last night..I added the cinnamon chips to these can add them to the bread and make cinnamon bread and have "french toast"..;) the possibilities are endless.;)
here they are frosted up..:)they don't look so pretty..but they are so yummy.;)

here is what I made yesterday..this was a special order from a gal that's sister purchased one and she loved she had to have is the seam binding that I made..
I just finished up these two towels this morning..I used some really cute cross stitch designs from my blogging friend and OFG friend named Denise of pioneer loft. I just got 2 more of her wonderful designs ones..)
These are my fall/thanksgiving towels..I will be posting these on etsy when I am done can see better photos on my etsy if you are interested...Well that is it for me..going to go and sew and get some stuff done..I hope you all have a wonderful week..:) looks like we are going to get rained on for will see how many trick or treaters we get..and we are getting snow in our mountains little sister in Utah said they got snow in their mountains too..this is early..;) hows the weather in your neck of the woods? take care.:)


  1. What a neat machine! Your bread and buns look great Gina...LOL...Gina has great buns, LOL!!!!OK, got that out of my system;) Dark and raining here, we have a tornado watch till 9 pm, very strange for October in Pa! I hope it passes on soon, Kiah and I don't like storms:(

  2. your soup looks delicious!
    yeah-that wind has blown every leaf off the trees here. well, at least, it seems that way. there sure are plenty on the ground.
    cute aprons. ;0)

  3. The bread/cinnamon roll recipes looks very interesting. A lot of times I want to make bread, but just don't have the 3-4 hours needed. I will have to try this.

    The wind is here today (central NY) and it has taken all of OUR leaves down least all but those oak trees, which hang on through winter sometimes.

    I like your little binding machine too...don't think I have seen anything like that before!

  4. Could you post the bread recipe? Pretty please~

  5. I could have used the bias tape making machine over the years...that's a pretty neat device...your bread and cinnamon buns are yummy looking...don't make either one issues...the hand towels are sooooo clever....thought about getting a couple for my DIL but she says she wants seat covers for Christmas....?!? Maybe for her stocking...

  6. Warm and humid and blustery here in NC but we are heading toward cooler.

    I gained 3 lbs just looking at your yummy rolls and bread. I wish I could have at least smelled them. You home had to smell wonderful.

    Do you go all out for Christmas with decorations? Guess I'll have to wait and see.

    Get to feeling better. On my last days of a cold myself. No fun.

  7. Girl, I want to know where you
    get your pep pills! Your buns loo
    you come up with some neat gadgets!
    We had tornadoes down here, over the weekend,
    it was 85 or so, today, but is going to cool off some later in the week. Have a great week!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  8. Gina,
    What a neat machine!! Those cinnamon rolls look yummy to me!!

    We had tornado warnings today...hubby's work had everyone go to the basement of their building. Josie and her classmates took cover under their desks at school. And my youngest daughter, Peyton and her 2 cats and my little Chloe went to our lower level to wait out the storm. We live in a the lowest level is only partly under ground. Not sure how safe I really felt, but it all passed and we didn't have any damage where we live. Unfortunely, some areas had lots of trees come down and they are still without power. Very crazy weather for October.

    I hope you get feeling better soon.

  9. Yum Yum Yummy!Them cinnamon rolls look so good!Lots of wind here too.broke our gate last night.sounds great on the curtains honey.If you could since you havent started yet just make them the same as Jessicas with cr on one and ow on the other.I been thinking that would look better as curtains than the crowcrow.What do you think?Thanks so much just email when your all set .blessings michelle

  10. OH MY--I need to live close to you for all that great food!
    Your towels are amazing!
    Have a great day!

  11. Gina, what a cool machine! Now please send a cinnamon roll this way! YUMMO!!! OLM

  12. Gina,
    Boy your one busy gal! That machine way cool! Your bread and cinnamon rolls look delicious!